52 Comments on "Chelsea Handler: Trump is a perfect example of white privilege"

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  2. Try being white and poor you dont even have an excuse to blame people

    • Yeah, they do …

      “Them dirty ileegulz bee taykeeng muh jaubs!!!!!11111”

    • @Jannett Snow i know natives where here first but there was nothing but dirt and trees till white people came here and created America. White immigrants made America

    • I grew up poor. I wish I had this “white privilege”
      I’m not jéwish so I never had white “privilege” unfortunately

    • @Trumps Dantichrist a lot of asian immigrants and even Latino immigrants have that laundry list you mentioned, none the less they are successful and don’t blame others for their irresponsible decisions

    • You are a coward by denying the main US problem.

  3. My girlfriend used to carry my dope, too. Because I had priors and she had a bra.

  4. Hadley Pleasanton | September 19, 2019 at 2:21 AM | Reply

    Chelsea Handler hobnobbed with Jeffrey Epstein—even after he was added to the sex offender registry. Very degenerate.

  5. shaquille mccray | September 19, 2019 at 2:57 AM | Reply

    It’s more like a Orange privilege now.

    • What’s this white privilege, what thay talking about. Give up what, don’t know what there talking about. This isn’t really news, what’s going on here, what thay no about, I’m confused…. punished for being white, does that include my dog he’s white. These 2 people are nutters man & there both white, what the hell thay talking about. Come to my town & say that……… It’s chocka block with white people man.


    • babyeveryonegirlhd.info/CVku3ce2BVIz

    • what other colours are you bigoted racist against?

    • @Robert Curtin says the one that wants every for free

  6. Your celebrity is what they were pointing at

    Celebs making money off them making it look like help

    You lot have used them and then when finished you act like they do not exist

  7. Lauren-Kate Kush | September 19, 2019 at 9:19 AM | Reply

    Chelsea’s animated personality would never be celebrated nor tolerated if her skin was brown and she spoke a second language.

  8. snowflake melter | September 19, 2019 at 9:57 AM | Reply


  9. What she is saying is if trump was black he would have been arrested for fraud 30 years ago.

    • @Ray Han Lying about what?

    • @Seamusin i am not your encyclopedia, i am here to put my comments on the comments section

    • @Marilyn Reallon And, also because, other than misstating that one could keep their doctor with Obamacare, he still ended up running one of the cleanest and most scandal free administrations in our modern history. Comparing Obama and Trump is like comparing Nelson Mandela and Richard Nixon.

    • @Ray Han Just curious, where do you get your information from? You seem ready to make grandiose claims without any substance or credible evidence to back them up. You are also an apologist for Trump. Have you even read the Mueller report? I think I already know the answer. Willful ignorance is not something to boast about or gake pride in.

    • Ya basically, he probably wouldn’t have even started in real estate… there was no black man back in the 70s in queens that was worth 250 million dollars with tons of properties in queens and Brooklyn. I’m referring to trump’s father.

  10. How many of us, of any color, would reject to being put at the head of the line?

    • When it means everyone else suffers, a lot of us care. It’s not about my privilege. It’s about people of color’s oppression.

    • It’s not that simple. If everyone in the line was beaten, raped, enslaved, disenfranchise, lynched, entire family blood lineage lost, unjust laws created against, all so you can get to the head of the line……. yea plenty would reject it until the wronged was made right in the line. Especially when when what everyone is in line for was built entirely on the backs of everyone except who is at the front of the line acting as if their hands are clean.

  11. Rich privilege is the big issue here. Don’t care what Chelsea learns

    • Then don’t watch the video. No one is certainly forcing you to do so.

    • You are a coward by denying the main US problem.

    • @Bert Nijhof And you are a fool to not see the real issue. It’s RICH white people. Plenty of poor or middle class white people don’t do anything to oppress, and don’t even have the ability to oppress, minorities, and they’re obviously not benefitting from the privilege.

  12. RUMPLE_F0RESKIN x | September 19, 2019 at 11:19 AM | Reply

    Chelsea is the perfect example of TDS

  13. Fredo bleating about the woman who cried when Trump won. Funny.

  14. Try being Black and poor then do the comparison….

  15. Typical left wing socialist always crying waaaaa waaaaaaaa….go get your binky!

  16. Not only is the Marmalade Mussolini exploiting his ” White privilege ” , he and his ilk are a prime examples of ” White Trash ” .

    • I am a Black American who supports the President. So does my wife & family & my Black friends. Based on your logic, we’re N!ggers… Right…

  17. I’m not jéwish so I never had white “privilege” unfortunately

  18. So many people missing the point . And it prove the point what she is talkin about

  19. Race “trumps” $ every time -the nicer the black guys car, the better the chance of being pulled over

  20. Trump IS the perfect example of white privilege.
    He earns nothing,
    but is given everything.

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