1. ​@🌿POPULATION-_-420☁ ​ So you support Biden leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan while the entire military leaves, making those Americans fend for themselves? Talk about stupid…

  1. Biden assures Everyone that while the Taliban now has American Tanks, Rocket Launchers, and Machine Guns, they haven’t gotten any AR-15s.

    1. @sencerr226 Yea, get over it people. You’re suppose to forget the idiotic things I do. How dare you remember past 4 days!! “Joe Biden”

    2. @William Mudloff perhaps but Hoe Biden left the equipment behind. Equipment you and I paid for.

      Way to go Creepy Joe!

    1. @James Irwin Dont even talk about giving him a break. Remember the 4 straight years before this? Nonstop BS, now it’s your turn to endure it. Wake up

    2. @Truth91 and yet still the Taliban take over didn’t happen on Trump’s watch it happened on JB’s watch.

    1. @Gio & Hayden Podcast reported for spamming, keep seeing this comment with ‘biden’ or ‘trump’ saying the n word.

    2. Just watching his WH statement. The guy is the biggest liar of all time and his bumbling makes him difficult to understand. Just claimed there has been ZERO criticism from world leaders about his handling of Afghanistan. Guess he somehow missed the UK criticism from yesterday that went viral and has been on every news station around the world. Pitiful.

    3. @Skedaddle Both France and the UK have gone into Kabul to get their people. Dementia has ordered the troops at the airport to stay put. The guy has made the US look deplorable to the rest of the world.

    4. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani Talk about people have no idea what they are talking about……..Jesus. Ya lets bargain with the Taliban, great idea.

    1. @Truth91 I was under the understanding that Biden Assumed office January 20, 2021.. Whereby he can make/change/renegotiate any deal by any previous administration.. As many administration have done before him.. Biden withdrew the troops before the 9/11 anniversary for ‘Optic” pure & simple

    1. @James Irwin you have to be a special kind of stupid to defend biden.
      Gas prices
      Gave in to teachers unions and not the science as far as school closings
      Don’t take questions from media.
      Allowed germany to buy gas and oil from Russia besides usa
      Allows thousands of covid 19 infected people in at our southern border.
      And now left us a laughingstock for the way we left Afghanistan.
      You don’t think putin and Jing are laughing at him .
      And thier is so much more and the dope has only been in office for 7 months

    1. @VAMPIRIC ODST Biden also gave the Taliban a country.. we been fighting for 20 yrs how come we didn’t fight back? Biden made our country a joke now seriously the whole world is laughing at us. What embarrassment time for being a American.

    2. C’mon Jack! That was 4 days ago, 5 days ago. Can I just get my damn ice cream now? I deflected already by announcing covid booster shots and didn’t answer one question from the press. I done good

    1. @William Stall Bring troops jome? Marines fled Bagram Base in so panic nobody seen that before. It put in danger all American allies not to mention Afghan civilians.

  2. The illusion that George Stephanopoulos and the leftist MSM created during the campaign that Biden was competent enough to be president is evaporating before our eyes. I would like to see Mark Levin interview George about his role in deceiving the American voter and the impact that is having on our country.

    1. @John Rosenberg I hadn’t even read your work, but it’s the standard partisan drivel. You think poor little Trump was a victim of the big media bullies? lol. That’s kind of cute.

      The media can be anti trump AND right wing. Ask me how 🙂

    2. @Eat Shnitzel nah I don’t drink or do drugs maybe I’ll start just for you! Hey man this is all for fun your my American brother! It’s great we have this freedom to go back and forth like this! That I think we can both agree on!

    3. @John Rosenberg Did you ever hear the quote from Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS at the time, when he said Trump was good for CBS?

      The media loved Trump. They STILL love him. He makes them a TON of money. And isn’t that what corporations care about most? Profits?

    4. @John Rosenberg Sure, but in France, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Australia…they have the freedom to debate AND they have healthcare, affordable access to education, and benefits the American working poor could only DREAM of.

      Have a fun day my friend!

    5. @Eat Shnitzel yea I’ve heard that. Don’t you think they have An ethical responsibility to give us the facts? They reported that trump ate McDonald’s but it took this Afghan Disaster for them to report something negative about Biden .. I don’t care which side is right or wrong I just want facts so I can form my own opinions. Do you watch breaking points with Krystal and Sager best place to get the actual news.

    1. @Brandon Smith maybe you missed impeachment #1? Hold up tho, there was even a second one. But it was basically BBs off a battleship. Even after they spent 50million plus they found NOTHING. and trump was feared on the world stage. Remember when he made Kim jong UN shake moon JAE ins hand? I’d like to see Biden get that done.

