CDC Report Sounds Alarm Over New Risks Of Delta Variant Of Covid 1

CDC Report Sounds Alarm Over New Risks Of Delta Variant Of Covid


The Centers for Disease Control have put out a new report outlining new warnings and risks as the delta variant of Covid-19 continues to spread. NBC's Shannon Pettypiece reports from the White House.

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CDC Report Sounds Alarm Over New Risks Of Delta Variant Of Covid


  1. The Conman promised COVID would “magically disappear” and many believed him. The reality is much different than the grift.

    1. And the connedservative still treat his word as gospel. We truly are in the starting days of the fall of the American Empire.

    2. @J Groovy Wow!! Very well said!!
      I applaud you for taking the time to post all of these facts about trump and his horrible COVID-19 response!!
      Even though I knew about all of these facts, it is still shocking to see them all together!
      Thank you for your message!!

    3. @outdoor fun What a bull response you gave!
      Just a quick glance on your message shows the lie of you claiming that the vaccine (which one you mean stays unanswered) would be not tested.
      All of the available vaccines are indeed tested on a large scale!
      Get your facts straight before you open your big mouth!!!

  2. It’s never real until or unless it happens to them. Every. Single. Time.. When reality smacks you in the face, good luck faking it from that point forward.

    1. The number of people I know who were harmed by lock down is 10 times the number who were harmed by COVID. But you wouldn’t believe it unless it happened to you.

    2. @Donald Ducko Not only injured permanently it seems but also dead and the count is rising on a daily basis around here. Every week now I’m hearing of someone we know or work with going to the hospital and the worst cases have been fully vaccinated.

  3. If you are poor and have to spend days or weeks in an ICU because of COVID-19 delta variant, how is this paid for if you don’t have an insurance?

    1. @Adventure West people complain about taxes,and then get upset that you point out they are funding illegals..

  4. Texas worried about migrants spreading Covid and wanting to deport them at the same time downplaying the severity of the virus or the need to mask and vaccinate.

    1. I live in Austin, it is no different than living in Omaha, it is not the border. I respect the virus but living by force and division, no thanks

    1. @robotron17 medical ones outperformed the control. Remember though that that was when worn by experienced health care professionals & disposed of twice a day, so VERY different to how they’re being used by the public right now!

      & be really careful quoting anything from it, seriously, your account will be targetted otherwise!

    2. ​@robotron17 Also note that in countries with covid well managed, cases in medical workers have been negligible, which supports the theory that they work – when medical ones are used & used correctly, which again is NOT what is happening in public use, even when medical ones are worn.

      There was also a study done with a really cool video, where they put people in super clean air, so they could actually see exhaled air against the background. I might try posting a title, it showed airflow when wearing them. In short, don’t stand behind someone wearing one lol, cause they don’t stop anything, only re-direct it – video makes that really clear!

    3. @Me Here There was no mask-less control group. The study was very clear in saying that the cloth masks were the worse of the two. But this is NOT the same thing as saying that medical masks are better than no mask. Understand?

    4. @robotron17 try

      Australian researchers find COVID-19 aerosol spread that puts some healthcare workers at risk over others

      to see that video. The letters in the name of the place I got that from seem to set off this channel, making them think it’s their competition I think, otherwise I don’t think that one would have issues sharing

    5. @robotron17 :S there was a control group, they didn’t direct them to never wear them for ethical reasons, just to wear as they normally would (so occasionally put on) compared to the other 2 groups that were told to wear the medical ones or cloth ones all the time. The ranking was medical group best, then control group of occasional wearing of medical or cloth (mostly medical) & then with far more infections than that group occasionally wearing one was the cloth wearing at all times group, with by far the most infections

    1. If you’re not vaccinated and you get hospitalized with covid your insurance company should not be liable to pay for it

    2. @Sandi Harris they weren’t effective in 1918, couldn’t be! fit tested n95’s, used as directed & disposed of as directed are effective though, cloth has been shown to make cold & flu spread worse in the only RCT on the topic

    3. Indoor public places should require people to either present their vaccination card or wear a mask inside.

  5. If you’re concerned, protect yourself. Get the vaccine and wear a mask. It’s really that simple.

    1. why the gov. created it you tool thanks to fauci and the outbreak is coming from the vaccinate ,so who you think gonna foot the bill.And why you think hospitals were getting 20 k for diagnosing ppl with coivd-19 a yr ago and when they put someone on a ventilator they got 35k lmao .Hospitals would just sue them and the state would also lmao you really are slow

    2. Why? You paid your insurance bill, right? Sooooo…what do you think you’re paying for?

    3. Right, in these trying times we should all look out for the interests of insurance companies, who’ve massively exacerbated this crisis in the first place.

  6. *Video Summary:* “The vaccine is failing already, so make sure you take that experimental vaccine with zero long term safety data, mkay?”

  7. Is it clear the vaccine ever worked and I wish to know because I’m ignorant what are my chances of a problem from the vaccine versus my chances of a problem from Covid

  8. Yall pay attention just lost one to the variant keep your precautions. Stay safe RIP Mrs. Queen please get well Mr Tommy.

  9. I just hope that even though vaccines works for an acute period of time, it may help the virus mutate further into something else

  10. Funny how they don’t give the hard numbers from vaccinated breakthroughs from regular covid or delta. Wonder why that is?

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