Caught on cam: Smash and grab thief in Toronto gets a taste of his own medicine 1

Caught on cam: Smash and grab thief in Toronto gets a taste of his own medicine


Business and restaurant owners in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood are sounding the alarm after more than 20 break and enters were reported at storefronts in the area in the past month. But what goes around comes around as the thief appears to be the victim of another theft, while on the job.

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  1. “Feel sorry for them because they are suffering and desperate right now.”
    The thugs literally don’t care that any of the businesses they just f’ed are suffering and desperate right now too.

  2. Cops are sitting at isolated places where they cant be filmed (eg they are chatting by parking next to other cop etc). Favorite cops places to hangout in Downtown Toronto..1-Big Wall parking in front of CN Tower on BREMNER, hiding on lakeshore to complete their ticket quota fast as driver exiting GARDINER and still on jetlag of GARDINER SPEED, they are nowhere around these businesses as their mindset is totally different than we think.

    1. @John Medeiros There you go…. anybody who lives there knows exactly where the cops hangout …poor small business owners….no one failed you its the QUOTA of police of Toronto that failed you they are busy meeting targets … cant drive a km on lakeshore at 2 am speeding you going to get caught for sure….and these businesses got robbed multiple times and the person responsible on the loose??wth

    1. Lol i thought he got shot up but then i realized its Canada dude getting his bike stolen is justice enough lmao

  3. A thief thiefing from a thief who thiefed….THIEVES ACADEMY grammar and lesson of the day

    1. @MostRobust Portfolio Professor, did you read the end part of the comment?…I guess you didn’t get that part or you couldn’t use your super IQ to tell it was spelt deliberately like that…lol

    2. @Prince Lenny superior IQ, and spelled. Spelt is a type of grain that is strongly related to wheat

    3. @MostRobust Portfolio Ooh Professor, you still dont get it do you?….Seriously, are you that slow, dam’…lol

  4. A magazine article I saw many years ago jokingly printed a list of the best signs you can put on your home to deter thieves. The #1 sign said “While you’re robbing my home, who is watching yours ?”.

  5. Huh, I wonder what would happened if police was catching criminals and not maskless shoppers.

  6. Toronto’s really gone down the sewer eh? Lol John Tory- hows your sanctuary city holding up, huh?

    1. @Doc R I have a feeling your parents voted for John Tory and instead of going to school and working on your spelling, you spend too much time on youtube.

    2. Sanctuary city? Excuse you. You know, there are other cities throughout Canada worse than Toronto right? Why don’t you go clean those sewers? Rude!

  7. I was wondering about the news anchor. He kind of disappeared after he interviewed Mike Tyson.

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