Census shows US more diverse than ever as white population declines 1

Census shows US more diverse than ever as white population declines


The United States is more diverse and more multiracial than ever before, according to new 2020 Census data released on Thursday.
"Our analysis of the 2020 Census results show that the US population is much more multiracial, and more racially and ethnically diverse than what we measured in the past," said Nicholas Jones, the director and senior advisor of race and ethnic research and outreach in the US Census Bureau's population division.
People of color represented 43% of the total US population in 2020, up from 34% in 2010.
The non-Hispanic White share of the US population fell to 57% in 2020, shrinking by six percentage points since 2010, the largest decrease of any race or ethnicity. The share of those who identified as Hispanic or Latino or as multiracial grew the most.
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    1. @Porky Pig WE? Skin color does not define character in the wise.
      Murderers are in every race. Violence is the human way. The Cross of Jesus Christ is our hope. White supremacy is a doctrine of fools and hypocrites.
      All racism is wrong period. However, cultural divides are not.
      It is written: “as in the days of Noah…” Google that. All will hold account! Including atheists. Including you

    2. @Doktor Hunggari your charlatan preacher won’t save you . Neither will bending the knee or turning the other cheek. No point in going back and forth with traitors and appeasers who lack the will to survive. Anyone who still harps on about “we’re all the same” at this point in the game is willfully ignorant, and you deserve the future (or lack thereof) you’re leaving your descendants to wallow in.

    3. @Porky Pig yes, we have. We gave away what wasn’t ours to give. We relinquished without hesitation what our ancestors labored and died to give us. All is not lost, as long as we exist, so does our nation. Let’s not make this mistake the next go-around.

    1. @Morne Diablo let’s see, pretty much all of Europe, the US is still majority white, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. All white countries built by white people that are being invaded by non white people complaining about how horrible whites are Obviously we are the most welcoming

    2. @T R “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” – John Adams, Founding Father

    1. The Census is self-reported. It’s not a random person deciding what you identify as, it’s you (if you respond).

  1. It sucks when people say words like “control” and “power” in the same sentences as a human skin color.

  2. The whole problem is some knew of the demographic changes. instead of seeking to please the new demographics, they sought to remain in power. Humans have no power except that given them, but they don’t know. they should have loved each other.

  3. In 20 years I can see the GOP get 30% of the House and Democrats will rule….and the GOP will deserve it.

    1. I think you are going to be mistaken. Mexicans, Cubans etc. are religious people. They aren’t stupid enough to vote for the Godless baby killing party except to get here

    2. @T R Religion is also declining. The more educated a person is, the less likely they are to believe in nonsense.

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