CDC director answers how kids factor into new mask guidance 1

CDC director answers how kids factor into new mask guidance


CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky speaks to CNN's Dana Bash following the CDC's recent announcement recommending vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks in most scenarios.
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    1. @S S
      *Covid- Pass will be implemented by the global corporations, the local, state, federal laws don’t apply to them..*

    2. It is the impending doom lady. I wish she didn’t say that because I almost attempted suicide.

    3. @Mike Barry The same adults who have no business having kids if they’re dumb enough to be scared of a virus with a 99.5% survivability rate? If your genes are weak, it’s not anyone else’s fault.

    4. She just says whatever the globalist pay her to say. She sold her sold to the devil long ago

    1. @Apollo Overhaul Answering a different question or making a statement is not answering a question – apparently you have comprehension issues….

    1. @Books & Gaming CDC has given solid scientifically based advice .. HOWEVER .. they are not providing that advice to rational scientifically knowledgeable people. .. 1/4 of Americans believe in things like a Flat Earth, Moon landings were a hoax, etc… and those people influence others .. also we have selfish wackos who will leverage ANY excuse to NOT wear a mask. Hence it really is better for the government to tell people to keep masks on, until we get to 60-70% vaccination levels.. currently we are ONLY 37% .. still a LONG way to go and the vaccination rate is dropping now.

    2. @SI M I got news for you “Doc” we all eventually die someday. If it wasn’t covid, it could be the common flue, diabetes, whatever. I’m not discounting covid as non existent. I’d rather blame China for releasing this. For the NWO elitists who planned this, that’s right, it’s a plandemic. Bill Gates with his talk of how we need to depopulate the earth. This is way beyond your medical background or accomplishments.

    3. @savannah505 you are right. I’m only obligated to help my patients. another thing that sets Americans apart from the rest of the world is this culture of conspiracy theories. that i really don’t get. Why even waste time on those especially since “we all die anyway”? Just go enjoy life.

    1. The Neanderthals out here took prophylaxis and never wore a mask while we watched everyone around us get sick in their filthy fecal covered masks

    2. @WakeUp Sheeple I don’t know if never wearing a mask was prophylaxis, but I agree once we realized there was a 99% survival rate, losing the mask made sense.

      Anyone with a “filthy fecal covered mask” has problems outside of the plandemic >

    1. @luckyluc25 for the ppl who have lost ppl to Covid and almost died themselves. Her statements are a run around. Yes I have had the vaccine. But ppl are still contagious and I don’t want to bring it home to another family member who almost died themselves. Due to the honor system.

    2. @Tracy Rhymer No offense, are you a doctor or specialist? Are the people in the Media you watch Doctors or specialists? And for over a year they said to knky follow what Fauci says. Now those same people are telling you not to listen to what the CDC and Fauci are saying? Ok, you do that and we’ll listen to the experts. How many time last year did you personally say it was wrong for people not to follow without you? And now you’re not following him. You all are so back and forth, it shows how the media controls you all. Covid STILL has over a 99% survival rate. So keep listening to the WRONG people as usual. If you don’t see the run around on you by the media, I just don’t know what to say. No offense. SMH.

    3. @luckyluc25 first off make sure I don’t follow the cdc guidelines. Because I do every single day I even wear a mask sitting at my desk as I’m in the medical field and an essential worker. The only time I haven’t worked was when someone else didn’t follow the guidelines. I also have autoimmune issues. I stand by what I said. She did not answer her questions, she worked around them but never answered. That is why she kept asking the same things worded differently. I was one of the first ppl to get the vaccine. So please do not speak for me.

  1. Watching the news these past 10 years has proven to me one thing. NONE of them are fit to lead anyone.

    1. Damn right;
      1.) The TALIBAN are gonna get me.
      2.) Al Quaeda gonna get me.
      3.) ANTHRAX gonna get me.
      4.) Osama Bin Laden gonna get me.
      5.) Yellowcake from Niger gonna get me.
      6.) Mushroom clouds gonna get me.
      7.) ISIS is gonna float camels across the ocean to get me.
      8.) WMD’S are gonna get me.
      9.) Mobile weapons labs gonna get me.
      10.) Saddam gonna get me.
      11 ) Ghaddaffi gonna get me.
      12 ) Personal favorite, MOBILE WEAPONS LABS gonna get me!
      13.) Covid gonna get me.
      14.) Saddam was NOT cooperating with UN inspectors.

