Charles Booker Announces Exploratory Committee For U.S. Senate Run | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Charles Booker Announces Exploratory Committee For U.S. Senate Run | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


  1. There is something deeply wrong with how cops are trained for those things to happen over and over again.

    1. @Censorship Is real …right… so is jared kushner… *and wrong, Derek Chauvin is a registered republican along with the rest of his family in Oakdale MN…

    2. @Censorship Is real …one of your daddies I think… and same amount of proof you have of his being a Democrat, cupcake…

  2. I hope he does well. I voted for him and showed his policies and ideas to many of my family and friends in his early days of campaigning. He was late to the game and still just narrowly lost the Primary. So long as another establishment shill isn’t used to split the vote. SMH like the “Trump Supporting Democrat” McGrath got slaughtered against Moscow McConnell.

  3. You are disgusting. He made his choice. He was not a “ wonderful person” a real blessing to all he encountered. He made his choice.

  4. Justice what a great name however tragic that she is called Justice because of the injustice in our country

  5. Kentucky is the 9th worst state to live in.
    #48 in poverty
    #44 in healthcare
    #40 in economy
    #36 in education
    #48 in fiscal stability

    Great job Rand Paul and Mitch! Way to look out for your state. 🙄😅😂

    1. Actually, it’s worst than you imply. Both Paul and McConnell are Russia and Putin compromised. Neither would care if the US became the low quality equivalent of a Kentucky or Alabama or Mississippi on the world stage. The health of the citizens of Kentucky or the US is not their real concern.

  6. Rand is for the American citizens he fought against the corruption in DC I’m 70 years old black man you people don’t even know what racism is unless you grew up 50s and 60s

  7. Well you can start by looking in the mirror and asking why? Rand Paul is not going anywhere. You have no clue.

  8. You’re not the change, the way you talk you’re part of the problem. You want to take over by force, that will not work.

  9. Go for it Mr. Booker! Congrats on your daughter when she arrives, great name, Justice – I saw Glenn Krischner in the other frame, he will tell you, Justice Matters! 🙂

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