Charges Against Derek Chauvin Elevated To 2nd Degree Murder | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Charges Against Derek Chauvin Elevated To 2nd Degree Murder | Deadline | MSNBC


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announces elevated charges against officer Derek Chauvin and charges against the 3 other officers involved in the death of George Floyd. Aired on 6/3/2020.
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Charges Against Derek Chauvin Elevated To 2nd Degree Murder | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. You don’t need to be a cop to understand that to protect another human is your number one job.

    1. @It’s Okay To Be White The man was on his stomach handcuffed behind his back when he perished, he was in no position to fight whatsoever.

    2. @It’s Okay To Be White Not to mention the fact that at no time did this man become violent, watch the whole video.

    3. that guy arrested doesnt looks like derek in the video? different shape head, different hairlines, smaller nose, etc. but overall they obvi seem similar until you compare. also the footage was prob conveniently burned with the precinct

  2. It took an entire nation to make these murderers accountable.
    If I and three other people stopped someone on the street, choked him out in broad daylight, while people were filming, we would have been arrested on the spot. But I guess the badge gets you a free pass.

    1. Actually the entire world was protesting !every decent soul on this planet is horrified by the act itself AND the hesitancy to charge them. I have never seen anything more disturbing than that video.

    2. Exactly! You would get to go home take a shower call an attorney make arrangements for bail. All 4 should of been arrested on the spot.


  3. I thought they were being elevated to 1st Degree Murder charges. All 4 of them need to be on 1st Degree Murder charges. It was all very clear to them what was happening. George was telling them he couldn’t breath. Yet for minutes longer Chauvin kept his knee pressed firmly down on his windpipe while others stood and watched knowing what was going on too till they extinguished the final air left in his body and oxygen his brain need to survive on probably.

    1. I understand why you would want 1st degree murder charges, because it carries a longer prison sentence. But that’s not how it works. There are different degrees because there are different circumstances that go along with the murder that person committed. In order for it to 1st degree murder, it has to be premeditated, it had to be planned before hand. The crooked cop didnt plan the murder of Mr. Floyed the day before or weeks or months before. Therefore, 1st degree murder doesnt apply. We need to make sure that hes charged correctly so that it sticks during Trial and he doesn’t get to walk away because the Jurors didnt believe it was a 1st degree murder. That is how Zimmerman walked free, the jurors did not agree. And so he is free in this world after he committed a murder.

    2. In most states, first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or “lying in wait” for the victim. For example, Dan comes home to find his wife in bed with Victor. Three days later, Dan waits behind a tree near Victor’s front door. When Victor comes out of his house, Dan shoots and kills him.

    3. Sad reality is there is a higher chance of conviction with 2nd or 3rd degree than a 1st. He is gonna be killed in prison anyway

    4. 3 of the 4 policemen were on George Floyd’s body:
      Dereck Chauvin put pressure on his neck, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Kiernan Lane pressed George’s back and legs with their body weight. While, Tou Thao threatened passers-by who were filming and asking to lift Chauvin’s knee from George’s neck.

      In fact, in the full video there are two key moments that show that all the agents are responsible for the murder, one in which George in agony begs Chauvin to be allowed to sit in the police car and tries to get up but the pressure exerted by the others 2 agents prevent him, not visible in the video because the agents are covered by the police vehicle, so Chauvin continues to press the knee on the neck. In the other George Floyd, after repeatedly telling Chauvin that he cannot breathe, he also expresses pain in his back and knees (pain naturally caused by the pressure exerted by J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Kiernan Lane).

  4. Australian reporters attacked by police for trying to report the truth… Yes we are watching….

    1. I’m so sorry. Please learn how these cases and reform will occur. Keep your cams and the news station phone numbers in your phone.

    2. @Shonufff88 Your right!!! An armed force with a club attempted to hit the journalist from behind while she walking away with the newly hit cameraman.
      Incredible, not only do they use brutal force against peaceful demonstrators and journalists authorized to shoot, but they also have the audacity to try and hit you while you are giving them your back on live.

