Chicago Mayor Lightfoot On New CDC Mask Guidance 1

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot On New CDC Mask Guidance


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the state of the pandemic in her city after the CDC announced last week that fully vaccinated Americans can stop wearing masks. "To say, well, if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask, that’s great, but what about all the other people that are out there that aren’t vaccinated, and there’s no way to know that?"
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  1. The microchip from my Pfizer vaccine’s working just fine.. I’m getting free Wi-Fi in my head Wohoo!!! PS, I got the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a connection to Jewish Space Lasers.

    1. @TheBase1aransas sure DOC I’ll take my chances with a real PROFESSIONAL

    2. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime You obviously didn’t look at the CDC website. They’ve been stating the 6% figure since December. Joe Biden doesn’t know, either. Most people don’t look at the actual science.

  2. What BS…the clinical trials 6 months ago showed vaccinated people didn’t need to wear masks, and now the CDC finally puts it out there, and DA Mayor of Chicago has a problem with it…recall her Chicago…you can do better.

  3. CDC May 12:
    “What We Are Still Learning
    We are still learning how well vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to others, even if you do not have symptoms. Early data show that vaccines help keep people with no symptoms from spreading COVID-19.”
    Reassured? Anyone feel like they are part of ongoing clinical trials?

  4. Actually I believe there is still a state mandate in place Mayor, so what the CDC says is irrelevant until the Governor lifts it. The Feds only have control over federal jurisdiction areas like airports, and federal property, so they can only lift it there. Now is states where its been lifted by the govs, then go for it. Personally I am vaccinated and still wear a mask when out if I am going to be around people in any number, except family ( who have either had it and are vaccinated or have been vaccinated, or are too young still). But that is my right to wear it to help protect others, and if rude selfish people want to be rude and selfish then that is their right too. Although during a health emergency I think we should have taken that right and required it for everyone…however, trump refused to lead, or take control, just to make things worse…so what can you do…well you can vote him out and we did! ;). I do agree with the Mayor in that the CDC is rather wishy washy and confusing, and to err on the side of caution is the better path, so kudos to her on that, but in the End it will still be the Gov. that makes the decision, not her. ( no offense to her intended)

  5. And keep talking to the people about the real truth and stop spreading the lie and she knows what the people are talking about but ignore everything and keep destroying your city with a little lack of work they got in Chicago…Trump’s got them by there heads and gots all fox channels spreading the lie and nobody gonna tell them the truth because they don’t want real justice for the people but brain wash them all

  6. Good show the receipts !!
    No shoes
    No shirts
    No proof of vax ….
    No entry … full stop!

    1. You can’t force someone to take an unapproved vaccine. There’s also that little Federal Law, called HIPPA.

  7. A beautiful Iesbian in the video. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh, wow, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. You really think these hypocrite, RACIST, lying democrats are going to follow the science now? Listen to light foot. She needs more clearance and understanding of the CDC when it’s pretty simple. If you’re vaccinated, don’t wear one. If you’re not vaccinated and catch it, you suffer.

  8. Lori Lightfoot looks like she is shaking from alcohol withdrawals, she should go and get some help

  9. Why are we listening to the mayor of one of the most violent cities of America? This dood can’t even control Chicago

    1. Let’s see you try to do better unless you’re in her position or a position where people are going to listen to you then by all means go ahead and run your mouth if not step aside and shut up.

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