CDC Investigates Rare Heart Inflammation In Young Vaccine Patients 1

CDC Investigates Rare Heart Inflammation In Young Vaccine Patients


Dr. Kavita Patel joins Garrett Haake to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, putting in context reports that the CDC is investigating rare incidents of heart inflammation in young vaccine recipients.

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    1. I really hope the rumplicans don’t get the vaccine. Covid has been linked to erectile dysfunction and wet noodled GOP is a good thing.

    2. @Juan Fuentes First off, you have a wondrous name. Juan is an ultra-cool name in my book. But… #2 Having survived the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, from these godless, secret society, hellhound, demon seed, Baby Boomer, republicans, who kept me from graduating college for sixteen years with over two-hundred and eleven course hours, (because they didn’t like my opinions on opinion papers by the way) I want to tell you to take the high road. Let God sort them out. He will, I promise. He will return when J-Town is surrounded by an army from the East on a cloud. If he doesn’t, by all means go back to the original thought process. LOL Peace Brother!

  1. Funny how I first heard about these complications on underground groups of “crazies” weeks ago. Almost like suppression of free speech is bad?

    1. Lets throw out a analogy, I go onto some underground site and state “self driving cars will be involved in car accidents in the future”…I am simply stating something that could happen or not. If it does happen I can say “see I was right all along” but I would also have to ignore the fact that car accidents dropped by a significant percentage since self driving cars were implemented…. There are no guarantees, only favorable outcomes… 3 kids in 6 million with non life threatening reactions is as close to perfect as anyone could hope for

    2. I really hope the rumplicans don’t get the vaccine. Covid has been linked to erectile dysfunction and wet noodled GOP is a good thing.

    1. Knowing covid is causing erectile dysfunction I can’t help thinking about all those rumplicans going to the pharmacy in their jacked up trucks to buy Viagra

  2. In the gospel according to Erroneous…TYrump is revieled as the Anti Christ !

    1. well the bible says the AC will make himself known after the rapture. So if Trump is AC you’re hellbound like the rest of us maybe re-read before trying to twist scripture to your agenda

    2. @littleangel4780 Don’t forget that this book was written in the 1st century. POV is important.

  3. Just follow the data people… sheesh..

    This is what transparency is about… informing people of all of the good & bad.

    Stay safe everyone & have a marvelous evening.

    1. Not many people think about that. Saying it as it is is becoming a very rare thing now, without trying to make some kind of political capital from the reports.

    1. I really hope the rumplicans don’t get the vaccine. Covid has been linked to erectile dysfunction and wet noodled GOP is a good thing.

  4. Thank God we have the real experts in the comments when they aren’t working their minimum wage jobs.

    1. So everyone who disagrees with you is working minimum wage job hmm? YOU are priceless comedy ( for sheep). By the way, I am educated. Also, those minimum wage workers make YOUR life more convenient, appreciate them. Otherwise, there are DOZENS of things in your life that would most definitely change for the worse.

    2. What on earth makes you think they are working at all? They are the “too ill to work” set, whose madness is only intensified by the myriad of conspiracy websites that flourish in a “free speech” society. Paranoid delusionals probably should only have internet access under close supervision.

  5. Why should people bother to report adverse effect when you do nothing about it. I received Pfizer and reported my effect and no one helped me.

    1. My muscles in my left shoulder, both legs and feet contracted. My right foot was swollen , I taught I was going to die. I was sick for six weeks. I was completely ignored.

    2. @Eletia Girling Really? You did not bother to see your local doctor? The problem is, I am having trouble believing you. The reason I am calling BS is due to the huge number of anti-vaxxers who are actively lying about the vaccine to the point where they say they got vaccinated and then self-report false side effects.

    3. @Eletia Girling so sorry to hear you experienced thisit must be so traumatic. Pls Take time to heal yourself from this episode.
      Was it possibly clot formations in blood? I know only speculations at this point, we leave our beautiful lives in the hands of others who we should be trusting, but it seems like all quess work.
      Did they not evem give you any meds for those side affects?
      I hope you keep getting better, keep your circulation good, don’t over or under regulate your heart until you know & feel yourself back to normal.
      God Bless you and us All

    4. @TheShivaSpirit You don’t get it. She is lying about the side effects or did not even get the vaccine. That is what I am trying to point out.

    5. @don s don, we can accuse others of everything under the sun or moon but, Does it make anything different or better.
      Its not for us to get angry or start accusing without completely knowing. Take time to just listen & watch…if people are deceptive they go on to make their own bed of thorns.
      I don’t ignore anything or anyone, but instead respectfully acknowledge All. Whether negative or positive, everyone’s has their story.
      Stay well in your thoughts Brother.

  6. Young people are not developed in their body and organisms their auto immune ability to fight the symptoms of the vaccine can be compromised.

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  8. Myocarditis induced bardycardia is one of symptoms of COVID-19. I had ½ day of low/lowish basal bpm with Pfizer vaccine, but SpO2% was OK. All side-effects were minor and over within 2 days.

  9. And you just have to wonder what other issues are cropping up unreported. I guess we will find out in the coming years. We

  10. This has taken on a life of its own. Why are they pressing for children to be vaccinated? This is absurd.

    1. To install the Bill Gates zombie pedophilia apoplectic tracking chip, of course. I hear it tracks you almost as well as cell phones.

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