  5. The most important thing we can do is demand accountability financial responsibility on a single officer basis, there should be systems in place that focuses the financial burden upon an abusing officer not a tax payer funded freebee! Criminal charges should be instituted based on criminality a thing of which is a cop function on a daily basis throughout the nation.

    1. I agree his wife is divorcing him and it has to be so she can hide assets, when the victim family sues them after the conviction

  6. Reality TV trying and.failing to play presidential role while emoting dictatorial tendencies while wearing lifts, corsets, diapers, opossum head piece, orange make up , sniffing something , constantly flubbing his lines, doing body poses of really despicable and dead dictators being the male version of the really really dumb blond.casting couch victim and preoccupied with ratings for this has been hystrionic diva whose poorly performing show needed to be cancelled long ago but fox just won’t pull the plug.

  7. Conviction or who cares remember rodney king they had a trial. Also how about you guys put out videos of the police attacking ppl on provoked. There is too much footage.
    I would like to ask the people in charge when you see the cops beating someone in front of you are you just suppose to walk away. Also i wouldnt if all these charges are going to stick I’ve seen many videos of ppl doing nothing getting arrested I wonder what they are charged with. Also I’ve seen cops run into a crowd thinking they grabbed the person that was running but was someone just standing there.

  8. They better not get bail or its high enough that they can’t make it so they understand how poor people feel stuck in jail for years without trial!

  9. D. Chauvin is on suicide watch. Make sure he remains alive. His h8ll needs to be on earth.

  10. Hey derek how do you feel now? In jail. No gun. No badge. No. 1% powers behind. They live you. You are liability for them now. MUST BE VERY LONELY

    1. Give him just a small taste of the fear Mr. Floyd experience before his death. Mr. Floyd didn’t have to die that day.

    2. Sylvester, I and others completely understand this pain and anger.
      But think about it, he will be in prison with officers who will watch out for him. Do you honestly think he will be grouped with murdered and eat in the halls when inmate’s want justice?………

    3. @Lea Hodges we don’t know but he doesn’t know that too. ALSO HE IS A SHAME FOR HIS FAMILY

    4. that guy arrested doesnt looks like derek in the video? different shape head, different hairlines, smaller nose, etc. but overall they obvi seem similar until you compare. also the footage was prob conveniently burned with the precinct

    1. I sincerely hoped he was never convicted and some good samaritan caught him out off duty and felt exactly what Floyd did. Sweet Justice

    2. Serves him right..and I hope it serves as a warning to other law enforces that YOU are not the law..#warning

    3. that guy arrested doesnt looks like derek in the video? different shape head, different hairlines, smaller nose, etc. but overall they obvi seem similar until you compare. also the footage was prob conveniently burned with the precinct

  11. WITHOUT video, and OUTRAGE, it’s possible the world NEVER would have known of this. AND so many others.
    We are TIRED.

    1. So please keep cams open, ready when out in public, call attention to by standers, and put your local news reporters PHONE NUMBERS in your phone.

  12. I was in Tacoma Washington when I was 14 years old. I smiled at a very pretty Black lady and she smiled back. Some old ugly Man who was sitting beside me asked me … “Are you N…. lover Boy? It was my first taste of the American way. As a young visitor to the US I had no idea what he meant. I’ll never forget that moment and taught my son to be everything opposite to that pos. I’m 60 years old now and nothing has changed… In fact it’s gotten worse.

    1. I praise you for being a good human being as we all are until us humans can see one another as a human being and as one species and not by color or religion which is caused to divide us. We all can only hope for the best. I experienced my first racial American experience when I was 13 and in middle school . Lets just say it didn’t turn out great for the three American kids that shoved my books from my arm and called me racial slurs in the hall way. It has never happened since once you stand up for yourself. Stay safe during these times and God Bless !

    1. We all know he isn’t happy about it. He doesn’t care , and then towards the end he will praise himself with the development.

    2. That’s because his tweeting finger got “bitten” by the Bible he was holding up in his fake claim to being a God fearing church goer.

  13. Hope my brother “inside” will keep him and his 3 buddies entertain day and night so they won’t be lonely.

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