Chaos at Hospitals Across Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - July 1 2021 1

Chaos at Hospitals Across Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – July 1 2021


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    1. Because noone thinks it could happen nor do they want to prepare on top of just surviving so many….
      I prepare food now. Plan and be safe. Wait not so good. Stay safe with storms this year.
      Safe from covid. Dont let your guard down

    2. @Ruby Limey jamaica did try. Must do so again and again.
      We must do protocals
      Or openings will be looked for at hospitals
      3% vax rate not so good

  1. I dnt blame them one bit. This prime minister and cronies have no shame. It’s a shame people will suffer but the Drs and other workers have to take a stand. They have families to feed.

  2. OMG what a shame. Why the Drs wouldn’t be paid especially in this pandemic? Prime Minister and Health Ministers do you care about the Jamaican people? It doesn’t seems so. This should not have happened in the first place where the Drs were not paid. The Doctors are tired too so people go and pray to God for healing. Lord have mercy sorry to hear this…feel it for the older people

  3. But look at this nonsense! This government needs to be booted, how can you have so many Cuban doctors working in the hospitals and health centres and have your OWN born and bred out in the cold!? What madness is this!? Do you think the leader of any other country would keep imported workers and force out their own!? This is unacceptable!!

    1. Yes other countries does that because the so call prime ministers are crime ministers

    2. All of them are the same thing need a new breed scrap all of them & get brand new all of them once in forget what they promised they ALL have amnesia smh…

  4. Relax covid restrictions and not renew the contract of over 140 plus doctors in the middle of a pandemic… Only Jamaican government smh. How do they make these decisions?

  5. The government need to take a pay cut. They are rich already. JPS and other tax not going to cease there light or property because they are who they are.

    1. Oh its coming and we fools . Took just a few weeks delta in every state.
      Has jamaica discovered immunity to it?

    2. Junior doctors have bills like every body else and they eat and drink too it is not penny to do medicine. Sorry for the elderly thats reason why they have to leave us and go other places


  7. What is happening? Senior Doctors don’t work in the hospitals anymore?
    Or they only visit and collect millions each year. A hospital core team of Doctors should not be placed on Junior Doctors. That explains the multiple errors and wrong diagnosis etc. that occurs in the public hospitals. The junior doctors should be paid on time like every politicians in Jamaica. At least they are making an effort with little resources.

    1. My uncle was operated on by a junior Doc a few years ago and was messed up big time. Had to wear a bag at his side until he passed. So sad

  8. So 2 Consultants will manage all those patients? What a joke. No knowledge of what is needed for adequate health care. For the doctors to do this, they are at their wits end. They carry the burden of care for the nation, even moreso it seems than the politicians themselves. They aren’t usually fickle in their decisions.

  9. Shame on th govt, poor people suffering again while politicians r running their mouth as usual, what a miserable place. People wear ur masks.

    1. Heartbreaking! Father God i know these doctors have to be paid but money is not all…people are dying!..praying they will be able to negotiate a deal very soon. Intervene soon father

  10. It seems that the junior doctors were always on sick out. What is seen here is a common occurrence. This is not new.

  11. And they wonder why the brain drain continues. My cousin was a doctor in Jamaica and found greener pastures in the US.

  12. Problems are way of life
    God and good luck are one and the same.
    The great tribulation has began and people don’t even realize it what’s happening

  13. No installments.!’they want ALL their money now!! I am quite sure that the members of parliament don’t get paid in installments!!

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