Cheney hints at political future after GOP primary defeat | Will she run for president?

U.S. Representative Liz Cheney has lost the Wyoming GOP primary to a Trump-backed candidate.

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  1. Lol she has as much a chance of becoming president as I do of becoming Santa Claus and flying around the world on a magic sleigh.

    1. I wouldn’t count her out. Trump has been flying around on a magic sleigh since he was born ..even Rudolph thinks Donald is Santa

  2. Hehe, hehe, too funny. Liz is toast, her future is hunting coyotes with dad, and fighting off the tumbleweeds.

  3. The only way her entry into the presidential run would be interesting is if Hillary dragged herself outta bed and challenged her. Now THAT might be an interesting fight!

  4. Her political career is over, maybe she could be elected as a mayor in some city in the middle of no where.

  5. She should ask her war mongering father to front her the millions he makes off of wars or even the 40 million she made while in congress, hmm I’m thinking she was always making an honest buck.

  6. She is an outstanding PUBLIC SERVANT and during her time in service she has enriched herself by at least $20 million.

  7. Final results: Cheney 29% – Hageman 66%
    “This result shows Americans want me as president 🤔”
    -L. Cheney

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