Chaos At Georgia Polling Sites Prompts Many To Turn Away | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. That sounds like a huge set up for failure. This happened on purpose to sabotage the movement!

  2. When the shock of my whole life happened, I sat motionless a long time. Then I started working to understand what was going on. I know now. trump took over the country with a criminal cabal. Michael Moore said that was the last election. No one thought much of that, but he told the truth. Election interference in every form at every level. No Republicans, No Democrats, just paid flunkies of the rich and big business.

    1. Both Republicans and Democrats, especially Republicans in states where they have a clear majority in the state governments. But certainly benefitting the corrupt corporate class.

  3. Seems the US is becoming one of this countries that needs a lot of OSCE an UN election observers to ensure a clean election. Just like in some of this sh*t hole countries as the the Donald likes to to call them. Whats happening? Whats next? Is one ” very stable genius” enough to bring down the greatest country in the World? Time to wake up and take action, as long as it is peacfull.

    1. Trump was ordered by Putin to make the U.S. into a shithole country. Teathuglicans have been working towards this for decades.

    2. If the u.n. comes on our American soil they will leave in body bags. We the people the malita will destroy the u.n.

  4. To quote RBG “Throwing out the Voting Rights act….is like throwing away your umbrella in a rain storm because you are not getting wet.

    1. The Catholic prudes sitting on the Supreme Court bench didn’t think the South still needed watching. So much of guys with law degrees knowing a scintilla about what is best for the people of the US.

    1. @Ching Chingy Hard to do it they refuse to do mail in or you just happen to not get your ballet.

  5. In all honesty I would call in the UN to ensure fair elections as they do in other 3rd world country. And no that’s not a mistake the US is a (rich for a very few ) 3rd world country.

  6. I really dont think this was a accident…they’re still treating all like idots. Owe a dollar and see how well greased that machine will be and are! The system is dead.

  7. I’m sure if the situation was reversed Republicans would be up in arms and possibly all for the mail in votes.

    1. The Ugly America you never knew was always there underneath that polished floorboard for centuries.

      Now they aren’t even bothered to sweep their skeletons under a carpet, and everyone is falling through that floorboard that’s been rotting from the foundation outwards.

      Their “what crack” argument has now left the whole building in freefall, you are seeing the aftermath in motion.

    2. Hahaha…are you blind? Where do you live…..the moon? You have never seen the Republicans working so hard for Putin?

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