Chauvin Offers ‘Condolences’ To Floyd Family In Rare Public Statement 1

Chauvin Offers ‘Condolences’ To Floyd Family In Rare Public Statement


Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin speaks briefly at his sentencing after being found guilty for the murder of George Floyd. 
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    1. Condolences is a word used when you had NOTHING to do with the persons death.. which is why he did this..Keep in mind.. he spent his 18 yr career killing and attacking Black men.. Badged klan

    1. @Hays That’s not what multiple coroners ruled. Don’t insult our intelligence when the evidence is there for all to see.

    2. @Hays Trump lost. You can drop the out loud and proud racist act. Your dear leader can’t (and would have never) save you!

    1. what is he gonna say? he prob never expected to even have anyone say anything to him about what he did. the world hates him. he’s dead inside.

    2. @ldbagwell – uh huh and who’s fault is that? He could have expressed something of substance but again chose not to do that.

    3. What would be different at least is him just admitting the truth. At least he’d get some credit for being honest.

    1. @ldbagwell okay baggie-boy, going off of what you are saying, WHY should folks who had nothing to do with this, get sympathy or empathy??? You make NO sense dude.

    2. I thought we were one talking about the Trump family. He is no longer president, can’t we move on.

    3. @ldbagwell From who’s mouth are you asking the empathy for the cops family to come from ? You mean Chauvin’s mouth ?

    4. Tbh he is worse than someone with no empathy or sympathy. Those genuine psychos i actually feel sorry for. But people who know what they are doing is wrong but do it anyway are worse IMO.

  1. That’s like a guy that is found guilty of killing both his parents and asking the judge for Mercy because he’s an orphan

    1. @Rosalie Parker gotcha, nice thank you. Yeah, it should be denied. Trying to be as objective as I can be, so I don’t blame Chauvin for trying. Who wouldn’t? But I’m glad it was denied.

    1. When you have no remorse, no sorrow, no mercy – you end up with a no remorse, no sorrow, no mercy verdict against you.

    2. @Otis Jizzberger jizzboy huh? .. is that what your man calls you? Invite us to your gender reveal party miss

    3. Yes , to offer condolences is what people usually do – that’s not been sorry or remorseful . Sickening !!

    1. No sh1+ ….. Like what did you get up for you didn’t say nothing that amounted to anything now that’s a true true psychopath and sociopath

    2. @Cedric Allen he was letting the world know they have another round of victim blaming coming.

    1. Agreed! His mothers statement was very selfish, she only talked about her and her son, nothing about the family that will no longer see their son or the fact that a little girl will never see her father again! My sister in law was murdered 5 years by her ex husband she divorced 2 years prior. When he was sentenced, his family was the same way ,they were only concerned with their feelings and his mother didn’t seem to care that her son murdered the mother of his two daughters and that her two grandchildren cry everyday for their mother and miss her terribly. His mom didn’t care that another mother weeps daily and will never see her daughter again !

  2. New information about what? how he pressed his knee on his neck that caused his death and would not stop even when people were begging him to stop ?

    1. If only there was evidence to show Floyd was on a lethal dose of fentanyl, meth, THC, had heart issues, and Covid. Or perhaps a training manual showing that restraint was taught and that a suspect should be secured around a large crowd before paramedics arrive… oh wait

    2. @RIP FINN You don’t get away with killing someone just because there was underlying conditions. And no, police are not taught to keep their knee on someone for 9 minutes straight while they are already handcuffed and posing no immediate threat.

    3. @Mr Anderson To be fair they didn’t intentionally take him out. He was under stress from his claustrophobia so he struggled to get in the car.

  3. Never too early to get started on that good behavior that’s so important to early release. It’s self serving condolences if you ask me.

  4. Condolences are something expressed when someone passes away. NOT given after you murder someone.

    1. lol. Imagine shooting someone in the head then going to the family and saying, “my condolences for your loved ones passing.”

  5. Chauvin showed his true feelings when he with the help of other officers and the police dept killed George Floyd.

    1. Chauvin showed who he is. But he didn’t show his feelings. Sociopaths don’t have feelings.

  6. He treated that moment like it was a press conference. “Condolences for your loss” Passive voice there, as if HE wasn’t the one who caused that loss! He totally plans to fight this. I hope he fails.

    1. Like “there is going to be some more information to come ,l hope you will be able to find peace”sounds like he is not taking accountability,he is looking for another way to blame the victim.

  7. “There some information in the future that will be of interest” ok so he’s going to try and come out and say he died of something else? We all saw what happened.

  8. Bitterness, hate, unforgiveness, revenge, spite. Everyone wants their case to be heard, but no one pronounces judgement upon themselves. How can a man forgive an extreme trespass if he has never been forgiven for even the tiniest offense? We should choose to forgive even when it costs us something. If you forgive the individual, Derek Chauvin, God will forgive you, the individual, for your many sins

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