    1. @Truth91 wrong. Obama and Biden let the guy out of git gitmo and is now the top guy of the Taliban.

    2. @William Johnson nope he was released by Trump you lying fool. Obama released 5, Trump released 5000,including the current leader. Get it straight cretin.

    3. @Joshua Crawford No this is one is all on Biden. Wanting to withdraw and actually withdrawing are 2 different things. Trump pulling troops from Afghanistan was CONTINGENT on certain conditions the Taliban had to meet. In a recent interview according to Mike Pompeo. The Taliban was nowhere near those conditions, the Trump administration would have never pulled out. Trump was also planning on reigning down hard on the Taliban if they broke those conditions as well.

      In fact, both Trump and Obama campaigned on withdrawing and realized they couldn’t. Obama withdrew the majority of the troops and started a program to train the Afghan soldiers, we saw a significant reduction in American casualties and a very long stalemate. Trump continued with the program he wanted to withdraw and his intelligence told him the SAME THING Biden was told. I actually just watch the press release with Trump saying if he pulled out chaos would ensue and it would be very bad.

      2 Presidents, completely different ways of governing, 2 parties, agreed that they could not pull troops out, and here comes Biden, with no plan, suddenly pulling out the military presence, not securing the airports and routes to the airport, not pulling non-combatant personnel FIRST. Did you know the Afghan army was on Skype calls, using their laptops to troubleshoot problems with military vehicles and crafts? The Biden administration pulled out all the contractors that operated those things.

      Trump is NOT the president, Biden has disregarded just about every deal and agreement Trump had in place. So why is Biden’s decision to suddenly removed U.S. troops from Afghanistan just him trying to follow up on a Trump deal?

      That’s absurd!

      This administration campaigned on reversing Trump. “Build back better”, “Going back to normal”

      The media is claiming Biden was just following through on Trump’s deal, which is clearly not true if you think about it. Biden’s undone and canceled most of the deals “cleaning up Trump’s mess”.

      Here’s what happened, they knew chaos would ensue and they figured if it did happen they could just blame Trump and the media would follow along…

      Here is a list of excuses used by Biden
      1.) Trump – which wasn’t enough,
      2.) Afghan Army – They ran off, they wanted American soldiers to fight for them. Despite the Afghan soldiers having more deaths in one year than American troops have had in 20 years.
      3.) The intelligence was wrong
      4.) We need to fight the “Taliban in America” aka Trump supporters.
      5.) It is too expensive – This was the most ridiculous one, Biden doesn’t care about U.S. spending

      It’s true that a lot of Americans wanted our troops out on both sides of the political specturm. But NO ONE wanted this. As long as we the people continue to allow old Joe to use Trump as a scapegoat for his bad decisions we are going to see worst than this.

  3. Look how softly they criticise him. They call everything “just interesting.” They act like people’s lives aren’t on the line here.

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani I highly doubts the TALIBAN will “cooperate” with is to keep people save. Are you.. ok? It’s the taliban. Now that our troops have been taken out of Afghanistan early, the taliban have practically overtaken Afghanistan and there is no more hope unless American troops go back to stop it before the taliban eventually make there way to the United States.

    1. US soldiers have fought and died for almost 20 years trying to ensure peace from terrorists in Afghanistan, yet in a few months Biden has allowed the Taliban to sexually assault young girls, to behead Afghans who helped Americans, to trap thousands of Americans still inside the country, and allow the country to be taken over by murderers

  4. Fun fact: if this wasTrump, talking incoherent and stammering that he “doesn’t recall”, there’d be an impeachment committee already formed and round the clock 25th amendment talk from CNN.

    1. @Lest Surinak That’s your opinion, so fine. I’m not going to get into a debate about that: In my original comment I wasn’t talking about Trump or Biden. I was commenting about news networks.

    2. @Black Claws Despite his ranting, this country was in a lot better shape than it is right now. Biden has all the symptoms of early dementia. He is NOT fit to be President.

    3. @James Irwin The only person that was murdered that day was Ashli Babbitt. The others died of suicide or natural causes. Quit spreading false information.

    1. And this is why you don’t take world building advice from women LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      I had to. “Come on man!” – Joe Biden xD

  5. “Not that I recall” I don’t think Bden can recall what happened in the last hour, let alone last day. What a colossal disaster, likely to go down as one of the worst in US history. This could’ve been handled in so many different ways over 7 months.

    1. @S D
      Very reminiscent to the former, I have the best memory of everyone.

      -45 =. Taking his deposition! “ I don’t recall”

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