'Cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae': Berman reacts to McCarthy's move 1

‘Cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae’: Berman reacts to McCarthy’s move


CNN's John Berman breaks down Rep. Kevin McCarthy's reported threat to members of his own party to try and prevent Republicans from joining Nancy Pelosi's select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection.

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  1. Well if GOP won’t serve they can get citizens such as officer Fanone and others to serve!

    1. Who tf do you think you are talking to? You must be terrified to say something that would do something.

    1. @Lisa Negra if Pelosi allows Mccarthy to select 5 Trump sycophants then this will be a circus and a big waste of time

    2. How is it that the Senate or Congress has to be involved in a Commission to investigate themselves, this Country has some really corrupt and biased rules and laws, this should be investigated by the D.O.J!!

    3. @Jerri Arriola Maybe I misunderstood. I thought the select committee was suppose to be 13 members.

    1. @seohuyllakcuf That’s good news. He’s a traitor and cares for nobody like himself, just like his Dear Leader Herr Dtrump.

  2. All who don’t wanna find out should not be allowed to serve any longer!!! This is A disgrace

    1. Will Folks the Good News is that Witch Liz Cheney will be gone soon when people send hem Home to Dad, btw Chinese News Network CNN anything on “ Garbage “. VP

    2. @Carla Fulton Well Don just joined youtube on May 2021 so might not know how it all works and copy and paste is all he can do !

  3. It is time to call out Kevin McCarthy for his failure to uphold the oath of office he took and to protect the laws that govern this country.

    1. @My True Crime Library It won’t matter to them one bit. We’re already “evil” because of being pro choice so when that is your baseline, they’re impossible to deal with. Every Republican who comes out and says their is no election fraud is called either a RINO, liar or someone who “must” be part of the cover up, bought off by George Soros or working for the Deep State. In my personal experience, people who are actually insane do not believe they are insane, no matter how much proof is supplied. They can’t be reasonable because they’re insane.

    2. What laws is he breaking?
      You should look into your own treasonous democrat crime syndicate. How many people died because of SOTH Pelosi’s fear mongering & misinformation campaign over the safe use of HCQ & dem govs who banned it’s use. With absolutely no medical background or valid reasoning to support their actions. Only their severe TDS & hatred of POTUS DJT & the American people.
      Murder is still a crime in this country eventhough the democrat crime syndicate believes they are above our laws. Start charging & prosecuting the real criminals & stop wasting time & money falling for their nonstop scams,schemes,frauds & lies. I mean haven’t you had enough disgrace & failure from these dishonest traitors to our constitution & country?

    3. @leonardo ramirez well, you are the expert on sheep, dude. You and your flock are the shining beacons on the hill for us intelligent folks to stay in school.

    4. @Mark Mcdonnell wow. That is the most uninformed, conspiracy laden statement I have I have heard in awhile. That’s saying something!

  4. Oh golly gee,
    I wonder why he is trying everything he can to stop an investigation into January 6th ?
    It is a big mystery, maybe a smart person can work out why.

    1. Kevin: “I don’t know, I haven’t looked into it”
      People: don’t you want to know?
      Kevin: “Hey Liz, you are out.”

    1. It’s really about the only thing that could cause someone in politics to so obviously and routinely ignore their oath of office and all for the benefit of, not the citizens of the district they represents, not the people of the United States, but one man. I have to wonder what dirt tRump has on him and a number of higer ups in the GOP party. I know what he’s got on Lindsey and Mitch and that all leads back to tRumps cancelling the investigation of the NRA, their laundering of Russian mob money and which GOP members got a part of it. They should reopen that case and see where it leads, even though, we ;probably already all have a pretty good idea.

    2. Something transpired between the time he said it was Trumps fault then he goes to Mara Lago and changes his whole tune.

      They promised this guy something…. there is something so deep and dirty and dark that it’s worth losing all their integrity and moral compass.

      It will come out one day….

  5. Well, It Wouldn’t Do Much Good. So Many Of The GOP Was In On That, It Isn’t Even Funny. Besides, You Already Know, Kevin Has No Balls. Spends Most Of His Time, On His Knees.

  6. It’s better to not have them on the committee because they would just distract and disrupt the process anyway.

    1. That’s true but they will cast doubt over the findings because no republicans are on it but will forget they gave up their vote.

  7. You know times are strange when Liz Cheney is a voice of reason in politics. The GOP is essentially an enemy combatant political party.

    1. @Mark Mcdonnell I don’t take meds which is more than can be said about Trump. Any personal animosity I may have for Trump is based on evidence and more than well-deserved.

    2. @Brent Walker Having a PERSONAL ANIMOSITY with a man .. that you only read about in the fake news , a man that YOU HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE ..Then claiming that YOU never TOOK MEDS ,.. Is Quite misleading .

    3. @Brent Walker
      Obviously not, if your defending a real hearing to a phoney crime. The only evidence of any crimes is the treasonous coup,abuse of power & the many const.rights violations all real crimes committed to to make sure their falsified evidence would not be found out. Other than that there was no real proof or evidence presented to support the lies. Only proven facts that the obama/biden admin manufactured a crime using misinformation purchased from those very russians you bitched the POTUS was in criminal cahoots with. Your so evidence based then why are you not calling for treason charges on all involved in that & Schiff & Pelosi’s Ukraine fraudulent scheme & impeachment circus?
      Or calling for the disbarment & criminal charges for the lawyers & house managers who falsified & doctored all their evidence in the second impeachment fraud. You certainly show no evidence of honesty integrity or facts in making your narrow minded decisions. Maybe you should start taking drugs. At least then you’ll have an honest excuse for your stupidity & ignorance.

  8. The Reps are still in insurrection mode . Traitors ! “The GOP has become, as Eisenhower warned, “merely a conspiracy to seize power.”

    1. @Don nawzd – @”that Witch Liz Cheney will be gone soon when people send her Home to Dad” – Misogyny aside, Cheney is EXTREMELY popular in Wyoming.

    2. @mj333 – @”Vote him and sinema OUT !!!” – They are both very popular in their states, so not likely going to be voted out. Just hoping we can turn a few more seats so that their votes become moot.

    3. @Count Choculitis U forgot trump denying covid by stating it was a dem hoax. He wouldnt answer emergecy calls while laying golf for about 3 weeks, then what he did was do evil. Example not to wear masks, inject bleach……

  9. “There are remedies for Ignoring Congressional subpoenas”. Useless unless those remedies are forcefully enforced!

    1. @Gavin Ives oh boy she will be home so fast that ur head will spin!! The people in Wyoming are fed up with that “ Witch “

  10. They refuse to do they’re duty? Then they have “0” business in Washington because they certainly aren’t helping America or Americans.

    1. Well I have long wondered why we pay any of them far too much for their labor which is minimal.

    2. It’s time to take away their paycheck. Vote, get out and vote. 2022 we need to show these useless people that they are not needed, nor welcome to be in our house anymore.

    1. If it makes Republicans look bad is because they are bad and they were involved in it and that’s why they don’t want to look anything further than what they say didn’t happen that day

    1. Yes absolutely!!! I wish I could like this comment 500 million times. If people read the definition of fascism, It is the Republican Party to a tee.

  11. This is why American politics is a joke. Why in the hell should Americans “elect” politicians if we cannot hold them accountable? Most all politicians are nothing more than egotistical, lazy recipients of a government paycheck who just want to be in the limelight.

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