1. Vaccinating for COVID is no more meaningful than doing so for influenza and is equally doomed to never eradicate it. Thanks, China.

    1. Covid is probably less dangerous than the flu in young people.
      We don’t need scare tactics and masks. My sister got Covid shortly after Christmas and she wore her mask from the beginning, she had groceries delivered and barely left her house. She is 76 and has excellent health. Her Doctor advised her NOT to get the vaccine.
      If the Deep State would have allowed Doctors to give HCQ or Ivermectin right away, it could have prevented individuals from dying or hospitalized. Covid is 99.7% curable. What the media and some Governors did is unforgivable.

    1. @BanG yea a doctor would never recommend the same drugs for every patient 😂 but hey let’s all take the same shot makes sense

    2. That’s right. Thousands of people die yearly from ibuprofen use. I haven’t seen any anti ibuprofen groups lately.

    3. @OUTLAW Videos No different from how we push the flu vaccine to Americans every year. not everyone’s advised to take this vaccine, people such as chemo patients, are safer by not taking anything. This why we’re asked if we have any risky health factors before receiving the vaccine.

    1. @DAVID Why do people always go to the hospitals when they can’t breath or injured if hospitals and science are so bad? 1/2 a million people died in the US last year from COVID . It’s a worldwide problem, just look at India and Brazil. Why do you think Israel is doing so well? We are Americans. We have one of the best resources here to perform better as compared with other parts of the world. I wish you well sir and stay healthy.

    2. @Gar Leung I’m sorry you’re so indoctrinated by the superiors you look up to. This GMO technology is made and funded by masonic satanic eugenicists and they definitely want us dead, slowly so we don’t catch on before they stick their poison in the majority that believe in the liars in power. It really divides those believing in truth and lies by God’s design.

    3. @DAVID Actually its quite brilliant. Humans cant advance with all the dumb people continuing to breed faster than smart people. Only dumb people are susceptible to brainwashing.. :/

    1. ^^^Fake accounts like this are called “sock puppets.” This name implies a hidden hand speaking through another identity. Sock puppet accounts include trolls who purposefully cause division and create chaos. Trolls can be bots run by computer programs or real people.

  2. Two Moderna shot’s and a whole bunch of shots while I was in the military most of which I have no idea what they were so I think I’ll be safe

    1. Right on brother 👍. They did tend to use us as human pin cushions didn’t they 🤣🤣

    2. @Doug Ohaver Yes they did it’s probably a good thing that we don’t know what we were getting

  3. Two shots of Pfizer, just fine. Walking around masked with my.45 waiting for Tucker’s minions to challenge me.

    1. Masks as implements of child abuse. At least the GOP will have something to campaign on in 2024 to break up the monotony of white replacement theories and Anglo culture as quintessentially American.

    1. Focus on the millions who are safe now opposed to the 100 cases where weak people perished. The first group to get vaccine are the most vulnerable. Sometimes no matter what we do they won’t survive.

    2. @BanG Weak people huh? Like a 15 year old in perfect health? Weak people are the ones counted as dying from the flu every year but now we call it a pandemic.

    3. @BanG The troll’s post has nothing to do with Covid. Some liberal talking-head passed away this week so the person is running around in liberal comment sections trying to Edgelord by mocking the woman’s death.

    4. @BanG Some people are too stupid to understand that correlation does not prove causality. If a fully vaccinated person were struck, and killed, by that Chinese rocket, this weekend, these yahoos would say it was due to the vaccine.

  4. Just got my first shot of Maderna this morning at the VA and so far the only side effect I’ve noticed is when I was in Lowe’s and all of a sudden I started passing gas around all the rude employees 😂😂

    1. @WhatsN YourTrunk I see you got such a wonderful brain from both Shane and Lori 🙄. Whatever you do though you don’t want to get around me because I can now bring the chemical warfare 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Maybe I’ll even start lighting them 🔥🧟

  5. I got a really creepy feeling some people are actually STILL eager to take the vaccine willingly 😳

    1. I got a really creepy feeling that unimmunized barefaced super spreading idiots are going to incubate super variants that will nullify my vaccine immunity.

    2. @ruth depew No such thing as super spreaders. A vaccine won’t save you. This is the end of the world as we all know it. Take the vaccine you’re on Satan’s side.

    3. @ruth depew
      Maybe look into what’s coming across our southern border for your variant conspiracy speculation. Have Biden explain why people entering aren’t being vaccinated when released to travel wherever they want in our country??

  6. Timely, accurate information would’ve been helpful in resolving the vaccine hesitancy problem.

  7. In the UK so many nurses and carers refuse to take the vax that the government wants to mandate the vax for them as of June this year. In Italy it has been mandated for these workers. So, when nurses and other health workers are refusing to take the vax, despite seeing the effects first hand, it makes you wonder why.

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