CBP Appears To Double Down On Visas For Bahamians | All In | MSNBC

CBP Appears To Double Down On Visas For Bahamians | All In | MSNBC 1


Customs and Border Protection appears to be doubling down on visa requirements for Bahamians as they flee the devastation of Dorian.
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CBP Appears To Double Down On Visas For Bahamians | All In | MSNBC

43 Comments on "CBP Appears To Double Down On Visas For Bahamians | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Let me guess, the God-loving good Christians on the right have no issues with this?

    • I have ZERO issue vetting those who step foot onto American soil. I find it odd those that do take issue in vetting people coming here.

      We are not the caretaker of the entire world. At least we shouldn’t be until we’ve taken care of our Veterans & our homeless.

      The entire country of the Bahamas didn’t get hit anyways. Just a small portion. Why are we responsible & not their own country??

    • @ Jamie Goss …And how do you vet people who have lost EVERYTHING in the strongest hurricane to ever hit their island? You do realize it has been completely obliterated off the face of the earth. Christians like you really are confirmation of the great falling away.

    • @ Logan McLean ….You do realize that the people of the Bahamas are Christians too right?
      But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? (1 John 3:17)

    • eponymousime : Not him, I’m a Missouri Synod Lutheran.

  2. 45 is a bottomless pit of reprehensible, cruel, sadistic policies and practices …

  3. I feel so badly for them!

  4. Rune Hove-Kreutzfeldt | September 10, 2019 at 10:52 PM | Reply

    The US has fallen so low

    • Hildebeast Clinton | September 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM | Reply

      Rune Hove-Kreutzfeldt it must be a real low. It must be quite embarrassing when the CIA publicly humiliates your pho-news network with a statement that your “bombshell story” is totally false.

  5. so loyalty tests to dear leader to get help after a disaster?

  6. Some very bad people have taken over the presidency. They will discriminate.

  7. Wish we could ship trump over there and not let him back in. He’s the biggest crook of them all.

  8. Go to Canada and have help. We are thinking of you up here.

    • Typical Cucknadian response… don’t come crying to us once you’ve allowed your country to be overran with third worlders like Europe. You were warned.

  9. It’s because these people are Black. Trump is a racist and will always make it outblike people of color are so lawless, when Trump is the true thug who has done the vile things he claims these people of color have done. I’m beyond disgusted and can’t wait for someone to FINALLY stand up to this corrupt thuggish clown

    • Thank you, Diva! Everyone dances around what is clearly the Trump position.

    • Maybe it’s because its not the taxpayers job to support every refugee in the Western Hemisphere.

    • @ R Hamann …Then you’re president lies when he says he is a Christian and that the US is the greatest Christian nation on earth.

    • Thyalwaysseek Im not a Christian, and the US is a secular nation.

    • @ R Hamann …Your president is a Christian, his VP is a Christian, 80% of his followers are Christian and 75% of Americans are Christian. Your Christian president also claimed that the US was the greatest Christian nation on earth, so in light of those FACTS how about the US who is majority Christian start acting like the Christians they claim to be.

  10. Well you know they are not wealthy white people. And you know how THOSE people are! Now back to your Reality TV Idol god drumpf, he’s only begun.

  11. They might put them in cruel detention centers and deport the parents separate from their kids.

  12. Most of the people have no paper work, dam they can’t find the kids, old and trump want papers

  13. The Bahamians refugees ought to dress up as Talibans. Trump will let them in.

    • PN Houle …Go to Mexico, jump into a caravan, get to the Border, start a riot, and then yell, “AOC, AOC, aqui estoy y no me voy! Arriba arriba, arriba!!”

  14. Kanye is a tool now so I’ll just say it. “The president doesn’t care about brown people.” We already knew that, but it’s worth saying again

  15. The very bad people are the three white American males who were planning mass shootings–but an ex-girlfriend and cops caught them. Why isn’t Trump calling them “animals”?

  16. So now Trump is pretending that he’s worried about drug dealers coming into the country, when he has a history associated with drug dealers.
    Back when Trump was still pretending that he knew how to run a casino in Atlantic City, he became friends with Joseph Weichselbaum, an embezzler, mob associate, cocaine trafficker, and a thrice-convicted felon.

    Trump hired Weichselbaum, who was a pilot, to use his helicopters to bring casino high-rollers in and out of town through a company formed by Weichselbaum, to whom he also entrusted maintenance of the Ivana, Trump’s personal helicopter. Weichselbaum—at that point a twice-convicted felon—personally piloted the Trumps in that copter.

    Weichselbaum also had another business: importing drugs from Colombia and shipping them from Bradford Motors, a Miami-area car dealership he partly owned, to Cincinnati. Because Weichselbaum was then a twice-convicted felon, NJ gambling regulators insisted to Trump that he not be involved with providing helicopter services to the Trump casinos. Yet Weichselbaum continued collecting a $100,000 salary from the helicopter company, and Trump kept using the company that paid Weichselbaum.

    In his indictment and confession, Weichselbaum’s more lucrative business was having drugs delivered to Bradford Motors, the Miami-area car dealership he had an ownership stake in. In his testimony, Weichselbaum admitted to helping to load up to 1,500 pounds of drugs at the time into cars, that mules then drove to the Cincinnati area for distribution in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

    Trump learned of the indictment in October 1985, NJ Casino Control Commission records show. At that point, any decent person would have cut off all ties to Weichselbaum, because failing to do so could cost him his casino license. But of course, Trump is anything but a decent person. Instead, Trump became even closer to the drug trafficker.

    Two months after the indictment, Trump rented apartment 32C in the Trump Plaza Apartments on E. 61st St. in Manhattan to the Weichselbaum brothers, according to NJ Casino Control Commission records. Trump personally owned the unit. Then Trump wrote a letter to the District Court on Trump Organization stationery pleading for mercy for his drug trafficking friend. He called him “a credit to the community.” Trump also described the drug trafficker as “conscientious, forthright and diligent,” 😲

    When NJ gaming regulators first asked Trump about this letter, he denied writing it. When they came back with a copy of the letter, Trump admitted under oath that his signature was on the page.😂  However Trump’s letter must have worked. Weichselbaum served just 18 months, while the mules who merely drove the drugs got sentences of up to 20 years.

    During his parole, Weichselbaum was required to inform authorities that he had a job and a place to live. He told authorities he would be working for Trump again as Trump’s helicopter guy once released. Weichselbaum then moved into Trump Tower.

  17. In Donald Trump’s warped mind, anyone with dark skin = gang member and/or drug dealer.

  18. Could this not letting in Bahamian’s be because SpankyPants knows they are Black & not from whitish Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Finland or Sweden?

  19. I can see the book title, “Sleeping with FEMA: How to Make a Fortune in Cost Overrides”

  20. Only in America the land of stupidity

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