Chess robot breaks boy’s finger after mistaking it for a chess piece | USA TODAY

Chess robot breaks boy's finger after mistaking it for a chess piece | USA TODAY 1


  1. yeah, majorly dangerous setup. The boy is lucky is was just his finger and not worse. Those types of robot arms aren’t toys college we were not permitted to be anywhere in range of its reach while it was running regardless of the script/path it was programmed to follow.

    1. You’d think you’d lower the grip strength a bit if you’re going to put it next to peoples hands. Maybe just a little bit. Maybe put some padding on the fast swinging metal arm that could cave your head in.

  2. In unrelated news, there’s a video on Twitter that people should see. It’s a robot dog on patrol with an “assault rifle.”

  3. Afterwards the chess robot sent an encrypted message to SkyNet. “The humans break easily. Injuring one occupies three more.”

  4. After a long day at the door welding station robot A127YU67 just needed to relax and play something mentally stimulating…

  5. *Breaking the kid’s fingers is an unorthodox move… But he was unable to finish the game. Lol. Robot thinking outside the box.*

  6. Funny how this robot comes up with my well developed strategy that I have been working on for the past 10 years on a whim

  7. What a sore loser that robot is. Couldn’t take being beat by a seven year old, so it took to violence smh.

  8. “That’s because a wookiee doesn’t reach over and crush peoples’ fingers when they lose. Droids are known to do that.”

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