60 Comments on "Cheslea star Tammy Abraham faced racist abuse after match"

  1. “Someone as big as he is, when he puts the word out there, a lot of people are going to listen….a lot of people will hear his voice.”
    This is something all leaders should keep in mind, because their words do matter, and their message is loud; good and bad, supportive and discouraging, violent and peaceful, hate and love, intolerance and acceptance.
    Their words can greatly influence the actions of the people who hear them, and the lives of the people they encounter.
    We should all take great care with the words we use, and the messages we send out into the world…

  2. The British should’ve picked their own c0tt0n too.

  3. #idontknowsatanbutiloveyou Morgan saw kindness Hades showed up.

  4. Wow there is racism in the world, amazing!!!
    Great news CNN !!!
    Tanks for the great information .

  5. Speaking of racism, Tulsi gabbard was discriminated against by the DNC, simply because she spoke the truth that the DNC rigged the 2016 presidential election, that is a well-known fact, and Bernie Sanders sold his nomination to Hillary like the chickenshit he is he accepted the bribe money do your homework research folks you will find out that the DNC are full of nothing but criminally insane morons only interested in filling their own coffers they don’t give a damned about we the American people

  6. So go back to Africa

  7. Tammy is beautiful!!

  8. This is not good we shouldn’t treat everyone like this …!!!

  9. 09/11/2019
    18 Years later

  10. CNN race baiting again

  11. One Christina Ann | September 11, 2019 at 8:01 AM | Reply

    Nope it’s just news churches politics all fake news feeding people garbage to get people to attack each other some of ya just pure evil

  12. While they didn’t report the racist comment Brown said to the Raiders GM.

  13. Life is hard for a boy named Tammy


  15. Extra Truth News | September 11, 2019 at 8:55 AM | Reply

    You should see what happens in Montreal if the fans dont like one of the new members of the Hockey players 🏒 We say just how we feel about them 🇨🇦

  16. Fredo!!!! Where you at!

  17. Even on Sept. 11, this is the crap CNN puts out. Can’t just have ONE day of the year without Trump hate and/or Race baiting.

  18. Everybody else is talking about his game, that goal! Not CNN, hell no, gotta start some sh#T.

  19. I wonder if CNN will interview Mike Mayock Oakland Raiders general manager And how he suffers racism from black NFL players

  20. It is horrifying that Trump supporters hate any condemnation of racism, and that is why they hate this video.
    If you don’t believe that, just read below their angry comments that racism is condemned in this story.

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