1. I would like to know how the RCMP were charged for over use of force. It’s fine to drop the charges. The RCMP needs to be accountable IN PUBLIC. You don’t have to look at this video very long to know that the officer was using excessive force.

    1. @Super Saiyan what’s it feel like being an immigrant? Describe what it feels like, immigrant? Does it hurt inside being an immigrant? Being you, immigrant? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Justin Trudeau ordered this,he showed no respect for the police and he expected to get respect back. He expects a payout from the federal government, plain and simple. First nations need to do a financial audit of all reservations, it’s time to deal with the unfair distribution money.

    1. One of Trudeaus first acts as Prime Minister, was to remove the requirement for first nations bands and unions to report what they spent taxpayer money on. It’s the liberals idea of transparency, and accountability. It helps to keep First Nations peoples down by creating a dependency. Then promote a victim narrative so that the individual feels helpless, and won’t take any personal responsibility. Then blame society for being racist

    1. It’s gonna happen. Then we’ll see justice. It’s already happening!!!! I would deport these comments…As well who wrote them. FOff

    2. Then you can kill your women with impunity! What a grand idea! Can hardly wait to see the rez cops rolling in rez time.

  3. “Go live with an Elder in the bush” & examine your life choices — he sounds like the adult in the room

    1. Lol yeah drunk trying to fight cops okay excessive force was not used the cops did the right thing. Duh

    1. Michael. If our , OUR money is not given? Then consider yourself evicted. . Welfare recipients on other people’s lands and resources

  4. Well, he certainly didn’t treat the officers properly.
    What did he think was going to happen when he resisted arrest & challenged them to a fist-fight?

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