Census Lays Groundwork For Redistricting Battle in GOP-Led States | MSNBC 1

Census Lays Groundwork For Redistricting Battle in GOP-Led States | MSNBC


As Republican-led states push restrictive voting bills, the biggest fight over voting rights is yet to come. Chuck Rocha, Former Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders for President 2020 and 2016 and Victoria De Francesco Soto, Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the threat of gerrymandering as states prepare to redraw maps for congressional districts.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Census Lays Groundwork For Redistricting Battle in GOP-Led States | MSNBC


    1. The new voting and election Bil would put a stop to gerrymandering by having non partisan committees draw up the districts but the Republicans are, as always, blocking it.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords – there are social issues, and there are structural flaw issues. Something like religion, race is a bit like a delusion. It’s a mental social construct. It exist, like the color of your hair, but like your hair, race has no meaning of significance. UNLESS, you believe it does, or someone gets you to debate its meaning.

      See what I mean?

      Black hair: “Brown hair people are dirty and cause crime”

      Brown hair: “Black haired people are bigots, and hair prejudice. Black hair people are the worst”

      Black hair: “See who the real bigots are? They started this. Typical brown haired people”.

      Do you see it now? The better response:

      Brown hair: “Prove that we are dirty and commit more crime, than other colors of hair”.

      In other words, don’t become a racist battling (what you think is) racism.

  1. its a crime that donny dump restricted the census as much as possible, purely for corrupt republican benefits. this census should be redone to make sure all citizens have participated. its pathetic what donny was able to do to corrupt the u.s. political system.

    1. But yes, Trump was and is the worse ‘thing’, which is me being polite, that ever happened to the USA!

    2. @K Mick See what I said. They will never fool anyone, no matter what they say… and _do!_

    3. The Census could not be accurate…While taken during a pandamic…It was cut short, no enforcement, and even legal immigrants were afraid to fill out..Dump was the first President that ruled by fear…Even the Republicans still fear him….MS. Cheney, and Mr. Romney are the only two not afraid of Dump…God Bless them, and protect them from Dump…

    4. Nevermind, as mentioned in the video, the undercount affected TX, FL and AZ. 2 of them lean Republican. One is tossup. It’s okay that their share is now being enjoyed by some other blue state.

  2. Thank God I live in the UK where EVERYONE over the age of 18 has the right to vote and there is nothing that the government can do to stop that

    1. @Scott Loveless No he didn’t, there is no country that allows non citizens to vote in national elections. It is only MAGA and QAnon cult members that claim it is an issue.

    2. Dont kid yourself it can happen there to. When Queeny passes lets see how charles rules run unless he passes shortly there after you’d be safe with Will. Unless Camilly tries something.

    3. That is what we thought in USA also….No matter what the Republicans do, The People will vote…We will see more voters in 2022, than we did in 2020…

    4. @Mac Lanty The Royal Family, is just a figure head for UK.. The Queen’s close family, her children, Grandchildren, their spouses..The Queens cousins [ The children of King George VI’S brothers and their spouses.] Fill Royal oblegations in, official engagements through the UK and worldwide…Tradition is still practised in Uk…The Queen opens Parliament, but does not participate….

    5. @tanner shortnacy even illegals are humans and should have the right to vote. Think if Trump had succeeded in stealing this election. Think of all the people who would’ve wanted to flee. Where would they go? They would be treated as “illegals” and lose all their rights. Is that ok with you?

  3. The insidious problem of implicit (unconscious) bias, is that these people, who pass these laws are not aware of them. Who and which ones, are acting under its influence? Only a very close examination of the data, can tell for sure. And that takes time and research. (Ref: the recent GA voting changes. Biased? The real answer may shock you. It surely “feels” biased, from reaction to losing both Senate races).

    1. The so-called republicans are not aware they unfairly and extremely gerrymander, and pass voter suppression laws? Sheeesh! There is no, feeling, about it. It is out-right anti American, pro authoritarianism! Too bad. They will completely fail in the not so long run. Americans are more aware than ever that the vast majority of republicans and the vast majority of their supporters are the despicable scourge against the USA.

    2. @netzoned – That’s why it’s called implicit bias. This is hard to prove, even harder to prove racism. The way to defeat it, is not by being biased or racist in response, but by the facts, and this takes time and research. Yes, gerrymandering and voter suppression is a problem. Where is it, and how do you stop it?

      My suggestion to you is…stop with the outrage echo machine, and provide some solutions. I’m waiting.

    1. Just don’t try and share any food and water or the republicans will have you criminally arrested. Heck, according to them, you cannot even _talk_ to anyone else. The so-called ‘right’ republicans have nothing but despair and authoritarianism to ‘give’ people, even their own constituents.

  4. The saying dont mess with texas should be changed to “don’t mess with texas unless you have to vote!”


  6. The best part will be when , after all the attempts at corruption , Rethuglicons STILL lose by record setting margins .!!

    1. At this point don’t believe we can trust the Census. The Trump administration expressed a desire to create an undercount and I think they achieved their goal and then some. First there was the immigration question on the form, that courts disallowed after Trump got caught LYING about the use of the question (It was to allow Trump to illegally not count non-citizens, which is against the Constitution.). That delayed he start of the Census. Then Trump ended the Census before it was completed. Just set an arbitrary date, and the counting just stopped. In NY, they lost a congressional seat by 89 people and several states like Arizona that were expected to gain seats didn’t. Something seems fishy. It could just the lingering smell of Trump.

  7. *Gerrymandering is the GOP taking your vote out of context.*
    By it’s nature and design it disenfranchises voters across the USA….
    The GOP is pushing laws to limit/over-turn votes, while making protests illegal, essentially..
    If 3 Americans get together with a sign or anything that is protesting smthn, that is considered a mob, and it’s legal for someone to run them over… just wow…

  8. Get out to vote and vote like your life depends on it Vote Blue 2022 and kick the Republicons out they are suppressing the votes

    1. Rules made by white men for white men & the rest of america can get stuffed. Indeed 1960’s.

  9. No one seems to know who the cowboy kidz secrete code breakers are cept maybe six toed Mordecai of the Kansas city rattlesnake fair shake human society.

  10. What’s with all these dudes wearing cowboy hats? You’re inside dude. We get it. You want to play dress up in real life.

  11. In any democracy, something as important as a census which has real world effects is stymied by a corrupt government, the ownus is on the new government to redo the process as it was intended, you don’t just accept the results of a corrupt process. Go to court and get a court order if need be, but if that fails, own it .

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