Charlie Sykes: ‘One Of The Difficulties Of This Era Is Raising Young Men In The Era Of Trump’ 1

Charlie Sykes: ‘One Of The Difficulties Of This Era Is Raising Young Men In The Era Of Trump’


Editor-at-large of The Bulwark Charlie Sykes and Democratic strategist Basil Smikle discuss Trump’s strategy to attack Biden’s son Hunter, in light of a new ad highlighting the bond between a father and son. Aired on 10/22/2020.
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Charlie Sykes: ‘One Of The Difficulties Of This Era Is Raising Young Men In The Era Of Trump’


    1. @K. McKee You’re correct. They must have been living under the rock and just woke up. These folks have 1-4 years to think about and read much of the two candidates, and yet they still can’t make up their minds. How does this 40% raise their family with decision making like this…

    2. @Dani Mother of Dragons And if you watched and listen to Trump you would have intelligence enough to not vote for him .

    3. @MammyKat66 People who leave Obama and Biden ended up making a difference in people’s lives. People who leave Trump ended up in jail. Now, Don Jr. in Robert Mueller’s report. Eric in New York State on Fraud investigation. Ivanka has a trademark with China and Kusner … Now the Don Sr. has a secret account with China… You see! I guess not

  1. I grew up in the early 80s and mid 90s.
    My dad raised me to be a lousy piece of garbage. He gave me zero hope.
    I have hope
    I have strength
    Regardless of how he did me wrong.
    I raise my teenage son different
    He is anti trump

    1. BlackPanther – Good on you for shifting the paradigm in your family. Not always an easy thing to do, but so worth it when you seen your children turn out to be decent, kind people who have integrity.

  2. trump preached fixing Addiction in America throughout his stay in the WH, and this is how he is now campaigning

  3. Look at Junior and ERic and you wonder how much of what they are is genetic and how much is due to a father who loves his sons only as far as whatthey can do for his image and wealth. They are pathetic. And Donnie himself seems to have been raised in a similar wayby Fred Trump. Donnie would always have had troube with empathy, but he might have een toned down by a father with more affection and less drive for unnderhanded acquiassition of wealth.
    One hopes Melania is keeping Barron as far from Donnie as possible,

    1. I think Melania want to do it, If Baron has a character not like Trump, he won’t accept Baron, Like his father didn’t accept Trump’s brother!

  4. Teach your sons not to bully with verbal abuse, it does the same damage as physical abuse, but the wounds are invisible. Teach your sons to stay away from Narcissistic Verbal Abusers like Trump. They may look good on the surface, but they will use you and spit you out.

  5. “Voters are smart”…really? They voted for that disgusting thing and some 40% still support it. Smart? Please.

  6. Hmmm .. polls are showing white non-college voters tend to support trump. Makes sense.
    They’re uneducated and more likely easily to be taken in by a con man. Go figure.

  7. Hearing Barack Obama speaking last night was like a breath of fresh air keep the fresh air America vote blue DEMOCRACY AT STAKE

  8. “Voters are smart” Seriously?? They voted for Bush junior TWICE! The voted for Chump! And after the horrors and destruction of almost 4 years of him in office, it’s still a tight race according to the polls! I don’t call that smart…

  9. Oh Nicole, I’m even more in love with you than before. You’re so lovely. You’re kid(s) are so lucky to have u as Mom.

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