1. <----- LITERALLY created this account today. 🤣🤣🤣 The morons are too funny; report, please and thank you. Gotta keep the trash off the streets, y'all.

    2. @robert hollingsworth Aww, do you not even know how to check someone’s creation date? You, for example, were born on Feb 8th of this year, just 3 months ago. Thanks for speaking up, so I can do my part and report you as well. Nice try lying though, that only works on sub-80 IQ Republican supporters, silly. 🤣🤣🤣 *waves*

    3. @Brand Account Not trying to be an a$$, but unless you indicate that you are replying to a particular person, comments are assumed to be in reply to the OP. I don’t think Robert was trying to drag you.

    1. I’m right there with you Sarah H. It’s been awesome never catching colds, which used to knock me out for 3 weeks. I’m also wearing mine for the other people who are immunocompronised.

    2. @Chicken Little Syndrome stupid ,uninformed comment, obviously you know nothing about auto immune diseases , note the comments, many people with auto immune diseases have been healthier after mask mandates then before, or golly gosh consult a dr. One check some science facts from an immunologist, like Fauci… but the your name specks volume, just spewing hateful comments to hurt those that need empathy if nothing else… until you walk in the shoes of someone with a life long illness you’ll never know…

    3. @AriSiMom I’m so sorry AriSIMom, I think I clicked on your name by mistake. My absolute sincere apologies, please forgive me. My comment was not meant for you…

    4. @Chicken Little Syndrome And your medical degree is in what? How about people seek medical advice from their own doctors, ESPECIALLY if they have immune issues, instead of from internet randos? 🙄

  1. Why not everyone? If the vaccine works, then that means those who have be vaccinated are safe right?

    1. @John DeF Or he could always choose to “..hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light…which you can do either through the skin or in some other way” instead of injecting the Lysol.

  2. I don’t trust people… How do I know if the person next to me is vaccinated? How about covid variants? I’m keeping my masks on while I’m indoors at shops.

    1. Maybe no one explained to you how a vaccine works. If you are vaccinated, your good. The people around you are irrelevant.

    1. @Lewis Walden you can still get covid if you get vaccinated. A lot of people think getting vaccinated means you’re completely immune lol.

  3. There is a huge difference between 35,000 new cases and 700 new deaths a day and zero. I am looking for double digit new cases and single digit deaths, before I am comfortable with our reduction of COVID. Right now my country does not even qualify on that score, much less my country.

  4. They just don’t want you talking about Fauci’s gain of function research through the Wuhan Lab.

    1. It’s because no one cares and it’s just MAGA media trying so hard to find something on these scientists because they can’t stand that President Biden is leading us out of this pandemic the right way.

    2. Why don’t you give it up already?!!
      Whom shall I believe? A virologist who has faithfully served last 5 Presidents both Democrats & Republicans OR, a doubtful MAGAt who blindly follow to believe the most deceitful grifter in his entire 74yrs on this earth!!
      I’ll stick with Dr.Fauci

    3. Is that you, Rand Paul? A self-credentialed eye doctor is unqualified to advise us on this, (or most any) subject.

  5. I’m so glad cause I’ve yet to wear a mask now I can be a super spreader of freedom. No shot for me thanks mockingbird media

  6. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  7. 1) They will tell you that if you are
    vacc-innated, you do not have to wear a mask any longer

    2) But how to ensure those who are maskless are actually vacc-innated? There will be ongoing reports of fraudulent Vacx ID cards and difficulty knowing who is truly jab-‘legitimate.’
    In order to roll out the next phase of this long-planned agenda, they will propose a mandated app or tech-designed system to easily identify who is vacc-innated in their system, and therefore, allowed to go maskless.

    3)Next, there will be another unforeseen wave with inflated statistics to promote FEAR and ANGER due to those who didn’t get vaccinated and reignite the CV 19 flame

    4) They will respond with swift blame and consequences for those who chose not to get the vacc-innation initially and enforce it as no longer voluntary but mandatory. People will turn against each other and there will be a system in place of those who are deemed selfish and harmful posing a threat to those who are deemed safe.
    Lies and deception- division and suspicion- this is how they gain their power and control.

    5) It’s a gradual preparation for what the Bible speaks of as the ‘mark of the beast’ where no one can buy or sell without such mark (Revelation 13:16)

    WHO is listening to the truth?! Have you all been fact-checked into submission? WHO sees with discernment and is willing to stand in Truth for the days are here. The remnant does not have fear- for we are in Christ. WHO knows the hour we are in, for the Lord comes soon. True followers after Yeshua, Jesus, will be persecuted and tested.

    1. Please turn of the TV & get off social media for a while. Go outside. Meet with friends. This information overload is making you unnecessarily fearful. Vaccinated people are protected by their own vaccinations. The only people we’re now worried about, are infants & immune compromised people who can’t be vaccinated. If enough of us are vaccinated, it helps protect them. From now on, if you choose to neither get the shot, nor wear a mask- THOSE are the people you risk. If you can live with that… It’s very sad indeed, but no one’s likely to require it, unless you’re enrolled in a public school, or traveling overseas. 60% of American adults have already had at least their first shot. Seriously- take a break, take care & good luck.

  8. The politicians will justify any lie just to see us getting back to work for them. Including mr Biden

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