Cheney Assures Jan. 6 Select Committee Can Be Nonpartisan 1

Cheney Assures Jan. 6 Select Committee Can Be Nonpartisan


Rep. Liz Cheney criticized Rep. Kevin McCarthy for pulling his recommendations for the January 6 select committee and assured she is "absolutely confidant" they can still provide a nonpartisan investigation into the events of the Capitol riot.
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  1. Madam we support your stand or we need is the facts and the truth irrespective of party affiliation and I believe in you that the results will reflect the truth and nothing more

    1. @Edward Fletcher And nonly the FBI knew about it and others and did nothing. Meta data nonly showed something bad was gonna happen but nonly some people who had power to do something did nothing.
      Nonly knowing Trump and all his crazy fans would storm the public building would seem a issue right. Would you try to stop it or kick back and let it ?

    2. @Edward Fletcher the fact Tht u care about punctuation in a u tube comment section says it all don’t act like u can’t read or can u

    3. @Joe Diffy , A good Trump NAZI will continue to support their Fuhrer until the bitter end.
      No matter how vile, corrupt or Treasonous. CONGRATS

    4. Joe Diffy – What is the point of your whataboutism? You do know those riots were not partisan political events and the Capitol riot was, right?

    1. There are 35 Republican Representatives and 6 Senators, that voted for a Jan. 6 commission. That’s 41, not 3. And those are only the federally elected officials.

    2. @MartialPlan13 Kindly Do Not Forget The Oath Keepers, who were among the most violent Terrorists that invaded the United States Capital on January 6th 2021. Also Teh Oath Keepers Provided Roger Stone and Several Other GOP Senators and Congressmen Private Security. Republican Senator (US Traitor) Joshua David Hawley (Missouri) Held His FIST Hi(ile, Hitler) and 100% Supported Terrorism on the United States Capitol.

  2. The GOP took the Benghazi investigation VERY seriously, and arguably, too far. But they seem to be glossing over the events of January 6th and mocking the effort to objectively investigate. I guess it is a little too close to home for them – “Nothing to see here!”

    1. 100% Accurate; Jymbo Jordan is Simply “Buying Time” before the Sexual Child Abuse Scandal he oversaw while at Ohio State University ( and the coverup by Ohio State University Board and Athletic Director Gene Smith) comes back to place the “man” in Prison. AS well as those complicit at Ohio State University

    1. Of the Republican Senators, Liz Cheney (Who I don’t generally care for) is the Only One. Where is “Mr Morals”, Mitt Romey???

  3. Cheney …taking back her party..not a rino like the vast majority of “repubs” in the whole country.

  4. Of course it can, unless you’re a republican hiding your involvement in a insurrection. Which means you can nolonger hold office again.

    1. I don’t see how Cheney can be impartial whilst she is still a member of a party that instigated an insurrection. It would be like putting a mafia member on a jury of a mafia case just because they wanted to be the new mafia leader.

    2. @Parslow Pongbert She will act as a jurist and in conclusion she will have to decide do I vote with the evidence or GASLIGHT.

    3. @Mr. Majestic
      Oh these accountability issues, IMO, she’s upholding ethics and truth. She’s be battered for it for most of the year and standing strong on principles.

  5. i hate most things cheney but i have to give her credit. she’s upholding her oath of office. that seems to be an impossible thing to do for most republicans.

  6. When you have Liz Cheney defending Nancy Pelosi, you know the committee isn’t about left vs right politics. It is about defending the institutions of the United States.

  7. Can Pelosi appoint the remaining 5 seats as she sees fit now that McCarthy took his ball and went home? She should ask Adam Kinzinger and John Katko to join – if that’s the case.

    1. I was wondering that too. She appointed Cheney so I would assume so. It would look really bad for McCarthy and others if that happens. But I guess it would’ve looked even worse if Gym Jordan badgered a police officer that was maimed protecting the Capitol.

    2. @Ben
      Both of those clowns look bad every day because of their own nonsensical deflections and misinformation…

  8. You go girlfriend, if there is any honour in Congress then you and your committee will provide the facts and the evidence to revoke those participants who make a mockery of democracy.

  9. Liz Cheney-“We can’t be a cult of personality. We can’t perpetrate Trump’s big lie. It is a threat to our democracy. What he did on Jan.6th is a line that cannot be crossed.”

  10. republicans like Cheney who are rising above their party and showing real integrity and backbone are the only small glimmer of hope that we can pull through this as a country

    1. Kevin McCarthy has achieved “spoiled brat status” long ago. He will loose reelection, even in one of California’s most “red” districts (central valley; farming). Far Worse, His Putrid, Abhorrent Legacy Will Follow Him, Every Single Day for The Rest of His Life

  11. McCarthy is treating this as a child not getting his way on something he wants which is to make sure any and all evidence becomes corrupted

  12. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”

    — Kevin McCarthy

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