1. I’ve never seen an interview with Mayor Pete’s spouse. I like him. He’s soft spoken and comes off as opposite of the hateful liars that are overrepresented on Right Wing media.

    1. @Robin Justice Pretty sure the numbers don’t show that. The difference too is conservatives condemn it. Many progressives now rationalize and defend “minor attracted persons” (MAP for short. Formerly known as pedophiles or child molesters). You gotta admit, that’s pretty sick.

    2. So LGBTQIA+ people are out there murdering everyone and then vandalizing churches?

      Yet these ‘news’ outlets say that Trump and MAGA are the violent extremists?
      Hoe could anyone with half a brain believe their bs propaganda and gaslighting?!?

      CNN and MSNBC are the biggest threats to America that we’ve seen since 9/11

    3. @Pete Oberman Because like all Right Wingers you have jettisoned self-awareness to make room in your tiny brains for hypocrisy, conspiracies and ridiculous lies that no one with any attachment to reality would ever believe.

    4. look i don’t care what “chasten” 😂does. i just don’t want to wake up with him cupping my sack. is that too much to ask? can i please be safe from his agenda in my own home?

  2. Chasten is as kind, caring and brilliant as his husband. Tucker is the complete opposite. He is mean, a bully, and not a person you would ever want to be near. Thank you, Chasten, for highlighting the clear difference . 🙏

    1. Tucker is filled with hate. He’s incapable of loving anyone. The sooner Rupert Murdoch gives Tucker his marching orders, the better this world will be

    2. GOP Guardians of Pedophiles. The Republican party has about ten times more politicians convicted of pedophilia and child porn than the Dem party. This new attack on LBGTQ, calling them groomers, is to distract from what the GOP is doing to children. Most Catholics are Republicans. So are Mormons, Scientologists, and Boy Scouts. Three orgs RAMPANT with pedophilia.

  3. I agree with Buttigieg. When you see your community shattered and it seems there’s no one willing to stand up, it hurts. As a member of Black community, watching how we Slaughter each other particularly here in New York City where I’m from (the Bronx) it hurts, it hurts. the silence from other members of the community probably is even worse. I just wish we had some support from the community outside the community or in, that can help us get to a peace. . Let’s save the Black community.

    1. @Allosaurus Fragilis I believe you’re referring to ‘objectifying’ a target in order to dehumanize him or her.
      Yes, I feel that ‘the community’ actually means everyone who isn’t white, effectively creating Us vs Them, without saying black vs white.
      tRump demonizes Dems, as if they were not fellow US citizens, for the same purpose. ‘Hillary’ and ‘Pelosi’ are now trigger words of hate, instead of women.

    2. @Dustin Heath The corruption was authoritarian police murdering black people, while being recorded, without justice. Racial profiling by police is what was exposed.
      BLM was exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate against authoritarian policing.
      Radicalized white supremacist groups disrupted the BLM protests with looting and vandalism, in order to undermine their efforts.
      I don’t know anything about any corruption you’re referring to, only BS right-wing rhetoric about Dems donating to cover legal fees.
      But, what about MTG doing the same for the Capitol rioters/traitors?

    3. i don’t want to wake up some night with this guy chasten licking my hole. if that makes me literally hitler than i am soooo sorry.

    4. @JadeFoxx so which ones committed mob violence, burned down buildings, marched theough residencial neighborhoods harrassing families and shot innocent people? was that the movement or the organizers?

  4. There always been a giant chasm between those to identify as Christians and those who actually follow the teachings of Jesus.

    1. @GrayDane Rasmussen Jesus would stand on the side of Love my friend. if westboro are some haters, thieves, ghouls, goblins, killers, sodomites and pedophiles then Jesus will stand on the other side of the road and pray for them. we cant save everyone though we try. the bible has been rewritten to hide things and to deceive and tempt you to question your presence on earth. your old buddy satan rules this place. but Lord gave you free will. your choices will have effects on your life here and the next place you go. whatever you believe that is. i dont judge. but its just a meat suit. a gift of all gifts from The Most High so take care of it mos def. someone once told me this, B-I-B-L-E = B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth. just the basics. this is not our home. we are just passing thru. remember this place destroys itself on a regular cycle or is it just climate change? only 1 can be true. see you on the other side

    2. @klh ‘Charles Manson was a straight white male.’ Some straight white males defend s0domites lifestyles. What’s your point?

