Caught on camera: Pickup truck crashes into Ont. storefront 1

Caught on camera: Pickup truck crashes into Ont. storefront


A pickup truck smashed through the front window of a business in Kingston, Ont., and it was all caught on camera.

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    1. Nano Technology government mind control I’m having a hard time trying to post my full reply goverment is taking the truth down after 30 seconds…

    1. Need to get them out of the hands of those middle class, home owning, criminals!!
      We will be expanding the drivers abstract check to their entire driving career!

  1. Iv been trying to post more but after 30 seconds it is taken down…
    It was for Yukon Striker.
    It was a continuation of below

  2. Wow lost control of car ..Not being charged….Well at least TAKE AWAY HIS DRIVERS LICENSE… to other he is while ge I allowed to drive

    1. Yes, because it’s not like the farmers who bring you your food use them? How about trailers, boats, heavy transportation of objects? How about those in rural areas who could get stuck in the winter without one? Yes, all because of one guys accident in Kingston and a single psycho in London, let’s ban them. You really didn’t even spend 30 seconds thinking through this.

    2. @Erich Hartmann pick-ups in urban areas are murder what about the afazaal family who was killed by a pickup truck a few weeks ago. You have know that cars are weapons, farmer can still use their pickups.

    3. @Erich Hartmann What’s your problem, I am a truck driver who brings food from the states what are you talking about.

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