1. I feel so bad for her <3 I hope she is doing okay and I’m very sorry about her father

  2. It is very difficult for a young child to understand what has happened . I hope that Gianna will be okay as she grows up , she seems very sweet .

    1. @chris rein there you are my little cup of skim milk I’ve been looking for you.

  3. Now make him watch this on repeat in solitary confinement, so he knows what he took away from this young child at such an age

    1. @Torched Earth nah that ain’t the point whether he feels remorse or not he’ll eventually get pissed off by hearing it over and over again

    1. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! you’re sick. You don’t care about the child who has to grow up without her father and you care about this monster who killed her father?

    2. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! Derek the Chauvanist is as guilty as sin. I know he is your kinda native cop. But he all bye bye now fool. Deal with it coronabolgna fool.

  4. When she said she misses her dad brushing her teeth every night. I lost it. I help my daughter brush her teeth every night.

    1. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound what you idiots fail to see, it is NOT how he lived IT IS HOW HE DIED that is the problem,

    2. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound the only people that benefited from this was his family they profited of his death when he was alive I bet they hardly seen him they most likely disowned him

    3. Harvestnoel Crawford how do I know I have had parents and family on drugs there good for nothing care more about the drugs then there family and kids so funny you guys defend these type of people

    4. @Anthony Marquez I know these wicked so-called woke people who justify BLM and antifa

      Actually could care less about kids of color who are living under the oppression of their rebellious parents who are violent who are into drugs who play wicked music around their little innocent kids who do evil things around their little kids

      Democrats don’t care about people of color. they use them.

      Jesus help all people like yourself know that they are loved that though your mother and father May forsake you God never will that with your parents did wasn’t the result of God but the result of people rebelling against God and listening to the devil

    1. @Crj Of course not. He was always in prison. All these fools have to do is google the man’s criminal record.

    1. @Shane Story A beautiful girl that didn’t know her father because he was always in prison. Look up his record.

  5. I don’t know what these people expect. The man is a cold murderer. He does not think he is guilty. He murdered a man in broad day light infront of the whole world to see. His Mom sounded privileged. She wants the judge to consider her feelings and not take away her son when Gianna’s dad is gone and the poor girl is gonna grow up without a father

    1. She’s the reason why he is what he is.. racism is taught, she had no empathy for the Floyd family, even had the audacity to say he was innocent! Shame on her!

    2. Chauvin was chosen to carry out the public sacrifice from his Nazi brothers in the national police unions.
      You see chauvin clearly move Floyd out into a more public view knowing what he was about to do was going to be recorded for the world to see.
      He did his duty in the Nazi ranks and he’ll be joining his white supremacist brothers on the inside.

    3. @Mario MM good thing you weren’t chauvin’s lawyer HAHAHA although you probably couldn’t have done much worse than those bozos. “Your honor, my client couldn’t have killed George Floyd because he already said he couldn’t breath a LONG time before my client strangled him with his knee. So you see your honor he was already gonna pass out and die a slow painful death before Mr chauvin, publicly paid government official that is paid to maintain safety for the citizens, came along to help this citizen in distress. Maybe my client was easing his suffering? I’m just sayin, What kind of a witch hunt is this your honor?!”

  6. I hope they haven’t put him in an all-white section of the prison where he’s treated like a celebrity.

    1. There arent whites-only spaces in prisons, if hes “lucky” hell be held in the SHU for his own safety.

    2. @New Yawk Giants Everyone hates cops in jail. The race of the cop is irrelevant in that situation. The black panthers and the skinheads would work together to get him. Trust me it’s true. They work together more often than you might think.

  7. I won’t be satisfied until they strip away his pension. He is eligible for up to 50K a year and there is no law or policy on the books in Minnesota that would prevent him from getting it.

    1. That’s what Biden needs to be doing instead of placating and offering hollow victories. He can keep his public holidays.

    2. @Mario MM he also earned this prison sentence and more. That pension should be stripped for dishonoring the badge

    1. Indeed God will bless her may she choose to follow Jesus Christ and not in the footsteps of her rebellious dad.

      Isn’t it sad that the MSM doesn’t talk about actual fathers of color whose children know they are victorious because of faith in Jesus Christ?

      When does CNN ever talk about the little kids they’re being hurt in their communities because of bullets are flying everywhere and drugs are being dealt in the streets?

      When does CNN ever talk about lives of victory from people of color who have found a way out of these troubled areas because they chose the path of God?

      Anyone who believes CNN is out of their God-given minds.

    2. @sigharmin sin is America’s problem this administration MSM silicon valley unholy world the uneducational indoctrination system are the result of sinful rebellion to God.

      Sin is America’s problem not skin.

      Send leads sexually immoral people to go into the streets and parade their immorality and broad daylight in front of kids.

      Sin LED groups to go into the streets to burn loot and murder for months

      Sin leads people to hate cops.

      Jesus Christ is your souls and America’s first last and only hope

    3. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound she should have said my dad used fentanyl when I grow up I want to be like criminal floyd

  8. His lawyer gave a wishy-washy plea for leaneance. He focused more on telling the judge that ppl would be upset or mad at him if he gave a lengthy sentence. Draconian, to use his words.

  9. We don’t get slaps on the wrist!! We are guilty before there is even a crime 10 miles away!

    1. 22 years for accidentally killing a criminal is a ‘slap on the wrist’? Let’s talk about the black guy in NYC recently arresed on murder charges after being repeatedly let out on bail for violent crimes. They refused to lock him up and it cost people their lives. But “we are guilty before there is even a crime 10 miles away”. Y’all are so good at playing victims. Gtfoh with that bs.

  10. My sincere condolences goes out to the Floyd’s families and friends.. This is so sad this beast needs maximum time in prison because he deserves every single moment of what he did to Floyd… My heart saddened i could not believe my eyes when i see this devil kneeling on George’s neck and he was pleased about what he was doing as well.. Lord help me!!

    1. @Mario MM Have you not seen that video??? If you have, how is it possibly to belive he is innocent. I live in Europe, if this had happend in my country, no doubt it had meant life in prison. Simply because the polis here shall serve the people, not murder them.

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