'Chasing Ghislaine' Looks At Jeffrey Epstein And The Men Behind Him 1

‘Chasing Ghislaine’ Looks At Jeffrey Epstein And The Men Behind Him


Author and journalist Vicky Ward is behind the new 13-part podcast 'Chasing Gislaine,' which looks at Jeffrey Epstein and the men behind him. The podcast pulls from Ward's interviews with Epstein.

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'Chasing Ghislaine' Looks At Jeffrey Epstein And The Men Behind Him


    1. She and Jeff killed him…. Stole a massive amount of blackmail material and threw Roberts body off the yacht

    2. Also the connection between bill Barr’s father…. Jeff got a job at the Dalton school as a math teacher…. So Jeff could chicken hawk little girls for Donald Barr’s parties

    3. Mossad would prefer if you don’t discuss Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, J. Epstein or any of their other honey trap blackmailer squads. Thank you in advance.

  1. I can’t believe that was 2 years ago. It’s funny how time speeds up when you get older. I wish I could have understood this when I was a kid

    1. “Youth is wasted on the young” – George Bernard Shaw. How many things would we do differently with the hindsight of maturity? I would have paid a lot more attention in high school for one thing, instead of goofing off! I wouldn’t have wasted all that energy on trying to fit in either. I wish teenagers knew how dumb the “popular kids” were and how utterly insignificant they became the minute I hit college. At least my kids seem to have gotten the message. They both had “nerdy” friends who are now all uni grads and doing great compared to those popular kids, most of whom flare out after Gr.12.

    1. to break the Hyoid bone usually requires manual strangulation, only 25% of hangings..especially with a sheet, or trousers(the only thing he would have available, belts and shoe strings are verboten in jail)

    2. @mr Pepperidge Farms for Bill to release him, he knly needed release him into Witness Protection.. tho, he may have, and death was the cover story.
      Jeffy was a spy, the Israelis may have got him back.

    3. Or IF it ever was to begin with. Evil is always a step ahead, however evil makes mistakes, due to over-confidence.

    1. @catalinacurio If Clinton is found guilty of WHAT? He has not been accused, charged or indicted, and there is nothing pointing to any of those things happening AT ALL. Not to mention NO EVIDENCE.

    2. @Dolores Reynolds Jeff hanged himself, Prison is 1000 times worse for rich people and child abusers are targets, most of the criminals in prison were abused as kids.

    3. @Dolores Reynolds lol just you wait, the Mueller report will prove Russian collusion just before the 2024 election. And everything it doesn’t prove, well, Trump must’ve managed to cover it up. Its the only sane and rational conclusion the woke can possibly draw. A vast right conspiracy and coverup.

    4. @Dolores Reynolds Epstein and Clinton serm to have been tight. They had similar interests. Having saved the world from Reaganomics, Bill took to wandering the DC halls looking to reward nubile female subordinates with a Cuban cigar. It’s wholly plausible that his empowered woke wife had no qualms about Bill’s talking about love and romance with a guy like Epstein

    1. @mike briganti sorry Mike , my last name isn’t tRump or Briganti so I don’t keep it in the family. Stay racist

    2. @Lilly Anderson And I thought the falling out might have been because Epstein put the moves on Ivanka

    3. @mike briganti Ask a bogus question, answer it yourself, deny the facts and then try to close the matter, all in one comment – you must be desperately in love with your orange fuehrer, sweetie! You cannot protect your daughter-loving fuehrer by conjuring crickets that are loud enough to silence himself admitting filthy stuff, troll. WE SAW THE RECORDINGS, WE READ HIS WORDS.

    4. @Constituent A The reason trump dropped Epstein was because Putin’s demanded it because he knew trump couldn’t be still associated with him.

    5. “We just found out that he contributed to Bill Clintion…” (while showing a picture of tRump)…wow some detective work. Did you look it up in the registry that the Clinton’s have published for the last 30 years? Ever since he was Governor?
      The republiCONS have…to make sure he didn’t get any more than they did. tRump gave money to whichever politician he thought he was “greasing” in NY and NJ, nothing more, same with Epstein. LONG list of “Florida Men” on Epstein and tRumps payroll…wonder if there’s any match-ups?
      Of more interest SHOULD be on Epstein’s dying in Bill Barr’s custody considering his and tRump’s history with him…

    1. @Morenito Moreno Simply Stupid——- sure, the Clintons are dirty and I, even though I’m a Dem. , never trusted them—— but you suggest that this is true of ALL Dems which is SO obviously NOT the CASE———. If you compare the Policy of the Dem.s to the Repub.s at this juncture there is No comparison, Dem.s actually HAVE policies,,, all Repubs have is a hit list,,, destroy voting so we can win—— that’s NUMBER ONE on their list which is so cynical and regressive and is NOT moving the nation towards anything remotely progressive. Second on the LIst: Don’t tax super wealthy people OR corporations more than they are or ARENT paying today——. How exactly is That going to help the Country???

