Cedric Richmond Gets In Fiery Exchange With Matt Gaetz Over Race | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. of course you jump to racist. you are all clowns can’t wait for November πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. @MA 292 “Like the fake outrage the black congressman is showing.”
      Wow. Black people being upset from black men being incarcerated and killed systematically have no reason to feel outrage. You are pathetic.

    3. Richmond said he cared more about Gatetz’s kids than he does and Gatez got mad about that if you guys think he is racist based on that point that he is going against a black person than you people are delusional.

    1. @Randy Couch that’s great. The majority of people using food stamps and welfare is your color and vote Republican. Wow. That is genius. Destroy your own base from the bottom up. Trump really does love you poorly educated. Lol. ‘Thought you were winning but doesn’t understand the long game. Good luck with dat.

    2. @Randy Couch it’s time to cut off corporate welfare once we cut that off then we get to a lift the black community which been devastated for decades all they had to do is invest in the black communities

    1. He’s definitely up there close to the top of the list. It’s a strong field, but Matt just keeps yapping

    2. I’m going to throw Mitch McConnell into the ring!πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

  1. Gaetz is a failed human being. Gaetz blood boiled because is hard for him (gaetz) to belive that a black man can care about (gaetz) kid.

    1. A failed human being? You described Rayshard Brooks to a tee!!!! A long long rap sheet to include: CRUELTY TO A CHILD and BATTERY TO A FAMILY MEMBER. Talk about a FAILED SUB-HUMAN BEING!

    2. @dickie504 and we all should pray that his alcoholism has killed his swimmers so we won’t have his offsprings beeing the same dumbfucks as he is.

    1. Domepeace_ltd productions no one shooted taser … you can’t keep shooting a taser … it has to be charged again so no …. and yeah matt was prob not scared he was going to get roughed up or killed or locked up for nothing !!! i’m sure pitiful puny gaetz was terrified when he got pulled over… use your brain next time you comment w idiocy and shallow arguments that carry no weight

    2. @mtronix lol no one is arguing that brooks shot the taser its already been confirmed. also this taser had a three shot cartridge and you are stupid.

    3. @Domepeace_ltd productions philando castile when asked by cops if he had a weapon told cops he did and still was killed

  2. man oh man, not only was he blatantly trying to burn up rep richmond’s time but gaetz just basically said, ‘all lives matter’,… i read the best explanation on another video here on youtube that even gaetz couldn’t help but get.
    the best way to explain to those who will not see:
    “For my “All Lives Matter” folks:
    When the Boston Marathon was bombed, everyone’s profile picture went, “Boston Strong!”, nobody said “All cities are strong!”.
    When the Las Vegas shooting happened, people’s profiles said “Stand with Vegas!”, nobody said “What about the people that got shot in my city?”.
    Have you ever seen someone counter a “breast cancer” post with “what about colon cancer?”.
    But for some reason, if someone says “Black Lives Matter”, it turns into an all inclusive “All Lives Matter”.
    It’s not an either/or proclamation. When there is a crisis we have always rallied around that particular group. It doesn’t discredit or diminish any other group, it just brings awareness and support to the group that needs attention.”

    1. @William Decker don’t stressed yourself out in regards to changing your father’s political ideology… At 93 he’s set in his ways… I appreciate you defending BLM… I never understood why it triggers so many people in believing it’s a hate group.

    2. William Decker it is unfortunate the situation but he is still your dad, so love him the way he is, even though you don’t agree in his beliefs. But who knows sometimes people can change their views if they try to be open-minded. The bad thing about that situation is that he’s only seeing (Fox News) where they promote that poisonous garbage!.

  3. Matt Gaetz was playing the role of the typical antagonistic Trump troll that we often see on these threads and on social media. Matt’s goal was to use nonsensical deflections and obfuscation in order to get off the subject at hand. And he was caught and exposed.

    1. @Harold Moore I’ve known a few people like this in my life. Broadcasting their ignorance from treetops, all the while convincing themselves that they are true historic figures. It’s actually quite a sad state of affairs for that person – an empty soul that can never be filled.


  4. Gaetz has proven time and again that he’s nothing but a blowhard and a bully. In other words, he’s the perfect Mini Me to Trump. He has no respect for his fellow congresspersons and even less respect for the proper, CIVILIZED procedure when discussing issues. He’s a thug.

  5. Matt gaetz is a fool he’s holding his true feelings on the inside he won’t s to say it but he doesn’t won’t to loose his job.

    1. @Ruben Ayala, Matt thinks performing for trump means trump might say some nice thing about him, lol

    2. But he did admit when HE answered THE LAST QUESTION FROM CEDTIC RICHMOND
      He just don’t realize he admitted it.

  6. Alcoholism is a cruel affliction Matt. I pray you get the help you need. It may even be covered by the Obamacare!

    1. @Bob Dillaber I despise abusers too. Like Rayshit Brooks. On parole for what? CRUELTY TO A CHILD and BATTERY TO A FAMILY MEMBER! No redeeming qualities!

    2. Bob Dillaber it is almost as bad as being wealthy and entitled. Another addiction scourging America…

  7. Matt, it’s not about you. Try being humble sometime. You’ll find it feels good, the water’s fine.

    1. @Nura, Are you deaf, can you hear? He didn’t say it was about him, he was talking about people’s CHILDREN! Some of you just see and hear what you want to! PULL YOUR HEADS OUT AND PAY ATTENTION!

    2. @thumbsaloft Actually, I am partially lol. That’s irrelevant though. I’m more concerned that it appears that your insincerity detector is malfunctioning.
      If Rep. Gaetz were actually concerned about the children he mentioned, then he wouldn’t impose his half baked idea-stuffed agenda into the mix, to dilute the impact of legislation meant to improve their safety.
      Antifascists are the reason African Americans don’t feel safe in everyday activities? How is he so profoundly missing the point? Perhaps he’s so privileged he can’t see straight. Regardless, he’s just trying to squander time & resources to avoid real change.

    3. This is just Intersectionality spilling into the mainstream. It’s not social science, it’s metaphysics. It reduces all knowledge to Phenomenological knowledge and is BS.

    4. The only water Democrats drink is the indoctrinated cocktail the liberal teachers and professors been passing around for decades and now the results are in an entire generation of clueless zombies.

  8. U can c πŸ’© is falling apart at every level in america

    And #grifters like matt gaetz just keep on shoving it 2 #thebottom

    1. danny witt you’re confusing race baiting with racist baiting again….coincidentally trump supporters are about as smart as fish, but even more reactionary.

    2. LISA SCOTT Gaetz is an oversized frat boy who ate the cookie not because he lost, but because he really enjoyed it. Does that help?

  9. The best part of all is when Cedric Richmond asked white privilege Goofy “was that a nerve”. Just ANOTHER distraction. what a pathetic excuse of a man.

  10. “if the shoe fits.” Cedric didn’t hit a nerve, he hit the nail on the head.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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