      Hans Blix, head inspector, said they WERE throwing open ANY door they approached.

      Yeah, with a track record like THIS……
      Dozens more I didnt mention.

      I do the OPPOSITE of what they say is gonna get me today.

      Cuz this is some bald faced lieing alright.

    2. Eos Lamb ,indeed ! This is all part and Parcel of. KLAUS SCHWAB And The UN AGENDA……. Please go to. SPIRO SKOURAS. THE GREAT RESET : “ HOW COVID USHERED IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER “. Also. DR TENPENNY. “ Shot in the DARK “. and. GERMAN MICROBIOLOGIST. PROFESSOR SUCHARIT BHAKDI “ BLOOD CLOTS AND BEYOND “. Journeyman Pictures….. of course there is the Dedicated. ROBERT KENNEDY Jr. “ Children’s Health Defense “. Finally. HEALTH IMPACT NEWS. all on Bitchute or Rumble.

    3. It’s a sad thing because a society needs leaders as well as reliable sources of information. It’s almost like they want to make sure we don’t trust them.

    4. I hate to throw a whataboutism on the fire, but we saw the absolute hell of leadership under Drumpf. The sheer anti-science, denying anthropogenic climate change, throwing dog whistles at people who don’t understand how chromosomes work, proffering the idea of injecting disinfectant to kill an RNA virus, pondering whether we should nuke a hurricane, equivocating for alt-right white supremacists, asking for dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government, ignoring data coming from scientists and not banning travel from Europe for 2-3 months, not masking in public for 6 months during a pandemic. That’s fitness in leadership, am I right? At least we have the media scapegoat, though.

  2. She said we should pause and celebrate where we are in this moment. Is anybody doing that? Probably not. Most people are just taking their masks off wondering how deep all of this corruption goes

    1. Honestly you would really hope that people have read the mask efficacy data for themselves, understand the risks, especially to unvaccinated people, to immunocompromised people, and even to anti-vaxxers who don’t deserve to die just because they believe in wild-eyed anti-science conspiracy theories. The corruption on the public mind is a much larger issue at this inflection point.

    2. Why do all the FOX news and Trump supporters watch CNN lmao… the whole comment section is just filled with you guys. Isn’t there some dark creepy alleyway that is way more fitting of your ideologies you can all convene instead of in your oppositions space like a bunch of belligerent blowhards?

    3. We will destroy every school board in the nation until the masks are off. we will bring federal charges against the school boards if necessary.

  3. Please ask why the CDC website does not show the presence of “India variant” already present in US.

    1. Lucy’ss childrens got that ho@x on the back burner. Till this winter. They crank their new “towers” up and ppl will fall over . Then theyll say its a varient or just admit the shot is uncurable nano tech

    2. @Hairylegs Teetherzbrigade I go my shots and now four satellites circle over my house. My TV
      reception has never been better. The puppet masters want you for “re-education” so hide under
      your bed until Q says it’s safe to come out.

    3. Because it’s all garbage and a lie. Anyone who had the virus has natural immunity for 17 years perhaps a lifetime. Coronavirus is mutate and get weaker that’s what they do

    4. @WakeUp Sheeple good point! Why is proof of natural immunity using antibody testing & T cell testing not being anywhere?

  4. “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.” – George Carlin

    1. I believe Carlin also talked about how the media likes to keep us busy and preoccupied with “stupid sh..t” so we don’t realize how bad we’re being screwed over by the upper 1%.
      Carlin was a brilliant comedian and social commentator – way ahead of his time.

    1. @Lynn World The primary mode of science is an anti-dogmatic, self-correcting mechanism which constantly asks each theory to actively look for things wrong with that theory – the continuous search for contradictory evidence. Hence, its very nature is changing, unlike the dogmatism of religion. If new evidence presents itself as superior and more data supports one theory or hypothesis, then change is necessary. Aside from perhaps masking guidance in the very early part of the pandemic, what examples would you give whereby they have been “wrong all along” in a consistent manner, and on which topics specifically? Peer-reviewed academic journal entries as evidence for your side would be welcomed.

    2. @Books & Gaming 1. 99% mortality rate.
      2. 99% mortality rate is not a pandemic.
      3. See 1 and 2.
      I gave a simple definition of how theories become science. I dont need your Wikipedia definition on full. It is determined scientific fact when the results are exactly the same everytime. None of this has been science. You do not have to be a doctor or genius to have logic.