    3. @Sheep of The Shepherd7392 ah . Another “ follower “ who likes to cherry-pick. Maybe you should think before casting that next stone

  5. A victim recognizing the bully is actually a minority touches my soul. Don’t worry Pete, the haters are a minority. Most of us are tolerant not intolerant. Most of us are loving, not filled with hate.

    1. @Ron Taylor Chasten is not paid by the government at all. Has far as i know. He’s a teacher and writer. OH you mean Pete.. Whhereb do you get hack from? Decretary of DoT paid more SoD Stste Secc. ? ohhhh you mean the nfrastrucure spend? Largely spread among states and acccountable at stae level -and if mayor Pete can carrry that off it’lll be minor miracl.

    2. @lover2ed
      Here’s my answer to your nonsensical question.
      Yes I would accept you a trans-woman in a relationship with your biological sister so long as you’re both adults and consent to the relationship. If you as the trans-woman still has the ability to impregnate your “biological sister”, I would advise against it as you’re closely related and that may present serious genetic issues for any offspring.

      Another thing is you’d likely cause your parents great emotional pain. But as consenting adults, it’s up to you. All round, I’d find the situation unadviseble but as consenting adults it’s actually none of business.

      As for the dog “Rufus”, it’s a solid no. Dogs cannot consent to a sexual act with a human being.

      That’s it. Do you have a response for me?

    3. Um you mess with other people children by trying to push your woke agenda onto their kid classroom most people will not be loving. Leave other people’s kids the f alone.

    4. @lover2ed
      Your reply to me didn’t show up in thread, no surprises there but I’ll answer your attempt at 2 questions anyway.

      1. *Dogs can consent in the wild* because they’re mating with other dogs. It’s rare for mammals to breed outside of their own species. Also in wild, anything up from 30% to 75% of male mammals are known to participate in same sex activities. If you don’t believe me, then look it up. It’s a well researched area of mammal behaviour called ethology.

      2. As for *you having a homosexual relationship with your brother* (as you asked) if you were consenting adults then it’s none of my business. Pretty much the same response to you being a trans-woman having a relationship with your biological sister.

      Anything else?

  6. What A beautiful soft spoken young man. It hurts me when a beautiful family like this is under threat. God bless you xx

    1. So LGBTQIA+ people are out there murdering everyone and then vandalizing churches?

      Yet these ‘news’ outlets say that Trump and MAGA are the violent extremists?
      Hoe could anyone with half a brain believe their bs propaganda and gaslighting?!?

      CNN and MSNBC are the biggest threats to America that we’ve seen since 9/11

    2. @The Media Lies God was supposed to have created people in his own image , well he never did a really good job when he created humans .
      Suffering and pain for many , infections , diseases , wars and starvation .
      If a person has the ability to create something , then they should be able to create something of perfection .
      Very strange , God created people to commit sin yet he expects people to seek his salvation to save themselves
      Many people who are born with low IQ’s why should they be disadvantaged when they don’t have the ability to seek his forgiveness ?
      Through out history , religion has caused more heart ache than goodness .
      How many wars have been based on religious beliefs ?

    3. @James V wow, the vast majority of us will not “inherit the earth” by that list.
      Have you honestly never drunk alcohol? Never taken ANYTHING that wasn’t yours? You seriously didn’t have sex before marriage? Because if you did any of those things, you’re already on par with the “sodomites.”

  7. Very effective messenger for an important cause. I liked how he contrasted his family vs. the hate speech. Happy Thanksgiving, Chasten.

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr just because you say something, doesn’t mean it’s true. Lots of healthy happy kids come from single parent or same sex couples.

    2. look i don’t care what “chasten” does in the privacy of his own home but i don’t want to wake up one night with his hand in my butt. no thanks. keep it to yourself, twinkle toes.

    3. @Robin Justice which party wants children exposed to transvestites? with the lie that drag shows are not sexual when we have seen numerous horrific videos of these disgusting degenerate freaks gesticulating and making sexual gestures at innocent children? YOU are the groomer. plenty of gay people are against this crap.

    4. Yeah I mean a political commentator holding a powerful cabinet member to account for doing a horrible failing job – he is a horrible person !!! We need to not hold any powerful people to account……. Thanks don lemons !!!
      I know don has no skill and is talentless but come on – he can’t be this desperate to get a story hahaha

  8. It becomes crucial for us folks who believe in live and let live to speak out to those who are apparently stuck in hatred. We need to remind them that acceptance of good people helps everyone in our world and if you don’t like or approve of a lifestyle, then you can simply stand aside and allow others to be whomever they choose as long as no-one is harmed.

