1. Well it was a huge contribution to the events of his death especially when you view the whole 9minute arrest video

    1. @Katie Michelle but u just said nothing could change your mind? I am saying that sort of mindset is the main problem.

      If i were u, i would start from watching the entire video.

    2. @Rchoonigan you have your bias so nothing I can say will change that but watching the trial it would appear other law enforcement, a few doctors, a professional fighter, a medic and a firefighter would disagree with you and testify under penalty of perjury that it was excessive force and led to his death. But I get it, you know better cause politics 👍🏾

    3. @Soma’s View yet you still aren’t putting any facts out but it’s ok. Even if walks out of that courthouse (whistling as said) he won’t be for long! You all want to look at it through the laws and courts…. how about just being a decent human and not standing on someone neck for an exasperated amount of time and none of this would have happened. Obviously the people here don’t know much about addiction either. And He should of had to tell the officer he was ODing! If he was ODing he wouldn’t be able to tell someone he was!!! How about Don’t be ignorant to those facts!!

  2. You know what else needs to be on trial here? The war on drugs. If you need to ask why you’re part of the problem.

    1. @Coyotes20 you didn’t break my heart because that’s not true and also your heart is going to break when your good buddy (mr. dc) is found guilty😂🤣😂‼️

    2. @Rachel Vomhof has yes George was guilty. Just want its already been proven twice he died because of drugs and the fact his knee was not on his neck. Its sad you love and support volent with heavy drug use.

    1. @Jeffrey Eliot No i don’t. But don’t act like you know what’s going to happen. Sit down and chill i don’t want y’all trying to start another insurrection now 🤭🤣

    2. @Miguel B. Well the insurrection clearly happened and no I don’t support it. I voted for Trump but sometimes just because you won doesn’t mean you win. But alright. I will check back in a few weeks when he is acquitted and we can talk then

    3. @Jeffrey Eliot Aquitial means nothing. It’s virtually impossible to convict a cop because of people like you that will support their actions no matter what they do. Can’t wrap my mind around that mentality, but better you then me.

    4. @user name yes. I put more stock into facts over opinions and feelings. It’s better to have a justice system that isn’t based on mob rule. If you prefer to go to a mob rule system, the states may not be the best country for you

    1. @Jeff Slote It doesn’t get more bizzare then to blame the people who were trying to get chauvin to stop killing floyd for his death. The autopsy ruled it a homicide. That people think lying about that will magically change it shows a disconnect with reality.

    2. @James Lee The cause of death was heart arrhythmia not lack of oxygen so how did the knee kill him

    1. @None None Wow, you’re out of it. Still in denial that Sidney Powell called you people idiots?

    1. Yupp his family deserve that money , if Floyd was already detained and handcuffed with two officers on top of him then why Chauvin placed a knee on the neck of Floyd for 9 min ? he was dead in 5 min
      The crowd warned him he was killing George but Chauvin smiled and did nothing also a off duty emt was trying to tell him also smh lol he is doomed

      ( we have cameras and etc )

    2. Why was and is the kkk legal… how about all them how murder poc and different religions. There still here. The govt benefits off white peoples… president Ronald Reagan flooding crack into our cities. Can we discuss that?

    3. De’Andre Lacewell Why are repeating the same things we’ve been hearing for the last year? We all know what he did.

  3. Not Rocket Science…autopsy shows…and if anyone has a discrepancy…DMX anyone..OD’d…Heart attack…life support…I’d say Fentynol of which poor Goerge was high on…dancing around in the store!!!

  4. Start boarding up your windows if you live in the Twin Cities, not guilty verdict coming due to drug overdose.

    1. @Master Control Program so, if people would be destroying our property or trying to get in we would just pray to God to take our lives? 😳🤔 I don’t think so!

    2. @Peter Griffin there being racist that’s all. They took the opportunity to see the words drugs and they believe to hear no more.

    3. @Peter Griffin obviously your one sided due to your last comment, have a good protest after the verdict.

    1. @Alpha Wolfgang The video shows otherwise. Shame cop supporters can’t get aways with their lies now.

