1. @Kevin Angus This is medical, it goes against HIPPA. No one is required to disclose their medical status.

    2. @Dorie S OH! I was wondering what you could have meant, well, OOPS! I used the word “not” when I really should have just said OKAY, as you pointed out. Thanks, good catch, and I feel stupid. I usually do editorial re=writes to catch stuff like that, but going down a column of comments, well, just sort of hope for the best. Thanks again.

    1. “Let me see your papers” But, really, if you are fully vaccinated then who cares, right? Let the Anti-vaxers die!

    2. @Dustin Brown most people with blood cancers or have transplants cant develop antibodies from the vaccine.

    3. Do you refuse to take your vaccinated dog on walks because you worry that it might catch parvovirus or rabies germs from other’s unvaccinated dogs? Do you even understand how vaccines work?

    4. @Josef No I’m about minimizing risk. If I’m an asymptotic carrier, I don’t want to give it to someone else. What are you about?

    5. @neweng research So? We just learned today that the vaccine is just as effective in not passing it to others. That is why the CDC says you can be vaccinated and be unmasked around people. Unvaccinated people wont get it from you because you have been vaccinated. No need to where a mask.

    1. @Shannon Jones Not everyone received one. I didn’t receive one but I have it on my portal and we know tech doesn’t work in crowds.

    2. They can’t. The reason they are doing this is they no longer think hospitals will be overrun with severe cases. ICUs aren’t as overwhelmed as they were a year ago and it’s unlikely to get that way again. Half the people vaccinated means only half the severe cases. So the morons that don’t get vaccinated will be the ones still dying.

    3. @747Heavy Boeing Well, no, when the Vaccinations first started nobody knew whether WE could not still be Spreaders, you know, have it but be asymptomatic like those Super Spreaders that infected half of South Korea because they could just keep going without getting sick themselves. I actually thought it would take the Science longer to figure out whether that was a problem or not, but apparently they were able to figure it out just using Data Modelling where if it WERE a problem it would have showed up in terms of many more cases. But we needed that All Clear before Normalcy could be declared.

    4. They don’t. Basically they are looking at it as being unsupervised probation. I stopped wearing a mask if I could help it a long time ago. If I can’t get in somewhere without a mask, I will roll my eyes and put a mask on.

  1. Dr Rochelle Walensky! Heh heh heh, from now on, she’ll be known as “NO -MASK ROXY!!” UH HUH!!

    1. @RealityHurts923 don’t be so sure about that. Many liberals are very health conscious individuals that don’t believe in poisoning their healthy bodies with toxic food and medicine.

    2. A am a Trump supporter. I am a covid questioner.. and I got my vaccine because I am now gonna go mask off in super liberal oregon. Come on … everyone let’s go back to normal

  2. Hey Joe, why has your son bought into this pipeline for the last 3 years? Is that why you cancelled the XL pipeline? It would be a real shame if he was sub-leasing it to China…..

    1. @Ronald Beck exactly. And that’s the problem. We don’t know without a doubt that the vaccine prevents you from catching covid. Actually, we knows it doesn’t prevent you from catching it at all.

    2. @Ray Ray haha you have an anonymous mask as a pic yet you would agree to be marked and tracked

    3. @Ray Ray … I’m guessing you will wear your mask alone in the shower … just in case …

    4. @Ronald Beck Hi Ron, YEAH, it is not like I can argue against your point there, that people will demand to see proof of what really doesn’t matter to them. That is because I just ran through almost 20 comments of people who somehow think it important to KNOW. “We can’t have anybody break the rules, can we? (even though they can’t hurt anybody but themselves or other people should have gotten their shots or should be staying home, masking up, social distancing, etc. )

    5. @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† Yeah, I think that was my point, that people who are vaccinated don’t have a worry in the World. Nobody needs to check their papers because they can check their own papers, right? And cheaters can’t hurt anybody but themselves and other cheaters. I’m sure the Policy Wonks thought about it a long time and came to the conclusion that there’d be no Value Added monitoring compliance. Declare Victory and move on.

    1. @James hanley then you are good..Actually, we all are but they have milked this long enough.

    1. Yeah, you can get back to normal because you are some unabomber guy living alone in a cabin in the woods but normal people have recognize the constraints that Society place upon them.

    2. @Leo Volontlol. No I’m not some Unabomber guy living by myself in cabin in the woods. Lol cut it out Leo. I where my mask if people start freaking out because I know people are fragile. I’m also okay with not wearing a mask around people not wearing one. People are slow to change and I understand that. I’m not like most people. I adapt very quickly to major change.

    3. @Ray Ray Okay Ray, that is what we call “walking it back”. You really struck a pose for a moment there, and now we find out that you’re just like everybody else. But it was great to be a rebel for a moment, huh?

    4. @Leo Volont Dude, I’m so confused right now. What in the world are you talking about? LOL. Gotta love youtube chats.

  3. Secret government documents, published by the media in 2013, confirm the NSA obtains full copies of everything that is carried along major domestic fiber optic cable networks.

  4. 1) They will tell you that if you are
    vacc-innated, you do not have to wear a mask any longer

    2) But how to ensure those who are maskless are actually vacc-innated? There will be ongoing reports of fraudulent Vacx ID cards and difficulty knowing who is truly jab-‘legitimate.’
    In order to roll out the next phase of this long-planned agenda, they will propose a mandated app or tech-designed system to easily identify who is vacc-innated in their system, and therefore, allowed to go maskless.

    3)Next, there will be another unforeseen wave with inflated statistics to promote FEAR and ANGER due to those who didn’t get vaccinated and reignite the CV 19 flame

    4) They will respond with swift blame and consequences for those who chose not to get the vacc-innation initially and enforce it as no longer voluntary but mandatory. People will turn against each other and there will be a system in place of those who are deemed selfish and harmful posing a threat to those who are deemed safe.
    Lies and deception- division and suspicion- this is how they gain their power and control.

    5) It’s a gradual preparation for what the Bible speaks of as the ‘mark of the beast’ where no one can buy or sell without such mark (Revelation 13:16)

    WHO is listening to the truth?! Have you all been fact-checked into submission? WHO sees with discernment and is willing to stand in Truth for the days are here. The remnant does not have fear- for we are in Christ. WHO knows the hour we are in, for the Lord comes soon. True followers after Yeshua, Jesus, will be persecuted and tested.

  5. Oh Lordy Lordy I ‘s so grateful massa. I’ll go gets me a shot right away massa!! I gets me the 2 shots or da 3 shots or whateva you done say!! I goes right away now massa!! Oh Lordy Lordy thank you massa!!

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