Charlie Sykes: Governors DeSantis, Abbott, Noem See COVID Leadership As 2024 Ticket 1

Charlie Sykes: Governors DeSantis, Abbott, Noem See COVID Leadership As 2024 Ticket


The COVID-19 pandemic management by Republican governors Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Kristi Noem of South Dakota is critiqued as lacking in both medical and political soundness by Joy Reid’s panel of experts.

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    1. @My Perspective Masks maybe 10 percent effective, the vaccine more than makes up for the difference. Does your Mommy know you are trying to argue with Adults? I was taught better

    2. @Albosqeez well thank you for information. Glad you don’t use the masks or have not gotten the vaccination. You are a true trump American.

    3. @Kevin Santich Blame Immigrants! Why? The real people spreading Covid-19 are Ignorant people like you!!

    1. @MK Self They must be tunneling in UNDER the Colorado River…
      Or, they’re from Needles and Barstow.

    1. True Republicans have stopped beliving in governing 40 years ago under Reagan. Remember the nine most frightening words?
      Then Grover Norquist and his “bathtub” government came and many many politicians on the level of governors or members of Congress signed it to be electable in that party… McConnel is not coming into his blockage politics by chance he is the culmination and purification of a deep seated mistrust and hatred of all federal authority.

      Until one day they will shrink their own rule in high level government out of existence with such stunts.

    2. @Sue Howie And strangely, every post and response I see from right-wingers somehow points the finger at Joe Biden. It’s like they instantly forgot all the heinous crap that Trump did over the past 4 years.

    1. @Noreb POC are disproportionally unvaccinated. Sure most unvaccinated are white, but its because whites are majority of population, but POC disproportionally make up unvaccinated. Its the same logic as things like poverty and police shootings. As for Republicans, unfortunately, yes they are also disproportionally unvaccinated. Same goes with young people, but also rural people

    2. @thomas grabkowski yeah and POC also make up an incredibly wide and diverse group of different populations, where as white republicans are a specific demographic which are more likely to have access to vaccinations while still refusing to take it.

      its a blatant attempt to misrepresent the data to shift blame from those who are responsible for the low vaccination rates..

    3. @Noreb All the groups I mentioned are partially responsible for insufficient vaccination rate. As for POC, yes, some groups like Asians and Natives have high rates, but larger minority groups like blacks and Hispanics have low rates

    4. @thomas grabkowski again, the way this talking point is being presented and used is to deflect responsibility from the majority demographic which is refusing to accept life saving medicine because theyve been programed by their propaganda machines to think its not what it is…

      there is no historical reason for the distrust as with many minority groups within the US, its just flagrant selfish and prideful ignorance.

    1. @Kyoril Yes, the majority of the unvaccinated are Republicans , so let them act crazy. They”re killing themselves. Just sit back and observe.

    1. @Ed Divel yes. Why are you too stupid to read that? And so full of hate you can’t see how the failure was on your side too.

  1. Trump lost in 2020 precisely cuz he mishandled covid. Ron and Greg are not too bright to think doing the same thing will somehow have different results.

    1. @Kayano Reeves Yea yea.. It was the “Immaculate Selection”.
      The machines printed out a win. yes we know that.

    2. They did not JUST do that though, they also tried to break democracy and make voting harder, in preparation for the public’s outrage.

    3. D G, they’re the very epitome of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

    1. @olwe1000 sadly, I’m gonna come back to your comment to get that chuckle it gave me a couple times in the last 5mins

  2. In any half-sane country these governors would be in prison on charges of crimes against humanity and multiple culpable homicide, and possibly never get out.

    1. Why? For treating people like adults and letting them make their own decisions instead of mandates? They want their citizens to be free to choose what protective measures to take not tell them what they have to do. Geez.

    2. @Daniel Dos Santos that would work if these people actually had the intellect and maturity of an adult. Sadly they don’t. And people lacking those characteristics aren’t capable of making wise decisions.

