Chauvin Trial Witness Says She Has Stayed Up Apologizing To George Floyd For Not Doing More | MSNBC

Chauvin Trial Witness Says She Has Stayed Up Apologizing To George Floyd For Not Doing More | MSNBC 1


    1. @Jax VOX You’re a nobody who judges the status of a human soul by a YouTube comment. Your projection is showing.

    1. @Salty Navy Since you did the research, how many CC’s of drugs did Floyd take that killed him and how many CC’s of “Knee in the Neck” did Floyd take that killed him? I trust you.

    1. @Sweet So? He was doing his job! A criminal ate a lethal amount of drugs and he just happened to be on top of him when he died from the OD!

    2. @anarchy deluxe Matter of fact they found TWO counterfeit $20s! He shoved them between the seat and console right after he ate LETHAL amounts of dope!

    1. @Jake Mocci disgusting comment . maybe you go back to europe or wherever hellhole your ancestors are from .

    1. @John Waterson
      the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
      “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”

    1. I’m ready. My Mossberg Shockwave and Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun (my wife’s gun) are waiting. I also have a Norinco SKS Sporter with an EOTech red dot sight, that will shoot a Molotov cocktail the second it’s lit.

    1. @Andrew Prince Choking someone, cutting off their air supply, or leaning on or near their carotid artery is illegal for a Police officer and just unethical amongst normal people in general. Chauvin should have known better as a HUMAN!!

    2. @darnell anders And we have number two. Please join John in the ‘Can’t argue facts on something I don’t understand’ boat please.

    3. it shows when you murder somebody in cold blood in front of people it has an effect on society as a whole its called the ripple effect but with a name like bubba nobody expects you to understand

    4. @darnell anders come to visit East Cleveland- you will understand how dangerous drug dealers are

    1. I met someone from page Minneapolis. They said people from his city were trying to move after last year. Although, he said he really moved cause there’s no snow in Phoenix haha.

  1. Acquitted: Riot

    Sentenced: that’s not enough, Riot

    So far the evidence and trial show he’s highly going to walk. That’s if you watch the actual trial and not heavily edited clips

    1. @Cal Rich , with a video that shows a killer, with a murderous glint in his eyes, callously pressing his knee on the neck of a handcuffed, subdued person for 9 minutes, what kind of doubt could a normal human being have about the killer’s intent?

    2. i guess you dont think they would do you the same way with that name you can easily be in the same situation believe that

    3. @Lewis Thompson who said you did anyway in other news flordia man out on bail for aggravated assault fires 50 rounds at law enforcement has been taken into custody safely might I add

    1. Well… never expect a full-blown sociopath to hear another’s pain, or to care. And never expect them to believe that they did anything wrong.

  2. Darnella shouldn’t even have to recall this nightmare, injustice, if he had any ounce of compassion he would have pleaded guilty to avoid all this but its not surprising the way he scuffed out George Floyd’s life without a hoot of who else it would affect . he is a cowardly cold hearted murderer, he took advantage of the fact that George couldn’t defend himself and swing on him, a wet alley cat cornered would have had that advantage.

    1. Preparing his Appeal for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel & Failure for Judge to move the Trial (Change of Venue).

    2. I don’t want to wear lipstick in prison while I’m on my Knees day and night for the rest of my life.

  3. The death of Floyd, Breonna and others killed by croaked cops must not go unpunished.
    We are all watching.

    1. A shame that someone stuck that dead body in Breanna’s rental car. You probably don’t care about that person or ill just informed.

  4. I would not feel sorry for him if he was convicted of murder,but I think manslaughter is much more likely.

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