    2. @Kay maybe used to be protected by Mossad (like her father?)..,but I dont think Mossad has influence in Garland’s DOJ.

    3. M. M. I didn’t say all Dems are directly responsible for what the Clintons do but they are being protected by partisan hacks. That’s undeniable. I don’t care if the truth offends you but it is what it is. Dems are just as partisans as Republicans

  2. I’m listening and commonsense tells me, alot of important men will be in big trouble if the truth came out.

    1. @catalinacurio
      I just think this was a huge plot to smear his name for some reason.
      It’s just way too “conspiracy theory”-ish

    2. @N K
      Epstein got killed in jail because that’s what happens if they think you’re a pedophile.
      I know thinking is hard for you tho

    3. @mr Pepperidge Farms I think he is too. The news just report he’s dead, but there was no details after that. A car crashed victim gets more detail autopsy than this ‘SUICIDE’ guy. Just saying…

    1. How do any of us know that there aren’t those in law enforcement that protect whoever is the new Epstein

    2. I’m pretty sure that the person who took his place is probably not in the US and/or is making sure that they’re operating outside US jurisdiction. They’ve learned from Epstein. That person will probably never personally step foot in the US or any country where they could be prosecuted.

    3. Can follow the story from Florida. The police actually did file reports investigate, I case your not aware 2008 after the police keep documenting the gave him a time in what referred to as the “sweet heart deal”. One of the Florida Officers has to flea to Russia. They only prayed on young girls that were poor & both parents busy working pay check to pay check type jobs. The predators like victims that have little to no support and trusting as most young children are. It should anger everyone.
      Another tactic is when these young girls start drinking or smoking those nasty’s say “see she not a nice girl, she is a liar wanting attention & money. Victims get victimized this very way.

    1. @Moe Zura YOU KNOW GOD! That is amazing, can you please provide some evidence i.e. snap a quick pic of you & Mr God, How about aTikTok challenge with you & GOD? That’d be a hoot.
      When you get a chance, no rush.
      God is pretty busy these days with the Pandemic & currently the anti-vaxxers. I’m sure the red guy below is taking a lot of the weight off God’s shoulders since most anti vaxxers are Trump supporters. Could you also ask him if it’s true Trump is replacing the red guy & currently in contract with Satan to carry out his evil deeds on Earth? I read about that on the interwebs, so it must be true. But can you please get a confirm or deny from the big guy on that issue? Thanks for your time, one last thing, can you also get that photo autographed by God? Don’t fret I’m not going to sell it in eBay auction for profit, it’s for my personal photo album collection of autographed Deities & Gods from religions the world.

    2. @Moe Zura freedom you do not know because when people think formerly from you, you’re threatened by them. Freedom in your terms only isnt freedom at all.

    3. @Moe Zura At the time of the Great Flood, why did God drown all the children and pregnant women? Where the children and unborn babies sinners too?

    1. I’ve always noticed the same thing. 5 years now into my narcissism study. His gaze is always from the side. He has the predatory narcissist gaze. Snake eyes.

    2. @Truthseeker Yes TS…he is always from the side, and has a malignant knowingness behind those eyes

      I wonder often what his ultimate goal was…it was not wealthy connections, underage girls, and unlimited wealth, those were just enablers for something greater. Some reports indicate that he was very interested in eugenics, and wanted to inseminate women and grow their female babies in an controlled environment at his
      Zoro Ranch … for his study and pleasure. Sounds far fetched but he regularly surrounded himself with top in their field bio-ethicists, surgeons, physicians, biologists, and physicists…

      Also note he constructed a house of worship in his island, which was surrounded by Egyptian and erotic symbols

      My thought is he was somehow going to find an intersection between creating his own cult coupled with eugenics somehow…if you remember Adolph tried doing that as well.