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos weird. You can exercise your freedom to spread a pandemic that kills your own people, but you can’t use your freedom to refuse compulsory conscription .

    1. @My Perspective who did Nazis and the kkk endorse..during the 2016 and 2020 elections…..just curious if you have the stones to answers honestly…remind me again who David Duke stumped for again?

    2. @thomas grabkowski In this country there are 3 vaccines available. They are given to everyone. No one is being singled out to take a particular one based on skin color. I don’t know about vaccines the world over as they are not relevant here. I hate to see people die, no matter the location, but my main concern and my previous statement were regarding the situation in the US. That is where Tuskegee happened and is being used in the black community as an excuse for vaccine hesitancy. Just isn’t relevant since we have a fully approved vaccine now. That vaccine is being given to everyone, not just POC.

    3. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin I may be wrong, but I think *My Perspective* believes POC with diabetes should be charged higher premiums… never mind that white people have diabetes too. Also, there are some born with diabetes which has nothing to do with their lifestyle/eating habits. Perspective sounds pretty racist.

    1. @Susan Kaeser
      Everything single thing I said is a verifiable fact. If facts hurt your feelings, that’s your problem.

    2. They are already being sued over mask mandate. There was a ruling in Texas that the governor can’t force a ban on mask mandates and I am hoping that it will be the same case here in Florida.

    3. @Susan Kaeser
      No, scolding. But it’s difficult to convey that through text alone.

    1. @little red hen Immunity??
      You mean like CUOMO? AND LARDASS45?
      There is NO IMMUNITY for Losers.
      It doesn’t matter what station they hold.
      If a Klown is a POS and threatening the lives of citizens en masse, they are not taking care of their constituents.
      They deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. @Babbi MacKnight You would think there’d be some sort of class action they could do I mean it’s a public health crisis that these governors are creating

    1. Of Course He is from TN. The Governor’s are White Hooded Good ol boys!! Very Racist State…I know I was born there!!!

  3. Gregg Abbott now against the school students, against companies in his state. Vote him out before more people die due to his ignorance.

    1. @Guided Meditation Cuomo was forced out of office by Democrats for his covid nursing home policy and his work environment.

      Trump was committing crimes and Republicans protected him.

      Tucker Carlson and Lara Ingram are pushing sham treatments and now Alabama Poison Control’s number one call is about a drug that is meant to worm horses and cows.

      Goofballs won’t take a vaccine that’s been studied for this virus, and approved by the FDA and 99.9% of Drs. are advising their patients to take it. But, they’ll take a cow dewormer because Tucker Carlson said it will treat Covid.

      F_cking Morons. I think it’s Darwinism at it finest. Unfortunately a bunch of them have already procreated.

    2. Maybe not utter failure, but anything that takes power away from the Feds to their local authorities is playing into their weird worldview that dislikes agreement and collaboration.

  4. Abbott, DeSantis and Noem’s “Sacrifice of the Children” for their perceived “Political gains” continues unabated.

    1. @dknowles60 Of course, Qanon, of course! Now don’t cry and worship Matt Gaetz that will make you feel better!

    2. @dknowles60 Wait a minute. It is just like committing suicide if you don’t get vaccinated and wear your masks in this climate. If not you then you should be tried for murder of you infect someone who really wants a future!

  5. I’m a vaccinated Texan and all of them should be put on a “Covid island” where they can have their “freedom” to let the virus run rampant. I hope everyone in all these states and others across the country, remember what all they’ve done and continue to do. They’re prolonging the pandemic but yet don’t want to help the people that are still struggling financially or take responsibility for the hospitals busting at the seams. They only care about themselves and their political ambitions. VOTE BLUE IN 2022!!

    1. Abbott & Patrick are too busy constructing new schemes to funnel taxpayer $$$ to their pockets to bother with meaningful decisions for the public good. They did NOTHING about mass murder in Texas. Instead, they pushed their insane Republican “constitutional” carry & “no mandates” BS like a Tom DeLay-Rick Perry $$$ laundry.

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