1. The size of this woman’s cojones. Don’t agree with her 90% of the time but respect the hell out of her.

    1. @Chrissy what do you dream about sleeping at night, just the fact you say it sounds like your restless darlin

    1. @LOCK IT DOWN! DUCK shutting down the keystone pipeline didn’t cause any harm. It wouldn’t be completed for another 2 or 3 years and it’d take even longer to effect America’s gas prices

    2. @Hugh G Rection he has had some capped on federal lands.Look you like biden and ms kneepads that find and dandy like views and opinions
      As we head down the slippery slope of democratic rule. I forgot in democratic land all is good.

    3. @Toby 123 How many times have Democrats said the phrase fight like hell? It’s so common in politics.. This is so dumb! You also have the fact that the actual time line where rioters were already in the capital building before Trump’s speech was over. You also have the fact that Trump told his supporters to PEACEFULLY March to the capital building. It takes roughly 13 minutes to walk to the capital building from where Trump was speaking. This means that if they came from the rally the first group would’ve left 30 minutes before Trump was done speaking. The fight like Hell part came I believe after the first group was already in the building. If I remember correctly.. the fact that someone denied the military presence from being there after Trump had offered help days prior. This reeks of am inside job. There are too many things you have to ignore.

    4. lol. Lefties are funny. Weren’t you the ones in 2016 blaming RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA for losing the election

    1. enjoy her while you can as she will be kicked out of office next year and she can run as a democrat

  2. Did anyone notice that Cheney actually answered each question that was asked of her without dodging or obfuscating. It’s an oddity in today’s realm of politics. This committee might just get something done.


    2. @Kay Bel Okay first of all look up what an insurection is there is something called wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebellion and stop using a defense like kevin stole my bread so its okay for my guys to steal bread to. Are you a child ? Am i talking here to a 10 year old. When someone on the left does something wrong how is this a excuse to do something worst on the right.Where is the honor in that ? Why defend something that is wrong with a childish argument. “Papa Papa but the left did also something wrong!!! Are you kidding me … I’am not from the left I cant answer you that but there is something thats called moral values and mine are not bind to what someone on the right or left does … Of course it was wrong what the protester did there … but was it an insurection ??? Did they try to destroy democracy ? Did they try to topple the Goverment ? Was there a gallow outside ? … Dont defend wrong doings with another groups wrong doings.

    1. @Eric Ebling Republicans are so smart, they attempted to cancel an election, with every step broadcast live on TV.

    2. @Jon jon Who i guess i should say, “lack of evidence to the contrary”.
      FBI, electoral college, internal auditors And recounts

    1. @The Ministry of Darkness Urgently needed surgery, two extended hospital stays, and four months at home 24/7 on a wound vacuum and IV antibiotics due to a life-threatening internal MRSA infection from said surgery, for the majority of last year belies your assertion. Not to mention then having a highly-compromised immune system in the midst of a pandemic. Okay, my lunch break is over and I’m going back to posting our clients’ rent and utility assistance vouchers for payment tomorrow. Do you need any help?

    2. @Rashas Weber As someone who’s been there w/ my health & had to watch from the sidelines last year, I sympathize! It sucks when you want to fight the BS so we don’t have more people like this Ministry troll terrorizing our democracy, but can’t because you’re sick. Hope you’re feeling better now!

    3. @Rashas Weber prior to any surgical proceedure and during demand antibiotics. I know doctors are against it but that is the reason for common infectiond after. Surgery. Stay heathy.

  3. someone needs to tell the GOP to stop acting like children with their ‘this is everybody else’s fault but mine’ bs

    1. @Benjamin Levine You must be a Russian hacker, willing to do anything and everything to undermine democracy.

  4. When are the government officials who keep spreading lie going to be expelled from office?

    1. @Teresa Shearman well said. It’s the only way to remind them that they work for the people snd not themselves

  5. Why does the GOP not want in inquiry, the same reason guilty people dont want a trial. This needs to be addressed.

    1. @개울가에물망초 we also should know what the dems are about.. any honest person sees the truth here. The more the dems do the more awake we the people become. The first impeachment sham opened my eyes fully.

  6. Called Cheney a “Pelosi Republican”, but votes with Pelosi more often than Cheney does. If you wrote this as a work of fiction, it would be called “too implausible”.

    1. They are too weak minded to own their own rebellion and too stupid to understand everything they’re trying to hide will be uncovered

  7. The GOP has shown the whole World how truly corrupted they are. Thank goodness at least Cheney is there.

    1. The state they represent can keep their heads up, I feel sorry for anyone represented by some of the Republicans hiding from the truth, they will end up covered in the same historical shame.

    2. @Commie Hunter Spoken like a true M.A.G.A. supporter: Manipulate America’s Gullible Anarchists !!!

  8. I thank her for basically sacrificing her job for telling the truth. I love her for it. Because she will get primaried and she knows it. Same thing with Kinzinger they are true patriots.

    1. They are traitors just like the democrats who undeniably rigged the election and are attempting to cover it up. We will vote them out.

    2. Either they rig elections so you can’t vote them out, which means there is no point in voting at all.

      Or they won by a majority of votes all along & you have been lied to by Trump & lackeys.

    3. She may in the long run end up…if she wants a presidential candidate one day.
      But under the circumstances at hand..there is a whole lotta melarchy to be removed before anything like that could ever take place….I am a watchin.

    4. This will never put Cheney out of Republican power. Even with her on this committee she will remain public enemy no# 1 to us liberals.

    1. @231lizard That is only the Capitol Police. All the rest fall under the purview of the Executive Branch.

  9. Liz Cheney is smart and has principles – alas, I kind of wish she were a Democrat, but maybe she
    can lead the Republicans to behaving properly.

    1. @Carl os
      All it takes to be a democrat is to speak truth? Fitting, I suppose.
      All it takes to be a republican is to tell lies:/

    2. @jeck jeck I think that you actually believe that lol
      I am sure that you pay homage to your super wealthy Democrat leaders that say that they are representing the poor!…. and do FA
      (You must be ecstatic about the cost of everything going up!!)

    1. She got a taste of power a little while back and won’t give up to get more and keep it. She lacks integrity…

  10. Obviously she’s tired of being a congresswoman and ready to do something else after 2022.

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