CDC Panel Recommends Resuming J&J Vaccine Distribution | Deadline | MSNBC

CDC Panel Recommends Resuming J&J Vaccine Distribution | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. There’s always a caveat on J&J products, I already took Pfizer vaccine 1 and 2 shots.

    1. @Beth Bacon yes, the shots do prevent you from getting COVID. Nothing is 100%, but yes they do. And they prevent people from being spreaders. Protect you AND others, bro.

    2. Two other options indeed. As long as people aren’t afraid. Trump mania is at work. Watch Fauci. He might make mistakes, but that guy ain’t about lying.

  2. Over 60, got my J&J shot exactly two weeks ago today, no problems. A little bruising on my arm below where the shot went in. Felt a little unusual pain in my left shoulderblade for a few days, a little tightness in my left arm (and then, the bruising) — that was it. No tiredness, no need for a nap, no nausea, no blood clots.

    1. @xFireMixtapex I’m also curious to your question.. I thought the second shot was like 20-22 days from the first dose 🤔

    2. @Christine Gibson
      You are correct. I received my 1st dose on Monday and due to receive the 2nd on May 11th.

    3. @West Coast symptoms years later for a vaccine only a few months old? That’s some info-wars level of stupidity.

  3. My friends brother got clots in his legs from this shot and has to wear compression socks for the rest of his life now. He also was advised to give up skydiving. I’m so glad the J&J wasn’t available in my area because I wanted it but ended up having to go with a two stage shot instead. The only side effects I got was slight arm soreness and an intense but short -lived headache. I’ll take that over blood clots any day.

    1. @Alex Mitchell ” It likely would have happened even if he didn’t take a vaccine” where’s your evidence to support that argument?

    2. @dwj77 What negative? He claimed that the person would’ve “likely gotten a clot even without the vaccine.” What evidence does he have to support that assumptions?

  4. My Son and I had the Johnson n Johnson vaccination on April 7 by Tampa FEMA our Military. We didn’t have any reactions, I am so glad I got it

    1. I’m concerned about the LATENT CANCER TUMORS. My research indicated that cell free supernatants cause LATENT CANCER TUMORS.

  5. I got the J&J and just experienced minor side effects.. Most of my family and friends had the same effects as well.
    Glad it worked out well for all of us..

  6. I do hope the coroner’s are paying attention & not hyped on any money grabs. We need truth & facts.

    1. @Linda Lauer Doctors think the pandemic is the nation’s number one crisis right now. It’s not media hype or a Democratic hoax or a way to make a quick buck. Medical examiners did not get $2000 to falsify death certificates for fake “Covid”diagnoses. They likely aren’t going to risk their medical licenses, livelihoods, and patients’ lives to cover for Johnson and Johnson. They are ‘paying attention’ to cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, don’t worry.

    2. @Emmabee I hope they are paying attention to more then that, hun.
      I know what you are talking about & I know what I’m talking about.
      By the way, why would a doctor need their license anymore if they retire very comfortably ? I’m not saying it’s happening. However, with what we have seen these days, it’s possible.

    3. @Linda Lauer Unlike people who don’t wear masks because they don’t care what happens to others, physicians choose what they do to help others. And what we do is monitor by our licensing boards, specialty boards, quality review boards, employers, patient’s families, insurance groups, Medicare/Medicaid, and our records are reviewed by our peers. We practice in a fishbowl. If someone wants to make money they leave clinical practice or become high price surgeons to begin with. My advice? If you’re a woman take one of the other vaccines. There’s plenty to go around. But please consider get vaccinated. But after J &J ‘s sloppy manufacturing errors, no one is cutting them any slack for a few bucks.

  7. I had the J&J then within 3 days they halted the roll out. I checked the symptoms to be aware, then didn’t worry about it. The side effects are extremely rare.

  8. The normal incidence of the type of clots (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis) that J&J vaccine is being blamed for is 3-4 cases in 1 million. 15 in 7 million is less.

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