Charlotte Observer Says 'Send Her Back' Chants Are A Dark Reminder | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Charlotte Observer Says ‘Send Her Back’ Chants Are A Dark Reminder | The Last Word | MSNBC


The newspaper in the largest city in North Carolina has issued stinging rebukes of Donald Trump and the GOP after the president's rally in the state. Peter St. Onge, who wrote the editorials, tells Joy Reid what the reaction has been to “send her back” in North Carolina.
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Charlotte Observer Says 'Send Her Back' Chants Are A Dark Reminder | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. tonak1 are you even going to address the point Sorbus Aucuparia made about your idolized grifters occupying our White House !? Or was that more than you could process !? Seems to be a trait with these cultists, ignore all the wrong doings and pretend everything is alright with the incompetent racist in our White House.

  1. Racists don’t think Trump is a racist.
    Just like crazy people don’t think other crazy people are crazy.

    1. @Squishy Potato – sorry, but the world has known that the man is a racist for decades. The fact that you can not see that he is a racist indicates that you are also a racist.

    2. @Tim Slay – strangely enough, most of them do not consider themselves racist. They believe that their ideas are the correct ideas. They believe that the rest of the white people are wrong by not agreeing with them. They would never call themselves racists. I have had to work in a office that had a few racists so I have witnessed their “thought processes”. They would make statements about the superiority of white people and follow it up with a claim that they are not racists.

      YES, they are idiots who have no real idea what the word “racist” means.

    3. @james mack – you have that backwards, it should read “not all racists support trump, but all trump supporters are racists”. Ra

    4. @Basil McDonnell – that is what trump is inciting all white supremacists to do. The longer he is in office, the worse it will get.

  2. That’s right America…show the world who’s #1 in racism!!! For once show the American Reality, instead of the American Dream which has always been a BLATANT LIE

    1. @So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, – the things that people are saying about trump and his supporters have one saving grace – they happen to be true. Trump is a racist, his followers are racists.

      FACT: Trump is a racist.

      FACT: Good and decent people put as much distance as possible between themselves and a man once that man makes racist comments. Those that remain with the racist do so because they agree with what he says.

      LOGICAL CONCLUSION: All trump supporters are racists.

      BTW, nobody here has made any statements that even a moron could interpret as meaning Omar is “sacred”.

      I do not hate white people! My wife is white, my children are white, all of my relatives are white. If you have not figured it out yet, moron, I AM WHITE!!! None of those speaking out against trump’s unfair treatment of these women do so because we hate white people. We speak out because we hate RACISTS. Are you under the erroneous impression that ALL white people are racists? That would be incredibly stupid of you. I am sure that you operate under LOTS of stupid impressions.

    2. @Basil McDonnell – I would say that “native Americans” do so on a regular basis. But then, those people are not NATIVE to this land, they just got here first.

    3. Signa……So true…….A BLATANT LIE…………since forever!That’s why slavery was able to last for 300 years!!

  3. Germany wouldn’t take Donald’s grandpa back because he was a draft-dodging coward. It runs in the family.

    1. Warren Goss and why does that matter ? Many haven’t served in the military, and many aren’t draft dodgers , those that did served prison time . But not 45 . He’s a coward and it shows

    2. @Mike L. to do what? Being a barber? On the other hand the US would have been saved from the Trumpf dynasty!

    1. @Kathy S agreed.. Trump crushed Hillary and it wasnt funny to idiots who thought Hillary had a chance.

    2. @Angela Siegfried ????? not a flaw. its so everyone has a voice. the popular vote is always close. do you know anything about elections? in 1984 Reagan won 49 of 50 states. digest that. 49 of 50. do you know the popular vote count?

      Popular vote Reagan….54,455,472. Mondale…….37,577,352
      . so if popular vote was used, mondale came within 15 million people of winning. pretty scary when 49 of the 50 states chose Reagan.

    3. in 1984 Reagan won 49 of 50 states. digest that. 49 of 50. do you know the popular vote count?

      Popular vote Reagan….54,455,472. Mondale…….37,577,352
      . so if popular vote was used, mondale came within 15 million people of winning. pretty scary when 49 of the 50 states chose Reagan.

    4. @Brian Richner in 1984 Reagan won 49 of 50 states. digest that. 49 of 50. do you know the popular vote count?

      Popular vote Reagan….54,455,472. Mondale…….37,577,352
      . so if popular vote was used, mondale came within 15 million people of winning. pretty scary when 49 of the 50 states chose Reagan.

  4. He relished (enjoyed) every second of it, and I hope all the people chanting “send her back”, are proud to have their racism displayed on video, forever. You can’t un-ring that bell!

    1. @Suzy Q – nobody who was there should proudly show anybody proof that they were there. Just being there clearly shows that they lack intelligence and morals. They knew what was going to happen and they still went. Anybody who attends a racist rally does so because he/she is a racist. And only a real moron has no idea that trump is a racist. Only a real moron has no idea that trump rallies are and always have been racist rallies.

