CBI Bank Accounts Under Scrutiny In Dominica

Citizenship by Investment Program gets support by US firm

There is no official word either from foreign banks in Dominica or the Skerrit administration, that government Citizenship by Investment accounts have been closed.

There is speculation in Roseau and elsewhere however, that the banks are becoming wary of the possibility that some of the CBI funds held in government bank accounts could be tainted.

Regional broadcaster Jerry George is among those addressing that matter.

He says the diplomatic passports issue and the CBI funds concerns can lead to further trouble for Caribbean Banks losing their corresponding banks status with international banks intent on implementing derisking policies.

“I said last week that we are playing with our corresponding banking relations, I said it. I made the point that all of this is happening with Dominica and the CBI programme, could well accelerate or bring back to the fore this whole question of our corresponding banking relations. Well, Dominica is beginning to feel it, because I have been reliably informed that the three foreign banks in Dominica have closed the government’s investment accounts. Any account that is bringing monies in from these citizenship by investment programmes, have been closed. The foreign banks are protecting their corresponding banking relations.”

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