  9. Very nice program. So glad there are political people in the world to represent me as a gay man while representing everyone else. I never ever thought I’d live to see stories like this in the open media, or have legal marriage which was never on the table during the 1960s-2000’s, or feel I have a place in everyday life with the same possibilities as everyone else. …Thank you.

    1. @Benjie Benjamin fine. but they should not be putting their thimbs in their son’s butts to “test the waters.”

  10. Speaking from a psychological point of view, the majority of people who speak negatively about other people’s personal choices and/or of those non common traits are very likely to have the same feelings and
    negative thoughts directly upon themselves. It’s the finger pointing at someone with three pointing back saying that holds so true. Our culture and society breeds oppression and guilt based on the same principles just set forth. In turn we have exactly what we breed with encouragement and reward for not having the balls to be honest with ones self.

  11. Thank you for your educational interview with Chasten Buttigieg – i was so impressed with his personality and his sincerity. I have ;a new attitude about same sex marriage – it is a beautiful and wholesome contribution to a free society

  12. Good interview, as usual, Chasten. You and Pete are a model couple, and when I compare your intelligence, composure and articulatness to hate filled, ignorant bigots like Tucker Carlson and his crowd, believe me, any reasonable person can appreciate the difference. Carry on being an inspiration, both of you, to young people. As you say, the haters are a minority. They will have to learn that hating people who are different from them is not acceptable. They were clearly not taught that human beings do not have to be clones, and have as much right as how to live their lives as Tucker Carlson has.

  13. what a remarkable interview!!! please know that there are many more “enlightened” people out here in the world than there are darkened awholes with coal in their hearts that will put them on Santa’s naughty list.
    you have two beautiful children and you make a beautiful family!!!
    More power to you!!!

    1. @The Media Lies saith a darkened awhole with coal in his/her heart who will get on Santa’s naughty list. shame on you.
      ohana is ohana no matter where you come from…even awholes like you cuz everyone needs at least ONE!!! hehehe. and YOU be IT!!

  14. Well said Chasten Buttigieg. There are more of us out there than them. We just need to get everyone to vote.

    1. @What Now ? Grammar correction it is “you’re” not your…or did you mean that is Strattonskier’s right to do what he says?

    2. I spent the first two weeks of November stuffing thousands of ballots into those boxes for Democrats, and now you want more. Damn, I need a rest.

    3. look i aint got nothin against these people. they can do what they want. but i don’t want “chasen buttigieg’s” thumb in my butthole. seems like that’s what he’s fighting for.

  15. I actually feel so very sorry for the aggressor. They show their weakness and lack of self worth, self esteem and self respect…after all…we can only give what we have.

  16. Appalling, disgusting and disgraceful. The Colorado shooting is absolutely heartbreaking. It hits too close to home. I remember when my daughter came out to me as being bisexual. I hugged her tight and told her, I would love her from here to eternity and back, no matter what her sexual preference was. What mattered to me was that she was happy, healthy and well. I love people because they’re good people – that’s all. My immediate second thought was – careful with who you tell because I worry someone will hurt you. How sad is that? That’s my only concern – is those other hateful people. What I don’t understand is, how can anyone hate someone without even knowing them? We perceive people by their character, not their sexual orientation. Love & light to all.

    1. I to never understand how anyone can hate someone because of who they love. There is so much hate in this world that we should embrace love instead of thriving and reveling in hate. I am so happy your daughter has a good example of love in you ❤️

    2. @Wendy Johansen you do understand that Darwin’s theory of evolution.. needs procreation. Do you believe in science and facts ?

    3. @Star Sojourner And you do understand that there has always been about 10% homosexuals. Since breeders are over populating this world, it stands to reason that LGBTQ+ people will increase in the percentage to save the earth.

  17. To the politicians that have offered prayers to the Club Q victims and families and friends Thank You. Please remember prayers, condolences and well wishes without actions ring hollow.

  18. It’s nice to see someone still familiar with taking the high road. Pure class, intelligence and a loving spirit towards all people.

    1. I wonder what the Democrat’s next Death Star will be. Their most recent game was them saying the Republican House win and victory, as well as the firing of Nancy Pelosi, wasn’t a win and victory. An interesting plot twist. 🦅 🇺🇸

    2. @Mini Giant Red took so much again this cycle. Must be grateful and not overly optimistic. The Democrat bots, mules, harvesting, mail in ballots, and anonymous boxes are tough foes. Democrats are now the House minority and the country map is virtually all red.

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