1. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, a miracle, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. @Roger Out, I agree, cultist. Anyone not willing to vaccinate, please don’t go to the hospital when you’re sick. You’ve made the decision not to believe in science. No medications or medical care needed.

    2. @Lisa Jones No you have decided to trust the oligarchs/ ruling class with their big pharmaceutical scientists that were hired for their agenda. This is like the nazi Germany circa 1936. The dehumanization of people who won’t take an untested vaccine with no liability for the manufacturers is horrible.

    3. @Evan Hoath nope. You clearly don’t trust modern medicine. You think you won’t be treated with drugs that the pharmaceutical industry makes money off of if you go to the hospital? Don’t be a hypocrite and just refuse medical care.

  2. America gets attacked with a act of war shut down 7 states and American president letting $5 million ransom be pay lol that and the total failures on all fronts 🤡 120 days

    1. @N 827 just astounds me how so many mean hearted people exist in our world.. does the staggering 565,000+ people who died of the virus mean nothing?

      My nephew is without his engineer father, was orphaned. He lost his Mom, my sister to cancer 3 yrs ago and just starting to recover from her death..

    2. 100% makes my heart hopeful! It’s sad people need to have an incentive but we are trying to save lives. 💗

    1. @gnr 1978forever You first truster of oligarch funded corporate scientists. What a tool you must be to actually trust big pharmaceutical!

    2. Evan Hoath you cant be “brainwashed” by facts. Ignorant conservatives need to get out of their bubble and join the world

    3. @John O Funny how you think anyone who YOU consider ignorant is a conservative. I’m what is called a classic liberal. Screw Trump and screw the right left dichotomy. It’s just a divide and conquer tactic of pitting us against each other as the ruling class steals and subjugates us.

  3. You could offer to give me any super car of my choice I will still say nope….

    1. I really do appreciate your unhinged reaction, sweetie. It’s going to fit nicely into my lesson plan.

    2. @CShield you know what they say those who can do, those who failed have no other option but to teach…
      Are you sure that is what you want to stick with and let’s entertain the idea that you are a teacher of psychology of some sort that massively narrows down the list of people who you may be,, and you would have been smart enough to realize it and if you weren’t smart enough that narrows it down to community colleges which in itself would help me out alot…

    3. The best parts about your unhinged rants is: 1. Your account was made yesterday; and 2. I haven’t read any of your drivel. That’s what makes this study authentic. Thanks again. It was really too easy. 😂

  4. Governor of Ohio is giving a chance to win a million dollars! He’s doing 5 drawings for 5 weeks & each winner gets a million dollars…now that’s a good way to spend that government money!!!

  5. Bribing people to do the civicly correct thing,hmm. Meanwhile millions did so w/o hesitation as the responsible would.

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