Charges Coming? Legal Woes Worsen For Trump CFO Weisselberg 1

Charges Coming? Legal Woes Worsen For Trump CFO Weisselberg


Trump's longtime business associated Allen Weisselberg is facing growing legal jeopardy as a criminal tax investigation into his finances enters its final stage with charges potentially coming soon according to The New York Times. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Melissa Murray.
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    1. that is how court goes…all depends on how deep they went…and he knows how Trump is with everyone…

    2. Yep Fox News lives on those words. Absolutely no facts to back up anything on Fox Entertainment like you seeing this video. You should use this as an example of what real journalism looks like, with the facts attached to it.

    3. @NiNi J Some of us are actually smart enough to figure out that both sides lie to fit their agenda.

  1. Keep beating that drum. It’s always “soon…it’s coming soon” and never anything else. But you keep mining for those clicks and viewers.

    1. @D B What do you think they are going to find? The IRS knows what’s on the returns. How stupid does the media sheep have to be? I’d be more concerned how your worthless lefty representatives got to be multi millionaires on your tax dollar. You can’t fix stupid.

    2. @Rebel Without A Pause Your perception of working is quite odd. If it was working there would be no doubt…..I’m guessing you didn’t think that one through. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point is it.

    3. @Jerry Ulin – Republicans “got” rich the same way, so what are you trying to say?

      And, since Trump’s taxes have been under audit for over a decade, 2 decades if you count the fines he’s paid. So, now it’s time for that deep forensic audit (you know, the one that DJT says ‘can’t be understood’?).

    4. @Rebel Without A Pause at least us on the right look at reports on both sides while the left only watch this stuff and ignore everything else and attack anyone who dares think differently than your msm overlords tell you how to think.

  2. The never ending trial. Bush Jr didn’t get it this hard and we’re still fighting pointless wars for him. You guys are permenantly deranged.

    1. Bush didn’t hide his tax returns or freak out when he realized he wasn’t being reelected/protected by the executive office anymore, like it appears Trump was doing when it came to lying about the election fraud. Face it, Trump and his co. broke the law here. Proponents for law and order should be thrilled by this. If you don’t like it then you can leave this country.

    2. @D B bush is a war criminal who should be in prison but in America elites don’t go to jail. Get off your high horse. Anyone with a brain knows the law doesn’t apply to people with money and power

    3. The left loves war, its brings them ratings and gives them more power. This is why they praise the warmonger republicans.

    1. @At home in the woods68 because they care more about current relevancy? I hate all of you people so much

    2. @Dalton Lanier what about Hilary’s emails? She had a real server, she deleted actual emails. Versus your made up crimes and conspiracies.

      Not even comparable. Nice attempt to deflect tho, moron.

    3. @Ed Toll go back to your summer of sedition, where the vice president setup bail funds to bail out people after attacking government and federal property.


    1. @D B tax returns? Really? Don’t you think the IRS would have damning evidence by now?
      The lefts response to all things Trump has done more damage to our country than any foreign enemy. Burning down the country to spite efforts to render the Swamp inconsequential thereby strengthening the Swamp is madness.

  3. Oh yeah it’s worked out so well for you all the last two times he’s been “investingated”

  4. How many times now has MSNBC made videos claiming that Trump is in serious legal trouble and nothing has come of it?

    1. If you are a Billionaire, but you owe almost a Billion in loans, are you still considered a Billionaire?

    2. @Eric Echols Sr. I don’t know, if you have a mortgage on your house do you still own your house?

  5. If this was a Clinton issue, Mr Weisselberg wouldn’t have anything to worry about. He very likely would have already been suicided.

  6. “This could get very interesting” says the solid and reliable “journalist” Brian Williams. Yes, I will be certain to stay glued to your “news” program. Waiting with an intense curiosity to see what further non-biased reporting is to follow!

  7. Wasn’t this the guy who claimed he was shot while traveling with troops in a helicopter???

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