Chemical Burns And Chaos: Cops Shed New Light On Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Chemical Burns And Chaos: Cops Shed New Light On Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Congress has officially opened an investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot. In a hearing where new details were being uncovered, cameras caught Sen. Ted Cruz – who challenged the Electoral College results that day – on his phone. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Chemical Burns And Chaos: Cops Shed New Light On Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

56 Comments on "Chemical Burns And Chaos: Cops Shed New Light On Capitol Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Just to be clear. It was not a riot. It was an insurrection. This is FACT.

    Therefore, the Offenders should be charged and convicted for insurrection against the United States.

    • @Todd I’m not protecting anyone. YOU are using BLM as a way to deflect from how bad it really was. Those people looting and hurting police are bad actors and should be and have been punished. Same goes for the Capitol rioters. They are continuing to be punished for their heinous crimes that day. That’s America. I didn’t bring up BLM. It’s bad when all the Blue Lives Matter crowd have overlooked these deaths by “violent rioters”. A term accurate to those in the crowd who cause harm and damage.

    • @Todd it has been proven over and over again that dumb trumpers were provocateurs and guilty of starting the violence. Don’t be such a sheep. Wake up. Right wing terrorists will be dealt with accordingly and should flee the country ASAP. If they don’t leave they will pay for the treason very publicly. Sheep better decide which side they are on before it is too late😈

    • @spencer orr no worries. We are at war with right wing terrorists and it is difficult sometimes to tell who is on what side. These sheep who lies through their teeth on social media are usually always bots or white supremacists. Luckily they are all being tracked and will be dealt with accordingly very soon.

    • @spencer orr isn’t it funny how went went from stolen by Russia to completely free and fair in 4 years. Lol.

    • ​ @Tobb: Really? Someone tried to hang Pence and Pelosi in Portland? Did Q tell you that?

  2. So these home grown domestic terrorists were practicing Chemical Warfare on Capital Hill.

    • This hearing should result in a new Sedition Law, applicable to politicians and media outlets in particular. This all happened because of a Seditious LIE. Their findings should say this, under their recommendations 👍

    • They used chemical weapons aka WMDs against the Capitol Police.

    • M. bigley: Syrian despot Bashar al Assad does this all the time. He indiscriminately poison ⛽️ gases women and children and Putin’s drops Barrel Bombs upon schools, hospitals and Public buildings. Putin is also famous for poisoning journalists and dissidents.

    • @Baby tRump Maybe Putin can make trump a nice cup of tea! He deserves NO less!😊

  3. The new AG will ferret out all the organisers & instigators and 10 to 1 Trump will be involved

  4. Ted Cruz should just go back to Mexico, he doesnt care about anything! He has already shown that.

  5. Cruzing his way through on a congress paid salary doing nothing !

    • And deliberately ignoring the testimony in the hearing. Total disrespect for his constuents, his colleagues, 140+ officers injured and the 5 dead. Loathsome human being…

    • Fled Cruz just need to call it quits, he looks disinterested. Go find another job.

  6. Tahtahme's Diary | February 24, 2021 at 2:14 AM | Reply

    That they suffered chemical burns is disgusting. That they fearmongered about BLM and “Antifa” in the weeks leading up infuriates me.

  7. ღSwnsasyღ _ | February 24, 2021 at 2:18 AM | Reply

    This is why DC should be a State, one of the very important reasons. The Mayor could of had the power to call in the National Guard.. I want to know WHY it was hesitated and why it was not done..

  8. Evelyn Rodriguez | February 24, 2021 at 2:44 AM | Reply

    Trump needs to be held accountable and prosecuted for this riot he was the president he could have avoided this mess but he decided to go and watch the riot on t.v with ivianca and son Don jr and a few more people at the white house they are all guilty.

    • Beyond disgusting. Officers fighting for their lives, over 140 officers injured and Trump and his kids view it as entertainment on T.V.

    • But the problem is not going away if you let Cruz and the rest of the GOP , get away with it. That is a sickness in the culture of GOP. All of them need to go down with him. The sickness of America is how all of you are blind to the crimes done by your leaders.

    • @La Luba It may be perceived as a mass sickness by outsiders looking in but not all of us in the USA have this sickness. Not by a long shot. The sickness I have is not being able to do anything about this mess. “All we can do is vote them out” is what we are told. For the life of me I can’t figure out why all of the Trumps and alot of others aren’t sitting in jail right now. It infuriates me that we are so powerless. Not until there are convictions and jail sentences will I be happy. Please don’t think all of us here in the USA are the same as these idiots.

    • Mort Goldman Domjan | February 24, 2021 at 8:07 AM | Reply

      Trump is not human

  9. It is unacceptable that ANY congressperson would have to hide from anyone. If that happens, if they have to hide, to protect themselves, that’s a HUGE problem. If congress ignores this, then maybe there is a reason they are ignoring this fact. Maybe they’re trying to bury the evidence, sweep it under the rug. Why? Possibly to conceal their own complicity in the planning (and knowledge) of this event.

  10. Cruz was probably making plans for his next disaster vacation. Texas has to feel real safe knowing that he’s got their back. (Sarcasm)

    • Oh, haven’t you heard? He thinks he’s going to be our next president and that he’ll have Trump’s endorsement and donors. He’s a busy man working on the continuation of his highly successful PR campaign!

  11. This was an inside job that goes all the way up two yes I’m going to say it to presidency.

  12. Patrina Johnson | February 24, 2021 at 4:40 AM | Reply

    Ted Cruz looks nervous…..and he should be!

  13. I guess Cruz already knows all about the attack on the Capitol but he should play Brick Buster on his own time.

  14. The police there were the only group Trump was not in charge of. This was in one of the rioters statement’s in the impeachment trail.

  15. The only account is the putting Trump azz in jail for attack on Capitol Hill Congress building

  16. minitanksandchairs | February 24, 2021 at 5:52 AM | Reply

    Ted Cruz isn’t listening because Ted Cruz knew exactly what was going to occur.

  17. The average American citizen knew violence was going to happen on January 6th but the ones in charge had no idea. That says it all.

  18. The GOP are an absolute disgrace. Shame on them and those that vote for them.

  19. Ted doing what he does best, being incompetent.

  20. 43T replublican senators freed the leader of the RIOTER. Trump

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