Chasten Buttigieg Reflects On Life in Washington 1

Chasten Buttigieg Reflects On Life in Washington


Chasten Buttigieg reflects on adjusting to life in Washington as the spouse of the first millennial and the first out gay cabinet member confirmed by the Senate, and discusses the life events that influenced his memoir “I Have Something To Tell You.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Chasten Buttigieg Reflects On Life in Washington


  1. I hope in my lifetime we have one day in the future Mayor Pete as President of the USA and his husband Chasten as First Husband.

    1. @Bat Boy grow up ,big boy ,,lol!! what in the world is a troll,,are you afraid of difference of opinions ,cmon man !!!

  2. I love this today! Very Sunday oriented and thoughtful. We need more human stories about dc, in the back drop of January 6th and Trump’s campaign stuff on Saturday. We need really good accounts of who is working on Capitol hill! Thank you! Then there is Janet Yellin Secretary of the Treasury …or the what.. ? Or Rep.,Deb Haaland of New Mexico now Sec. of the Interior. For Native Americans! Who knows.,

  3. i am so confused who is the groom and who is the bride ,,and who leads in their first dance

  4. Peters really been a bitter disappointment. She is sitting on anywhere from $40-$70 billion of money contained within the federal highway trust fund. Has he announced any major bridge repair or road repair projects? I haven’t heard of any. He seems to be like all the rest of your stands around and talks about needing more money but he hasn’t spent the money he already has. I am serious concerns about some of Joe’s officers and advisers. This guy is one of them. I can’t seem to get the job done.

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