Chauvin murder trial: Watch the opening arguments (Contains graphic video) 1

Chauvin murder trial: Watch the opening arguments (Contains graphic video)


Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd's head and neck for 4 minutes and 45 seconds as Floyd cried out for help, stayed on his neck as Floyd flailed and had seizures for 53 seconds, and then remained on a non-responsive Floyd for another 3 minutes and 51 seconds, prosecutors said during opening statements in Chauvin's criminal trial. In response, attorney Eric Nelson sought to establish doubt as to the precise cause of Floyd's death, saying it was not Chauvin's knee, but a combination of drug use and preexisting health problems. He also defended Chauvin's actions as within proper training.

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  1. Clearly the cops are being assholes their telling him to get in the car how when three of you are on top of him. Shows the lack of discipline cops have now a days.

  2. If what that murderer did is within the scope of training, then the department is training murderers.

    1. @Jay Gee Both the county coroner and the independent autopsy said he died of asphyxiation not od but keep believing what you read on 4chan.

    2. @Anandatheertha Bapu But curious that those same reports still say he had enough fentanyl in his system for an overdose right???

    3. @Jay Gee They said he had Fentanyl. But they also say he died of “asphyxiation from sustained pressure”

    1. Leftists assume that Americans cry. No, we don’t cry. We laugh. It’s fun watching this leftist government bungle EVERYTHING. They even fall down going UP stairs!

    2. ANY word on these Horrific Crimes just this weekend??
      1) Two black teenage girls are facing felony murder charges after carjacking an Uber Eats vehicle with the driver inside and then crashing it … ending in the death of the Uber driver. Tuesday’s incident was captured on TM Z video that is now circulating. The girls, ages 13 and 15, targeted the Washington D.C. car driven by Mohammad Anwar. They Tased the driver and then made their move to steal the vehicle. You hear Anwar scream, “This is my car!” … as the engine begins to rev violently. The teenagers floor it as horrified bystanders look on. You see Anwar hanging out the front door of the vehicle striking to street post crushing him mortally…. and then you hear the crash as they turn a corner As Anwar lay fatally near the car, a National Guardsman lifts one of the girls out of the car lying on its side….She walks past his body Screaming to the NG that ‘my phone is still in the car’ completely ignoring what she had just done.
      2) Horrifying new video captures an out-of-control African American New York City subway rider mercilessly beating an Asian Man unconscious in front of other passengers — in what cops are calling a possible hate crime.
      3) A juvenile African American suspect in the murder of a Virginia middle school girl was being held without bond following a virtual arraignment before a judge on Monday, according to a report.
      The boy, who has been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting in the back multiple times of eighth-grade student Lucia Bremer in Henrico County on Friday.
      4) Three Black men charged after the shootings at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront over the weekend made their first court appearance on Monday. One of the men admitted to shooting into the crowd during the incidents, court documents state. 22-year-old Ahmon Jahree Adams, of Chesapeake, 18-year-old Nyquez Tyyon Baker, of Virginia Beach, and 20-year-old Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr. have multiple past felony convictions and are all now charged in connection to the initial shooting incident Friday night, which injured seven people. They face seven counts of felonious assault, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless handling of a firearm.
      *Im sure all of this is T rumps fault for some reason….

    1. @Reason So? If he was dying why wasn’t there a struggle? I keep thinking there would be some squirming and wriggling.

    2. @Delling Conley if he was dying? Is that what you commented? Are people really this weird/stupid/evil? Really? IF?

  3. If I die tomorrow from a gunshot wound inflicted by a cop I’m sure my diabetes will be blamed for my ultimate demise. Just plain reason and common sense yall.

  4. I don’t think it was necessary to restrain him like that for so long. It certainly didn’t prolong his life.

  5. I truly feel sorry for the black man watching the guy calling him a bum, he is probably in tormented that he didn’t physically get involved, BUT with a cop that’s completely fine with killing someone in public, he could have been next, plus catch a serious felony, but I bet he’s still probably very upset.

    1. The paramedic even looked at him like, OK get the hell off him, we got it? But the Cop was in FULL punisher mode, and wasn’t going to be told to do ANYTHING by some minority spectators! He power tripped his way to the end of Floyd’s life, and his own if justice is served!!!!

    1. @Frank Harris You got it Frank, and he was his own worst enemy, now they blame the police that try to keep good people safe.

    2. @jerryw66 Not to mention they cashed in big time. a billion for blam and 27mil for the leech fam who had NO USE for him alive.

  6. Why did the officer with plenty of backup maintain a knee to the neck of a handcuffed person that’s position on the ground for 9 MINUTES and 29 SECONDS?

    I can’t wait to hear his explanation.

    1. Link any vid of Floyd eating drugs and YouTube will censor, link any vid of who actually is assaulting Asians and YouTube will censor

    2. @shade38211 : Like I said, “magical evidence.”

      I’m too old to be burning cities. I wonder which takes more effort? Burning cities or breaking into the Capitol Building and using poles carrying the American flag to beat police officers?

    3. @HC-11 lol don’t bring up the capitol to him you know the entitled majority gonna say they own the furniture in it

  7. Anyone watched it live and found it interesting that the feed got cut immediately as the footage was showing floyd taking his last breath? And then cut back in as soon as the trial was over? Gotta love murikkka. Totalllllllllly not a coincidence

    1. Omg ! I was wondering what the hell happened,after it went out,i thought it was my tv , smh then it hit me,they cut it,wow

    2. @Mell Merc Na, I checked every station after it got cut and they were all down! I’m very sure someone intentionally pulled the plug and tried to make it look like the servers went down. Just when things were getting the most exposed. This country is sad.

    1. Because you can’t convict someone of murder by consensual drug overdose! If he says in the back of the car that he can’t breathe…. what does that tell ya?? He was overdosing!! The knee on the neck doesn’t matter

  8. Thank you CNN and other media for showing the court case I only thought law and crime and court TV would only show it but glad America and international media show the court case today hopefully will show all the court until the end and not just show one day I know law and crime and court TV will show the court to the end

  9. What will be the charges for the two young people that killed Mohammed Anwar, the Uber Eats driver?

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