Chaos between Police & Citizens in Portland, Jamaica - May 14 2021 1

Chaos between Police & Citizens in Portland, Jamaica – May 14 2021


Chaos erupted on Folly Road in Portland, Jamaica yesterday following an altercation between a group of police officers and a civilian. Th incident which was caught on video has stirred anger among some residents in the community and wants the Prime Minister's intervention.

0:00 – Introduction
6:44 – Manchester, Jamaica Continues to See Crime Reduction
13:28 – Jamaicans in St. James Lack Water to Keep Clean During Pandemic
18:01 – Jamaican Farmer Found Dead in Kitson, St. Catherine

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    1. @Angela b Johnson basically saying: “we’re in serious times in life due to coronavirus; peoples daily lives are affected by coronavirus”

  1. You going to hear stephanie linsday claim that it was the man fault and is him assault them

    1. Yes true….. but one of the resident claimed that the police were attacking di youth, I’m still really angry about the police

  2. It very serious but it’s always something to cool it down it’s a coronius time

    1. The reporter wearing a calabar high tie lol he is supporting his school in Champs love it good look

  3. WIHCON company, thank you for acknowledging the housing crisis in Jamaica it’s truly heartbreaking, and thank you for seeking solutions we desperately need this for our ppl. It’s not talked about often enough but it should just like crime. May God bless y’all.

  4. Coronius…!!!!… GOD know mi love Jamaican people…but mi nar live deh..what a commotion.

  5. “inna dis yah CORONIOUS TIME like now” new word fi di dictionary” CORONIOS” sound similar to LA LEWIS “SOBOLIUS”

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