Cheney has to beat Trump's hold on the GOP to keep her seat in Wyoming | USA TODAY 1

Cheney has to beat Trump’s hold on the GOP to keep her seat in Wyoming | USA TODAY


Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney soured GOP voters when she turned on Donald Trump; now she faces his endorsed candidate and his hold on the Republican Party.

A klatch of long-time chums – all Republican men – gather around a long table at the Inn at Lander. Amid the clinking of silverware and cups, they weigh in on the feud between former President Donald Trump and their lone GOP congresswoman, Liz Cheney, the daughter of a former vice president who carries the mantle of the state’s famous political family.

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  1. All the conmen and snake oil salesmen watch this video and think to themselves, “I think I’d better visit Wyoming.”

    1. No duh .Dumbest statement ever, your literally comparing David and Goliath in terms of population and opportunity to make money . California literally has 80 times the population Wyoming does .

  2. Why would we want a RINO Cheney and not President Trump? Trump was outstanding and Cheney sold us out to the Democrats.

    1. @roger anderson stop lying your not a Republican. Also to your point earlier impeachment does have to be approved by the senate to be confirmed, which it never was. The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict, and the penalty for an impeached official upon conviction is removal from office. That’s why Trump wasn’t removed from office and Clinton was. If he was actually impeached he wouldn’t have been allowed to run for president again.

    2. @roger anderson and if you are a Republican do you even you even know what a Rino is? It’s stands for Republican in name only. Someone who supports gun control, tax hikes, wide open borders flooding drugs and trafficking to our streets, and other left wing proposals while calling themselves a Republican. Why shouldn’t Trump call those people out?

    3. @itscold I have never agreed with a President 100%. I always thought people who do are cult members. Do you agree with everything Trump has done @itscold

    4. @roger anderson considering trump took a fairly soft stance on immigration, a fairly left wing view on the second amendment, pulling troops out of Afghanistan and tax breaks for the middle and lower class, a lot of people thought he didn’t do enough for the Republican Party and took a very moderate stance. If that was too far right for you then you’re obviously not a republican or even a moderate.

    5. @itscold Let me just say that I respect your opinions, but I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. Have a good day!

  3. You can hate or love Trump. But, Cheney/Bush’s heirs should all be sent far away from any office, or ability to conduct/vote on war.

  4. Mr. Trump does not respect the rule of law or the constitution. / Some of us are pulling for you Liz / Go girl and hold on tight.

    1. Are you blind or just brainwashed?!?! Biden is the worst President in history! You like living with less rights and more inflation? Biden is a dictator. Like Trump or not our country was better off. Look up the facts and not on Google or CNN. Actually do the research. He also followed the Constitution unlike OBiden

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