    2. @itgetter9 because they support him and what he’s doing … It’s funny how low the bar is set for trunk supporters

    3. @james mack we need to hear and see some support for the ladies, who actually know and understand the issues. Too much trump. He feeds on this B’S. He’s not even good enough to be a bottom feeder

  5. Minnesota should be concerned about the environment regulations of obama being stripped by trump.

    1. sharon nagle he also stopped the protection Obama had on the bees which pollinate our Fruits, veggies, grains and flowers. He approved a very toxic chemical that kills bees. The fascist right will just blame Hillary and Obama

    2. @Cookie P The GDP does not reflect the health or happiness of the people.  Suicides and drug overdoses are the leading cause of death and for the third straight year our life expectancy has declined.

      We don’t like paying a billions dollar tax or spending $1.35 for 1 tomato & $3.60 for a head of cauliflower. 

      People need two to three jobs to make ends meet. Productivity since 1973 has increased 77% Hourly pay has grown by 12%. If the federal wage was tracked to productivity the hourly pay would be more than 20 dollars an hour not $7.25 an hour. Oh, and under Tromp black net worth is down 40% Hispanic net worth is down by 46%.  So please tell me more about this so-called great economy & how to “enjoy” this record low employment.

      How?  By wrecking our environment?  By criminally ignoring a major attack on our country?  By ignoring global warming (probably the biggest threat we face)?  By selling off our national parks and public lands?  By destroying consumer protections?  By letting the banks go back to their pre-crash ways?  By hiring 187 lobbyists to federal agencies and issuing waivers so they can work on matters affecting their (former?) employers?  By destroying internet neutrality?  By alienating our allies and cozying up to dictators?  By appointing judges so incompetent the Bar Association won’t endorse them?  By appointing a documented array of racists to government posts?  By stranding millions of Americans without healthcare insurance, insuring that many will be impoverished or die?  By passing exploding budget and a tax plan that helps only the rich in the long term?  By putting creationist crackpots and con artists in charge of public education?  By threatening to lock up journalists he doesn’t like?  By caving to the NRA and ignoring the gun violence epidemic?  By destroying immigrant families?  By starting trade wars?

  6. It’s very encouraging to see that not only the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” still speak the truth. Long live the “Charlotte Observer!”

  7. Trump’s rallies are filled with hate and inciting violence! Why is he allowed to even have one? We know what KKK is but we don’t allow them to hold rallies

  8. Trump is using this as a distraction from the Epstein scandal, too! Quit letting him, media!!

    1. @Beamers Beamer and Mueller’s testimony this week… Trump’s got a lot of things to try to distract from.

  9. When political parties are dying, they go extreme. The GOP has been the party of White Christian Nationalism/Supremacist since at least reagan. RIP GOP : 1854 – 2020

    1. Take the profit out of healthcare and there won’t be any healthcare workers. How’s that going to fly?

      Nonsense. People will get paid. People will be paid really well for the work they do. Just like in every other major industrialised nation on the planet. Have you never been to another country? Do you think nurses work for free in Canada?

  10. I grew up in a small town in NC. We heard this tired but never dead rhetoric over and over during my 1950’s childhood.

  11. The first Lady is very lucky that croweds did not organize to chant to “send her back”

  12. I wonder why he doesn’t do any rallies in NY. Oh right.. city slicker ran out of suckers in his home state.

    1. C Ger
      – I am sure that he could do deep into the woods of NY and find lots of supporters. In fact, I talked to a man from NYC who is a strong supporter of trump. I did tell him that I questioned his intelligence and he just stared at me.

  13. So sad to see 2 astronauts who were inspired to go to the moon by a president who inspired unity, standing at the desk of a racist like trump 50 years later. So sad.

  14. Gerrymandering in NC is now in the state court since the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. This is a pivotal case in our democracy. Pay attention to the results as it will point to the direction that we are headed.

    1. arlingtonguy54 …liberal minded conservatives realize they were duped..don’t get fooled again in 2020

    1. Is anyone going to tell Mike what the bible actually says about the treatment of immigrants? It’s obvious he’s using the bible as a smorgasbord for his disgusting political agenda.

    2. Fred Frond
      – sadly most racists in the US would also call themselves good christians. Most even go to church every sunday, not that going to church proves that you are a christian but it does show your hypocrisy.

    3. @Julia Edlund – forget what the bible says about immigrants, he should consider what it says about people. He should look at what it says about how one should treat his fellow man.

      ALL religions are based upon the “golden rule” and racists ignore it completely. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” has no impact on these hypocrites.

  15. Republicans made a mistake hitching themselves to Trump’s star. They don’t want to admit it was an anvil.

  16. Thank You “Charlotte Observer!!! Keep the truth coming!!! The mass majority of Americans are SICK of the racism and hypocrisy coming from the trumpublicans!

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