Charges Against Trump Org Are Serious. But Are They Serious Enough? 1

Charges Against Trump Org Are Serious. But Are They Serious Enough?


Ayman discusses charges against the Trump Org.
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  1. Well, it is only good for the unity of a society as a whole that this type of entitlement behavior of the privileged “elite” dodging taxes comes under scrutiny.

    1. I think it’s time to go over every wealthy real estate person’s taxes with a fine tooth comb.

    2. @B Bodziak That’s why they need to give him a harsh sentence.

      This is not a “first offense”. This is a “first time caught”. He’s been doing this for *decades*. he’s committed these crimes many many times.

    3. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR ….…so you’re saying that if satan repents…oh, never mind.

      Real America – Dan W/ Sara Gamache (June 30, 2021)
      One America News Network Published July 1, 2021

    1. @blaster 0416 This has nothing to do with Democrats… jesus, there are things in the world that don’t boil down to Democrats vs Republicans. He is a career criminal, and anyone concerned with justice should desire to see him pay for his crimes.

    2. @J. Schultz1982 exactly. But Trump is playing to his base, making it political. He should just say no crimes were committed
      But, he didn’t. He said witch Hunt ect

    3. @Maria Paris Trump is in his element when he can play the martyr as the victim of a “witch hunt.” His base will eat this up.

    1. It’s all political because they know what is coming. They are real criminals and took them a long time to find or make up this one

    2. @Abelis thats not exactly an accurate statement either… it wasnt “individuals” it was former confederate’s who just happened to vote for the majority conservative democratic party of the south. the rest is a true statement however.

    3. @royal cakez Yes, everybody knows that. We’re all aware that, a century and a half ago, the Democratic Party was the party of racism, secession leading to civil war, and Jim Crow. Then, at the time of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s about half a century ago, the most virulent of these people changed their party affiliation and joined the Republican Party, which welcomed them. Same odious people, different color hat.

      Is there any more startling facts you would like to tell us about American history of the 18th to 20th century? Maybe that most of the sainted Founding Fathers were slaveholders? That one of them kept an enslaved woman as a concubine and fathered numerous children upon her and sought to hide those children from history? That many provisions of the sacred and infallible Constitution were written to protect and enshrine slavery in the “land of the free,” just when most other nations with whom the new nation shared the Judeo-Christian faith tradition and the rapidly emerging Enlightenment intellectual tradition were repudiating slavery? We all know that, too.

      How about more current events: the insurrection of January 6, 2021, incited and defended by the Republican Party, for example? Or that the Republican Party has devoted itself to reversing the gains made in expanding access to the legal voting rights of many fine citizens? That the Republican Party is engaged in a concerted effort to destroy the faith of our people in democratic, honest elections that has sustained us for 250 years? That the Republican Party intends to continue to thwart the desires of the vast majority of the United States population and enshrine minority rule until the Union itself is broken? Anything you care to say about that?

      Real America – Dan W/ Sara Gamache (June 30, 2021)
      One America News Network Published July 1, 2021

    1. Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka, Kushner and Melania are silent wonder why? Melania, I’m going to divorce this loser and not money.

    2. No, this is the end. 6 years of obsessively combing the whole planet looking for something… *ANYTHING* they could charge Trump with. And they came up with *NOTHING,* so this is the best you’re going to get… a Trump executive who fudged some numbers on a very small scale.

      How many times do you have to have your dreams of Trump in handcuffs shattered before you’re ready to give up and accept there there’s nothing to charge him with?

    1. @IHC Terra That’s right – and until he’s Donald Drumpf, indicted and convicted co-conspirator, justice has not been served.

  2. So far … by charging the corporation, the players will now start pointing fingers followed by eating each other’s young.

    1. No, they are wonderful honorable people in the Trump organization, they wouldn’t dream of selling each other out.

    1. He’s declared bankruptcy six times lost his casinos and quite a few other businesses including Trump University so yeah right.

    2. @C. M.

      Donald Trump never went bankrupt; 8 of his businesses did. And that’s out of over 1,000, with Trump running over 500 most of the time.

      The man is batting .992 with over 1,000 “at bats.” Not one person in the world of business can touch Trump’s success record.

  3. This is just the first shot in the battle. Better check out real estate in Argentina, Unindicted Co-conspirator 1.

    1. A 3 year investigation and all they can come up with is “unpaid taxes on gifts”!
      What a complete joke the left is!

    2. No, this was the *only* shot that 6 years of obsessively and desperately searching for ANYTHING that could be prosecuted as a crime and after *all that,* THIS is the best they could come up with.

      Remember when Stormy was going to take on Trump and people were talking about INMATE Avenatti running for President against Trump?

      Remember when Mueller wasted 2 years chasing the Russia hoax, only to find some minor crimes committed by people Trump knew?

