Chaos at the airport as Afghans try to flee the Taliban 1

Chaos at the airport as Afghans try to flee the Taliban


Warning: This video contains disturbing images. Video shows people clinging to the fuselage of a US military aircraft as it taxied at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. CNN has reached out to the US military for comment.

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  1. Seen only in memes and movies people sitting on top of the plane and now it has become in real in Kabul and no people of any country should suffer like this, very sad moment .

    1. @Gary Marlar You decide how everyone feels else they go to Gulag? That is so communist of you. My land of the free has persons living in it. Not one singular brainwashed mass of people all thinking the same out of fear and oppression. Sorry if my red, white and blue triggers you into salty communist keyboard warrior all caps ramming.

    2. @Gary Marlar Your interests in starting another civil war and advancing a coup to take control of the government is disturbing.

    3. @Mike Texas I am particularly worried about LGBT people and women. Gay men will be murdered en masse by what will be a legitimate authority. What do they call that again? Systematic murder? Genocide? Oh… there isn’t a word for it yet… Pogrom? No… how about ‘ERGICIDE’ ? I think that’s a good term, which would mean the same as murder of non-heterosexual people. I picked that because the term ‘Ergi’ is perhaps one of the best examples of homophobia from history, which is also a word full of tensions and contradictions apropos of the colloquial developments that came after.

    4. Suffering with smiles and waves for the cameras. Its amazing how different these refugees are from the ones who fled isis in iraq and syria

    1. This what America gets for choosing dumb and stupid people to govern them – Biden, Kamala, Pelosi and CNN.

    2. Suffering with smiles and waves for the cameras. Its amazing how different these refugees are from the ones who fled isis in iraq and syria…

    1. @EL Plagua well if you read a history book, go to the mid 70s when every soldier was evacuated out of vietnam, and then look at afghanistan immediately after. then come back to this page and tell me it was different. if you say it was, you’ll be lying just like joe was in his speech yesterday.

    2. @Tanner Bradley wtf even talking about dummy? Where did you see me say that lol? I was clearly making fun of the guy who said it’s all the left’s fault we left vietnam and Afghanistan the same way….again, idk wtf you’re on about buddy

    3. @EL Plagua well i replied to it while i was scrolling down and that was before i realized y’all could have written a damn book with how much arguing is in here

    1. @my pronoun is Master Look politicians are not to interject their religious beliefs into governing. Not in our country. Christians pass judgement on people who do not agree with them. Your last paragraph just confirms what I have been stating. Did you read what I typed. Separation of church and state. I’ve known the most hypocritical Christians all my life. I was raised Catholic. And enforcing Catholic faith as the one and only true faith is what a Catholic does. Are you Catholic. Do you want a Catholic president enforcing their faith on you. J.F.K. didn’t and neither does Biden. Trump on the other hand manipulated Christians. And exploited it. Couldn’t even hold a bible right side up. And Christians find him to be the chosen one. And my Catholic family adores him. They would wash his feet. And that makes my stomach churn.

    2. @my pronoun is Master Besides did I call you an idiot. If your anger is getting the best of you perhaps you quit responding and take a deep breath.

    3. @my pronoun is Master Common sense should tell you that your personal belief should not be imposed on other people in our country. Other countries can get away with it. It goes against our constitution. And the people responsible for that are the so called Christians. Christianity is not oppressed. It is the dominant religion around the world. Which are nation wants to impose on other nations. Don’t we have missionaries in every country. Not only do we force Christianity on our own we do it everywhere. Do you think Jesus would approve of this tactic. Did he force people too believe he is the son of God.

    4. @my pronoun is Master My comments are directed toward you. Sorry Master. My beef is with Brian. Good-Day Brian. Have a nice life.

  2. Biden’s finest hour – blame everyone else for what you are responsible for. including his 8 years with Obama

    1. @Ken Trump lowered the military presence to 2500, originally at 4k. It’s not that they feared him, Trump released 5k prisoners including their currently leader. Crazy I thought US does not negotiate with Terrorist but your Orange Clown wanted to invite them to Camp David what a great idea until he realized how stupid it was and canceled. Plus hes bragging he made it extremely difficult for Biden to stop the process. Crazy if Trump was all for stopping it why didnt he do it when he was president yea he didnt want the blowback. You make it seem if we left on May 1st like Trump negotiated, the Taliban wouldn’t have taken over once we left. Keep praising the president who negotiates with terrorists.

