Chaos in Downtown Kingston Jamaica, 5 Dead | TVJ Midday News - Sept 10 2021 1

Chaos in Downtown Kingston Jamaica, 5 Dead | TVJ Midday News – Sept 10 2021


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  1. Mayhem, chaos, wickedness, anarchy! & to boot by the way a deadly pandemic! What will become Jamaica land I love.

    1. Lies ZOSO n the death private squads in the JCF n JDF😉🤫 but when they do the Human Rights Watchmen sounds the alarms.

  2. My lord have mercy on us all, an the people walking about, crime and violence need the same attention as that virus.

    1. Molly Boo: It’s easier to deal with the virus that the gangs.. vaccinations, mask social distances and proper hygiene… Criminality is a mindset and personal choice among the gangs…

    1. Both of them need to be addressed 1693 in two years and we lost that most years to crime. Which is the bigger epidemic?.

  3. Not even surprised to be honest. Things gonna get worse. Culture of extreme aggression and violence is prevalent in these areas.

    1. GYALIS: 🤣🤣🤣, really.. how would you get them to cooperate..Them and their supporters have the loudest voice 😱😱😱

  4. Dnt see anyone from the andrew noseness lead government going around in the Ghetto asking people to give up their guns. Just take the vaccine that’s all they care about. We need an emergency election called.

    1. Who would lead the country if a election is called, none of these politicians are capable. The dons would do a better job kmt

    2. So only politicians and dons live in Jamaica? What about chief Curry? Whether pnp r jlp I dnt like politicians. But the country do need new leadership.

    3. Socialist? U must b brain dead. I was born and raised in rose town. Super stronghold for jlp. But I’ve never voted. I bun politics its people like u why Jamaica will continue to suffer because all u do is play politics. R u just super dunce to realize the direction Jamaica heading.

  5. Father in the matchless name of Jesus I call on you Lord. Please forgive and wash Jamaica with your precious blood, save oh God from the evil one, and help Jamaica to turn to you in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. I pray for God to intervene as its so hard to live in this time with all thos crime and violence and the covid….

  6. The land is cursed from the actions of our leaders. Who is giving these people all these guns unless it is done deliberately for them to kill off each other.


  8. I was downtown this morning in flow on king street when a customer got a phone call telling her that 3 man died…so far and the place was just very tense

  9. Why are they pushing Johnson and Johnson on the Jamaican People didn’t they say this is the one that caused blood clot

  10. That is wonderful the SDA has stepped up n make themselves very useful. No man is an island we have to do even a little to help the chaotic situation at hand. Everyone can do something of kindness.

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