      Watching you people fantasize about Trump in handcuffs was funny for the first few years. Now it’s just *sad.* I’m nearly at the point where I feel sorry for you pathetic morons.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone The orange clown got elected on Hillary’s emails. I still don’t see charges. never mind jailtime, in her future.

    4. @Helen Smith

      Trump got elected over BLM. Twice. Though, the second time was fudged by ballot harvesting.

    5. @Nameless Progressive Clone Correction, in 2016 he won enough states to get the electoral college win but overall he lost by ~3 million votes. In 2020 he lost by ~7 million votes and lost the electoral college to boot.
      BLM – which one?
      Black lives matter – after the George Floyd murder agent orange tried to clear the streets of the Black lives matter protests/riots.
      Blue lives matter – hmm, 6th January and it’s subsequent downplaying and GoP opposition to any kind of investigation shows that it doesn’t.
      Ballot harvesting – if you have evidence take it to Rudy Guiliani and Co, they need it more than ever to not just prove voter fraud but to try to stop their disbarment for lying in court with baseless claims of voter fraud.

  4. “Smart people don’t pay taxes” – Trump 2016….If you listen to Trump he admits to everyone of his crimes.

    1. @Ima Deplorable Trump has a long history of slimey activities. Biden doesn’t. You had to know it would catch up to him eventually.

    2. @peremptory expression
      He paid taxes in the USA also. If he does business in another country he would pay taxes there also.
      You can be assured if the IRS found problems with his taxes it would have been leaked and would have been a never stop headline.

      Real America – Dan W/ Sara Gamache (June 30, 2021)
      One America News Network Published July 1, 2021

    4. @Nobody Knows
      GOP??? You do realize that the dems are the party of slavery and Jim Crow and fought against integration.
      That biden celebrated senator byrd a grand klegal in the kkk. Also byrd was a democrat. Joe even euligized him at his funeral.

  5. Supposedly this is only “round 1”.
    Once Trump is bankrupt then they’ll drop the real load of bricks. Bye bye Trump.

  6. Yeah baby!!!! It’s about time I hope Trump gets what he and his whole mafia deserves!

  7. Ultimately, the company is not the target.
    Unindicted co-conspirator number one is the real target.
    Always has been.

    1. @Steve Madrid and your side is mobilizing… crazy people. not looking good for you guys.. nukes are no joke huh

    2. @Bidencrimefamily trump did a lot of damage to america and set a precedent of being above the law. trump got rid of so many crucial government orgs (pandemic response team for one) and let other countries push him around. he had 421 million dollar debt to a foreign interest. he has a chinese bank account. you seriously think he is the messiah or even better than biden? ill pray for you

    3. @Steve Madrid That’s fascinating. I want to read about it! Do you have a link?

    4. @dave chongle No problem, Biden has nukes and F15s on standby ready to take care of us Trumper crazies armed with our red hats, American flags and rifles.

    5. @ctixbwi These kind of tax code violations are taken care of by the IRS issuing penalties and interest on a readjusted tax filing not politically driven indictments. I’ll give an example. In 2015 I sold $45,000 of Apple stock realizing a profit, taxable profit, of $38,000. I knowingly, deliberately and with full foreknowledge did NOT claim said income on my 2016 tax filing. It took two years but the IRS, and the state last year, caught my “mistake” and sent me a bill complete with penalties and interest. I had to pay about $5000 which I did. At no time was I indicted and arrested, I have since payed both bills to the IRS and the state, I have clear accounts. If that is the best they have against Trump it will amount to fines, penalties and interest that’s all. No jail time for anyone.

  8. Fyi, the world is watching this indictment as its more entertaining then the Olympic and the Euro Cup. Bring out the popcorn pls…

  9. Note to self: DO NOT brag about not paying taxes on any media because you claim “You’re smart”!

    1. I don’t believe he ever said ‘you’re smart’, but rather in response to a question about the extreme measures, he took to avoid taxes, he replied “That makes me smart.” Quotation marks mean you are repeating what someone said verbatim.

    2. Thing is, the authorities and lending institutions and the IRS have known this long before trump ran for office and bragged about his crimes. NYC runs on white collar crime.

      Real America – Dan W/ Sara Gamache (June 30, 2021)
      One America News Network Published July 1, 2021

    2. @ARLENE WUK are you talking about CNN? Cuz they admitted the anti-,Trump propaganda. See project veritas confessions.

    3. The political weaponization of law enforcement spells the end of western civilization as we’ve known it.

  10. I paid way more taxes than chump or all the actually rich people did. THAT’S the tax fraud.

    1. Yeah, I paid about 33% last year, which I wouldn’t mind IF everyone paid their fair share, and the money was spent wisely instead of being wasted.

  11. In light of these charges, Trump just asked Weaselberg to reimburse him for his “gift” Trump University tuition – where Weaselberg earned his fraudulent “Bookkeeping degree.”

  12. Indicting the company puts additional pressure on everyone involved: loans should be recalled, the company may declare bankruptcy, all their jobs are gone. What’s there to be loyal to?

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