      I think that was going to be his legacy…

  3. I would like to hear where are all the young girls now that were imported / recruited by trump modeling agency in the 90’s while he was besties with Epstein

    1. @Susan Ford lol so you claim to know the story of how trump met melania better than trump, ok

    2. @Susan Ford “WHO WAS THE PROSECUTOR?”….you seriously dont know? If not just look it up it’s actually quit simple to do.

      Better questions are WHO MADE THE DEAL WITH EPSTEIN? WHO MADE THE DEAL WITH EPSTEIN BEHIND THE VICTIMS BACKS? Ill give you a clue he was the Labor Secretary

    3. Duh buy trump and duh Trump mach worse duh lol trump tiny hands and weenie lol duh the Mueller report

    4. @Susan Ford He owned the Miss Teen Universe pageant and bragged about bursting into the girls’ dressing rooms to catch them naked, because he felt he owned them too.

    1. @mr Pepperidge Farms oh, what? I’m reading this here and am not shocked but I need to read the source.

    2. @mr Pepperidge Farms I was hoping you had some direction other than a Google search. Google often leads to unsourced material and conspiracy crap. The Epstein story runs deep and is disgusting, but it would have been great if you could source reading that has sources. For instance I did read the criminal complaint of the 13 year old he and Trump assaulted.

    3. @mr Pepperidge Farms I would like the detention center’s official visiting log where Epstein was held.

    4. @Snozco Cram There’s a podcast, it’s called Hunting Ghislaine with John Sweeney. Doesn’t cover everything but does give an invaluable insight.

    1. She has a questionable relationship with Ghislane. She ratted on Maria Farmer to Ghislane that she was going to the FBI.

    2. This is a big internet conspiracy theory. If I’ve learned anything from you primitives, if a bunch of dumb people are talking about it on the internet, its 99.9% false

    3. This is no different from flat earth and underground lizard aliens.
      God I swear its shocking to think how most of the population will believe anything.

  4. He did not complete his mathematics degree & Bill Barr’s father employed him in 1972 knowing he had no degree & Mr. Barr snr. resigned from the prestigious school two years later. All sounds seedy & questionable.

    1. @11 11 We all know that you fall for any ridiculous conspiracy theory that comes along, sucker…….wanna buy a bridge in Utah?

    2. @delritmo la clave Donald Barr, Bill’s father and Jeff’s first employer was a psychotic weirdo that wrote strange scifi books about space child trafficking…

    3. @delritmo la clave Jeff got a job from Bill’s father as a math teacher at the Dalton school…. Jeff’s function was chicken hawking little girls for Donald Barr’s parties….

    1. Enabler… *We all know how much Democrat politicians love children…by love, you know what I mean. But being CNBC, they need to mitigate the crimes of these NY, leftist, Democrat, CNN-loving P-dos, that loved to visit the Epstein Island, otherwise it reflects badly on the millions of morons that support these child abusers at whatever cost and still vote Democrat…*

    2. @11 11 We all know that you will fall for any stupid conspiracy theory that comes down the internet, sucker….wanna buy a bridge in Arizona? After all, you are easily duped.

    1. Well they all learned from the master. It’s simple. You accuse everyone else of things you’re doing, and you’ll be innocent (lol).

    2. Donald’s not talking much he usually would their silent because they know he’s guilty of something weird .

  5. “…comment Trump made in 2002 about their respective tastes in women: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.””

    1. *We all know how much Democrat politicians love children…by love, you know what I mean. But being CNBC, they need to mitigate the crimes of these NY, leftist, Democrat, CNN-loving P-dos, that loved to visit the Epstein Island, otherwise it reflects badly on the millions of morons that support these child abusers at whatever cost and still vote Democrat…*

    2. @11 11 omg it has nothing to do with Democrats this has to do with vile and sinister people period.

    3. @11 11 Yeah, I guess that Trump was a Dem in 1994 with Epstein and the alleged 13 year old.

    1. @mike briganti so why does he have a thousand picture with him then. The only person who has taken more pictures with Trump is Ivanka

    2. @mary cahill The Donald, Price Andrew, Leon Black , etc were Best of friends with Jeffrey Epstein. The Donald publicly (one of few Presidential public addresses) ” Wished Ghistile Maxwell ONLY the BEST”

    1. This is story it makes it seem like the girls were 16 years old when really there’s awful things happening too much younger girls somewhere else

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