    2. @Halutena Exactly what we did when we drew down from Iraq – there’s countless examples, how many draw-downs the British had post Empire? There are countless examples of how you do it properly.

      If you think this requires some kind of ‘magic’ to happen you’re a fool. Just look at history, you think it’s the first time Western nations have left Afghanistan?

      This wasn’t even a ‘challenge’, it’s a straight forward project that the BIden administration completely screwed up. Stop trying to defend the indefensible you imbecile.

    1. @Chris Schaller ya, kind of disgusting, a withdrawal from Afghanistan was started by Pres Trump. Biden nor the Joint Chiefs, CIA nor even a human rights group , heck Oprah never said a word .

    2. Suffering with smiles and waves for the cameras. Its amazing how different these refugees are from the ones who fled isis in iraq and syria and oops where are all the women and children iraq and syria had women and children.

    1. For all the idiots, it is trumps claimed by trumo himself. He said a month ago that we are withdrawing from Afghanistan and there is no way biden can stop it. He negotiated the withdrawal, he pulled troops from 15k to 2k and lower. He released thousands of taliban troops. Biden is simply, in trumps very own words, continueing what he started. So what is trump finally a liar?

    2. @ivan tavarez he planned to invite the taliban to camp david on 9/11 lmao he got too much criticism though and canceled that

    3. @Umberto Calvini “Taliban force of approximately 75,000 fighters is no match for the 300,000 Afghan security forces”. “We planned for every contingency”. This is either a political game or they are completely ignorant. Trump and most people who deployed to Afghanistan knew there was no good way out of there without negotiating with the Taliban. But The Democrats and some Republicans bashed Trump for wanting to negotiate with the Taliban. Now we have absolute chaos and this administration is to blame.

    1. @Lady Scarface well in 2001 did you suggest doing exactly what biden just did? running away on a GLOBAL stage, where every other country (superpowers like china and russia) got to see us weak. kamala is not doing a good job
      running things, we all know joe is just a puppet

    2. You’ve got to be kidding me you don’t think this is real do you? Go to 2 minutes 13 seconds and tell me how you got a crowd of people walking behind an aircraft with some of the loudest engines in the world and it minimum putting out four tons of thrust at idle not to mention the hot gases that seem to have no effect on the people behind the plane… This is 100% staged

    3. @Marco Alvarez no blame Trump. He made the deal with Taliban without enforcing it back in July 2020.

    4. these ppl are the ones who were the government’s little dogs, who would tell on ppl for the government to accuse for a few bucks, if you have done nothing wrong, you wouldn’t freak out like this.

  3. I was wondering how long it was going to take to start the stigma against ol’ Joe. Kamala will be inserted soon enough. Just as all those patriots have been saying.

    1. 100% Fake news.
      They are not fleeing. They are trying to get American green card with this pretext. I also want.

    2. @Andrew Herrera yeah Biden is just a fool. Trump would have pulled our troops out but he would’ve ensured the safety of the civilians.

    3. when his actions stranded hundreds of US media representatives and thousands of US contractors that serve them, the media seems to take action.

    4. @Blazing Soul but Trump didn’t. I fully agree with you that there was no winning it, but the evacuation effort had no plan. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

  4. Kanala just had a press conference.
    Jim acosta: Vice president, what is our next move in Afghanistan?

    1. If you ask Biden or Kamala any tough questions besides what’s there favorite ice cream… Your a racist. Soon it will be there a he/she racist or if they don’t identify as a racist then it’s ok to call them a Nazi

  5. I guess Vote Blue No Matter Who really does matter…..Great job Joe. You had 8 months to evacuate and this is the best you came up with?

    1. These people didn’t need to be evacuated 8 months ago, they were free to leave since July 2020 when Trump made the deal with Taliban.

  6. Your “journalists” need to come back stateside and film the crisis at our own border. Was this a “mostly peaceful” terrorist takeover?

  7. I guess we all have to watch “He is just not into you” to understand why the trillions of dollars still can’t win their hearts.

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