    2. @user name lol wtf? i did watch the video in depth. chauvin did nothing wrong. floyd was squirming, kicking, and struggling the entire time and chauvin is supposed to keep him in place until the emt arrives. please watch the video, because either you didnt watch them or you are literally braindead.

  5. 1.95M subscribers and they roll with the “reporting on my cell phone in my apartment” look. Classy. 👍

    1. @DGiovanni There were police there and a nurse, why was he not rendered immediate aid. Did they not have narcane? Don’t all cops have narcane?

    2. @Rhett Having a Vietnam Flashback No, not all cops have Narcan and failing to save someone from an overdose is not murder. You can argue that he’s a bad cop and he should lose his job, but he’s not a murderer just because the guy he was arresting decided to swallow enough drugs to kill a horse.

    3. @Dawn Hazelett Yes! but ignorant people out there still don’t see that, the Media sets the Narrative just to make ratings just a disgrace

    4. @DGiovanni He also had the full weight of his knee on his neck and didn’t take it off for minutes after it was confirmed Floyd had no pulse. It was unintentional murder at best, and you want to defend this behavior in police officers.

    5. @Rhett Having a Vietnam Flashback Crowder actually did a full remake of this incident in many aspects. There is also this new snippet of audio where Floyd says ..”I ate too many drugs”….so you tell me what actually happened.

    1. You sound like you need professional treatment. Anyone “literally screaming” watching this is obviously not well in the head.

  6. Anyone who’s actually watched the full trial (instead of the MSM’s negligent spin on the truth) has already seen the not guilty verdict from a mile away.

    1. Considering footage shows knee was on the back. Something that should have been made well known long ago. I say go find all the rioters and looters and prosecute them. Fines as well to pay for the damages. You know they just wanted a chance to burn, loot, and murder. All three occurred in the terrorizing of citizens and cities.

    2. @Kent Hazara almost no one knows who they are
      Thomas Jefferson was right when he said the 2 races cannot coincide

    1. @Stephen Irons You’re the one saying his knee was on his shoulder when the video shows it to be on his neck. Got any else other then your delusions?

    2. Ok ladies and gentlemen… on one side with got a pabel of experienced doctor who rule the cause of death being caused by the defendant( chauvin) and on one side a NOBODY who has no idea what so ever about what happen other than the video we all watch and his pseudo knowledge of illicit drugs…
      Hmmm who should I believe is right? … very hard choise to make….
      Dude just watch the damn case like all of us you opinion doesn’t matter one bit. And if like you said he died of drug overdose, how come he didn’t collapse BEFORE the cops kill him?

    3. George Floyd said “I ain’t do any drugs” but I am not surprised dimwits are lying about it in hopes of justifying a murder.

  7. The one thing that sticks out to me is that Floyd was unresponsive for almost 3 minutes at the tail end of the footage. I wonder why he wasn’t rolled on his side(the recovery position).

    1. @HC-11
      With Officer Tou Thao holding the bystanders at bay, there were still 3 officers holding Floyd down.

    2. @Alodda Krappenschitz : Yes, Ex-Officer Chauvin killed Floyd. Someone should have given him a cigarette after he finally lifted his knee off Floyd’s neck. Murder.

    3. @HC-11
      Another aspect that concerns me is the urine that came out of Floyd’s body. That’s a sign of distress or possible death.

    1. People are stupid and still think the system is holding them back and being unfair when they them selves can fix there own life

    1. Was Derek Chauvin having a bad day?…We all saw what George Floyd was doing 20 minutes before his death. Why aren’t we talking about what Derek Chauvin was doing 20 minutes before he arrived at that store?..Was Derek Chauvin also tested for drugs?..Did Chauvin have an argument with someone earlier that day?…..Looking at this trial it looks like the one on trial is George Floyd and not Derek Chauvin.

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  9. Look, it was George’s time. It was fate that day for George Floyd. Whether it would have been a car accident, spontaneous hypoxia, falling off a roof, being the victim of a random shooting, whatever. It was George’s day to die. As for Chauvin, it was simply his fate that day to witness George Floyd die.

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