    3. @Lynn World 99% is *with* the enormous lockdowns measures we’ve had in place, including unprecedented masking, social distancing, business closures, et al. Also, try saying “it’s just 1%” to the 585,000 innocent Americans and their families who paid the ultimate price, especially in light of all of the downplaying of the virus that has occurred over the past year. Moreover, allowing it to spread wantonly means more potential for variants, and with a virus with as high an R(0) infection and attack rate as this one has, more virulence has serious potential to wreck much more havoc and make a bad problem much, much worse(as with, potentially, the double mutant strain in India).

      Nothing about what I mentioned was a Wikipedia definition; if anything, it was an extrapolation on the basic principles that govern science. If reading comprehension is not your strong suit, just come out and say it rather than project and accuse others of being intellectually disingenuous.

      In your simplistic definition, you have conflated “Same result everytime is science” with the idea that, simply because standards, guidelines, and conceptions of how to deal with a virus as a public policy and as a scientific phenomenon have changed over the months, somehow that automatically implies that “yes they been wrong all along.” The principle of reproducibility in science and consistency in results is not the same as changing when countervailing evidence presents itself – and that the latter might imply inconsistency for the former in principle.

      I asked for examples of where they’ve been wrong, and I have yet to hear back. Grow up, be an adult, and read the scientific literature for yourself rather than parrot unoriginal Fox News tripe and obfuscation of expertise and science.

    4. @Books & Gaming all your bs is called cognitive dissonance. You been wrong and scaring people now you’re in so deep your ego wont let it go. 22 states lifted mandates today. Without scientific reason and a supposed variant. You are bs. Your Fauci cult is coming down. Your kind seems to be dwindling

    5. They are known as Satan’s Network for a reason. a nurse posted a video today saying for 2 months 100% of her covid Ward are only former humans who took both injections. No natural humans are getting the disease at least at her area.

  5. Yesterday I went to my nieces birthday party at Makutu’s Island, not a single person out of roughly 150 was wearing a mask other than the staff. No social distancing either, it was nice to see.

    1. @Chris Savage 100% truth, call them ask for yourself if you need to wear masks, ask them yourself if proof of vaccination is required. Here’s the kicker, the owner is from India.

    2. Thanks Karen. Duly noted. Oh btw, do you drive anywhere? You have a much higher chance of dying or killing someone else behind the wheel. Stay home. Oh and don’t eat fatty foods or drink alcohol. Heart disease kills one out of four Americans.

  6. The host asked a bunch of reasonable questions and the “expert” dodged and ended up providing no reasonable direct answers.

  7. How do kids factor into new mask guidance?

    Look at the data. They don’t. Moving on.

  8. This gal and raggedy ann are in close competition for who can say the most without saying anything

    1. I would suggest scheduling a hearing examination immediately. Double book the appointment.

  9. At the end she distinguishes between someone dying who had covid but died of oh let’s say our heart attack. How convenient that they are now making the distinction. They didn’t do that before when they wanted the covid death numbers to be high. that woman always has a horrified look on her face.

    1. Not only did they inflate the death numbers, but they are now inflating the numbers of those injected, in a sick psychological peer pressure operation.

  10. No they want to be like the gestapo and put guards at the grocery store doors checking to see your papers !!

    1. @Mike Barry LOL, you even take note of people on YouTube. I’m more than six feet from you. No need to take notes.

    2. That’s coming, you better believe these progressive liberals won’t be happy until we’re all vaxxed, triple masked and showing our papers at check points.

  11. CDC: get vaccinated so that y’all can get back to normal
    Sheep: ok I’m vaccinated now
    CDC: good news, the vaccines worked. Now get back to normal
    Sheep: you’re lying, I’m wearing a mask forever

    1. CDC has been so confusing, telling us one thing a nd changing it the next day. They been doing for the pzst year. ,when trump would disagree. He would be criticized. God help us and dont let the administration fool us the smerican people in to false information and lies that they do every day. But we are smarter than that we can see right thru the evil plots

    2. See kids, this is the reason to stay in school. Being able to adapt to new situations is important.

    3. The injections are killing and maiming a record number of people. nurses are now reporting covid wards 100% filled with former humans who took the double injection.

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