1. (there’s occults doing bad things, preying on weak and trick people) (a lot of it coming from old eu and UK and USA) (etc!)

  2. 6:21. It’s not just that it was happening in her industry, but that it was actively approved in the government via the shushfundclinton1990pigs. It’s literally in our debt wall. Right along with gmos, cancers, cheap systems/ dollar stores/ fried restaurants vs green chefs.

  3. 6:33. There’s a weinstein plumbing company right next door to joe clark’s furniture/ landlord office in Allentown PA!

    1. @Wala Lopez This is standard practice, Putin has never participated in any open discussion or debates and only journalists approved by Kremlin can interview him. They hired Ms. Smelly to make just another bogus interview with him.

    2. i doubt it..trumps puppet master owned her ,just like he does trump…with his avoidance of questions and dismissal of others…it was her premier and it was a disaster interview..

  4. She looks JUST like Megyn Kelly in that side by side photo. Amazing!

    Charlize is gorgeous but that hairdo isn’t doing her any favors.

  5. Hey this a joke, this woman dresses her black son up like a girl against his wishes and she comes on TV like its good! NO credibility what so every.

  6. Well at least FOX didn’t have to fire their “Reporter of the year” for spreading FAKE NEWS like CNN did, BOOM!

    1. Claas Relotius worked for a Swiss magazine. Also his Journalist of the Year award of 2014 was revoked, though he still has his European Press Pass. But celebrate the little ones I guess

    2. CNN is not going to fire their hired liars and close shop because of Fake News. Fake News is what CNN was established to spread.

    3. they had to fire their(bill o’reilly) for being a sexual predator …but only after it cost the station 32 million…

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