Joe Biden and the rescue dog he is using as a prop..


    2. Plastic bags around the head have 100% efficacy against the 99.97% survivable C H I N A V I R U S!!! This is scientifically proven!

    1. @Michael DiTraglia JUST IN: Feds Are Holding More Than 4,200 Children in Cages, With “Jail-Like Stations Unfit to House Minors”
      Published March 15, 2021 at 4:52pm

    1. He’s had so much plastic surgery or Botox! You think he’s aging naturally? As soon as he made it big, he got his teeth done and dumped his wife for a younger woman. And he uses aversive methods on the dogs too.

    1. Democrats and incompetent Biden open border policy will flood the country with illegals and taxpayers will be picking up the tab $$$$ not to mention all the diseases to bring it in the country.

    1. @Thomas Tucker Quiz of the day:
      What is the word “ illegitimate “ reminds you of ?!

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe – Please try that again with proper grammar and syntax. I have no idea what you are trying to say. You are not skilled in English well enough to communicate your ideas. Nice try though.

    3. @Thomas Tucker I thought liberals are tolerant to immigrants?
      You are racist

    1. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין

      yeah… but what happens when you search google for

      pfizer criminal history

    2. @Conservative Prodigy they can’t get welfare. Wall Street and big banks steal more than we could give them. Get educated

    3. @Blanket Williams Wow. Someone who says that shouldn’t be offering advice to get “educated”

  1. Yah we really gotta stop assuming we can just touch/pet stranger dogs as if we are owed the attention. I want social distancing to end but I don’t want the right lessons to be forgotten.

    1. @ patty ayers ok maybe I’m a little more paranoid than most, that’s fine, it’s probably cause I’m reading cujo now too at the time I made this comment, which is about a rabid dog.

  2. I had a dog his name is Pooh Bear he was pass away. I learned a lot from Ceaser Miller and still watching him he is the best best trainer person and great personality .

    1. Seriously, you can’t write in English better than that? Who is “Ceaser Miller” for God’s sake? And “He was pass away”?? Really??

  3. Poor Major!! Rescue dogs have a hard time adjusting. Imagine going to live in a place with a zillion people around you.

    1. @Patty J. Ayers
      Well I’m not the dirtbag that used a rescue dog as a prop to get elected. Joe Potato is.
      #fakepotus #potatojoe

    2. ANY dog can have a hard time with adjustments. Some breeds are more tolerant than others, but also, breeding quality and reputable breeders who work hard to set up their pups for success can also help produce more stable dogs. But regardless, a dog can still have trouble with readjustment. Depends also on if the dog was provided structure or not, how they are introduced, if the dog was coddled too much or not, etc.

      But bottom line, as Caesar says, it has NOTHING to do with whether the dog is a “rescue” or not. Another point I agree with, as I somewhat already explained, is people need to be taught, as well. Most people don’t know how to properly change routine with their dogs.

    3. @Lilia
      I agree with what you said, but I also find it despicable that Joe’s handlers would set him up with a rescue dog to use as a prop to get elected.
      You know Old Joe has next to no interaction with the dog, heck he broke his own foot the one time (We know of) that he played with him.
      Sad really.

    1. And compliance… that’s what Bill Gates and dr. Fauci think of the little people… The Masks will never come off new vaccines will continue because another strand of covid-19 is just around the corner

  4. This guy has always been smart when it comes to all things dogs. When I first heard about Major biting My first thought was what did the guy do that triggered the dog, It sounds more like he just grabbed him with his mouth more like a gentle warning he was making the dog feel his PACK or his TURF was under threat. Or he was just playing, I have had German Shephards before and they are by nature very protective this is a trait they were bred for so they would protect their flocks ( they are sheep dogs after all) and they can grab you to get your attention or to say they want to play also. I currently have 2 dogs both of the older kind 8 and 12 one is pure husky and one is a husky/malamute cross both are rescues and the cross is more like a typical malamute in that he is very grabbie and playful and when the 2 of them play it often appears to people they are really fighting but as i always say to people the difference with these breeds between play and real fighting is simple when they play there is no blood and when they fight there is a lot of blood but in all other respects the play is same as a fight as it is their nature to always try to be the leader of the pack and mostly it is decided by play and not real fighting. I never thought major had been in the wrong just that he had reacted to something new or strange to him and his way to react was to become protective or was trying tom tell the security guy to back off as he is there as protection for the family.

  5. I spend the while year with my dogs now that I’m slowly returning to my daily routine I can see that my dogs are getting anxiety.

    1. To be honest he failed on cartman he’s still a trouble maker eps the lasted south park episode lol

    2. One of my favorite South Park episodes. And one of the few that the star actually voiced his own lines.

  6. Especially a bite that doesn’t break the skin. I learned a lot with living with dogs my whole life. One thing I’ve seen is that there are 2 types of bites. A dog knows it’s got enough strength to rip you apart. A bite sometimes is just a level 10 response to: don’t touch me. Plus he’s a rescue

    1. part of the requisites for our advancing spiritually, and even on an evolutionary level,
      would be universal education on the wisdom we currently possess about the nature of the sentient coinhabitants of this planet,
      and the etiquette necessary to properly respect, honor and authentically interact with other living, thinking, feeling creatures.

  7. Cesar Milan has saved my life. He taught me so much about being a pack leader for my dog and in my life as a leader.

  8. When we were growing up, the warning about the neighborhood German Shepard, “King is loose!!!!”

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