1. @CoolWhipp2975 – “There’s gonna be riots regardless of the outcome”

      Chance to get a free big screen television…why not?

    2. @Scott F 😂😂😂 I retyped exactly what i wrote with an explanation , typical jerk , first misconstrue what is written and when corrected call the author a liar.

    3. @Scott F The whole comment is about people and the media crediting some movement instead of just admitting that the justice system works all by itself most of the time , as well as they will say its not “Derek Chauvin” who killed GF but it was “The police killing another black man Narrative”
      Im sorry I have to explain it to you a third time cuz I know you have trouble bro , I will try to write as if my audience is 6 from now on.

    1. Incorrect. The doctor responsible for the toxicology report said it was homicide.

      “Dr. Baker, the Hennepin County medical examiner, conducted Mr. Floyd’s initial autopsy and determined ultimately that his heart and lungs stopped functioning while he was being subdued, restrained and compressed by police officers.

      The manner of Mr. Floyd’s death, Dr. Baker concluded, was homicide.”

  1. Keep pushing the narrative so they will riot when he isn’t convicted 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. They will riot even if he gets the DP
      Btw congrats to one of the founders of BL. m for they new 1.4 million dollar home purchase
      Cha Ching!

    2. @Emily Watenburger No, I just understand the law and the criteria needed for conviction. They do too but they are banking on your emotional outrage.

    3. @Joseph Brasington – How can you possibly prove the rioters destroyed your property because they listened to a certain anchor reporting at a certain news station?

  2. Why does it sound like she is recording this at midnight trying not to wake up her parents in the next room

  3. Why not tell all sides?!?
    They also said that the drugs and poor heart health was also a contributing factor.
    When you take into account all actions, this seems more like negligent homicide.

    1. @Blokka Nokka Thank god someone remembers him, as soon as he is mentioned people don’t really have much to say. Sucks that everyone who doesn’t want to believe the police are bad will automatically assume the health, or drugs is what is more important then EXCESSIVE FORCE!!! But thanks for mentioning Garner, he needs to be brought up more in these discussions.

    2. @Blokka Nokka don’t high road here. Because with that statement I would high road you with… George Floyd threatened a pregnant lady by holding a knife to her stomach man is no saint.

    1. You do know that a coroner is a practicing doctor right? Like he doesn’t just sit in an office all day writing papers he’s actually examining corpses and what not. Dr. Baker is the guy who did Floyd’s autopsy.

    2. you people keep coming in the comments right when these videos go up and keep saying the same lies. can’t help but notice none of you have pictures, always a generic name, and many are posting from india

  4. If you confess Jesus isLord, believe God raisedHim from th e dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

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  6. “How many times have you seen it reported that Derek Chauvin is 5’9 and 140 lbs? And that he was the LARGEST officer on the scene. And that Floyd was 6’4 and 230 lbs? And Floyd had 3 times the legal limit of fentanyl in his system? I found out by WATCHING THE TRIAL. Never saw it in MSM.”

    1. You internet idiots in your arrogance think u know more than professionals with many years experience. Just stfu with your ignorance. 140lbs weighing on your neck and diaphragm (chest) is different and causes more stress to the body than say same weight being put on your palm or legs. Can a weight lifter lift 300lbs with their chest? The same person can lift the 300lbs with hands with weight on back and legs easily.

      Different ppl have different levels of drug tolerance. Some hardcore addicts I’ve seen take handful of pain pills and they barely even feel it. Same dosage or even less could kill someone else.
      I swear some of you folks love to broadcast your ignorance because you lived your life of privilege and don’t know shyt going on in the real world.

    1. Hey good game tonight gabe! thanks for filling in for our other ball after it cracked 🤘🏾

    2. The jury might convict just to save lives and property. They shouldn’t, but they might. Riots are coming to Minneapolis sooner or later. Diversity!

    3. The first testimony was from Lindsey Carol Thomas, MD who stated the death was caused by asphyxiation caused by subdual, restraint and neck compression by law enforcement.
      The second doctor said basically the same thing. So why do you believe Chauvin will be acquitted?

  7. y’all notice people constantly commenting lies or just saying the same thing on these vids the moment they are posted, none of them have pfp’s and all have generic names? keep seeing this kind of thing on divisive videos and seems like many are from india. just saying.

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